Saturday Night Live

Season 31 Episode 10

Scarlett Johansson/Death Cab For Cutie

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Jan 14, 2006 on NBC

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  • So, if I don't like her, and if I don't like them, will I like this episode?

    Well, kind of. Yeah, I guess. ABove Average.

    SNL has been on a pretty good streak this season. This episode is no different. While it is not a totally great episode, it was quite impressive. With that said, let’s start the review.

    This weeks host is 21 year old actress Scarlett Johansson, a girl who in the past year has said many things about her fellow co-stars in movies, making me wonder if she has anything to say about the SNL cast. I didn’t particularly like her monologue. In it, she sang a song with Amy. The singing was okay, not bad. And as a host, she was not very impressive, having messed up a couple of her lines. But she did give it her all, and handled the impressions well enough. Though I don’t see her coming back. C+

    This week’s musical guest is a group who I have only heard of because they were on Conan, Death Cab For Cutie. I must admit, I do like the name. I listened to some of their performance, and frankly was not impressed. When it seemed like they were really rocking out on their second song, making me want to hear it because maybe they are as good as Fall Out Boy, it turned out to be a slower song. I thought they were weak. They performed “Soul Meets Body” and “Crooked Teeth,” neither of which I found to be enough to keep my attention. C-


    Cold Opening (The 700 Gang): So originally, this was so supposed to be Hardball, but at the last minute, it was changed. Instead, this was a rather weak cartoon. It was “The 700 Club” for kids, in a summary. My immediate reaction was “Um, okay?” I didn’t get it. Or like it, but I giggled a bit. C

    Taco Town: OH HELL YEAH!!! I love this commercial, it’s still not old. I mean, come on, ya gotta love it! A+++

    Deep House Dish: Okay, first thought was, “On, not this again.” But I do love Kenan’s character because it reminds me of his persona from “Kenan and Kel.” I liked this one better than the last one. It was actually funny. B

    Smorgasbord: Talk about stereotypes. This was a Swedish cooking show on the Cooking Network, which Scarlett and Seth play the hosts, and Scarlet’s husband, played by Hader, is unconscious in a bed on the set. I loved the appearance by the Chef from the Muppet Show, played by Samberg. The best I can describe this is Iffy. And that, surprisingly, is a word. I did laugh, well, giggled more. Scarlet and Seth weren’t that great, but the Swedish chef and the unconscious husband made it better. C+

    TV FUNHOUSE – Darwin: This was like the Flinstones, at least it was a religious take-off. It was weird, but funny. In the previews, I liked the Celi-bots. That was clever. Oh, but the skit, cartoon, was Darwin being given the secrets of the Almighty, but going back to that evolution crap. Hey, I believe in creationism, because even if people want to believe we evolved from monkeys, something had to create the stuff we evolved from – it didn’t just appear, okay. Sorry, about that. B

    Mike and Toni’s Chandelier Galaxy: This skit mostly tells that a chandelier in the house, or any room, will class it up. There is a small chandelier in my dining room, and it doesn’t class it up to me. Though it isn’t that extravagant. Scarlett had a good accent though. It was okay, but not that funny. C

    Live Duluth: Okay, this was the best skit of the night. This was about a morning talk show where the band played through the whole show, making the hosts, Amy and Jason, rather annoyed. I loved this. Best part had to be when Will Forte’s character, who was the lead singer, drank the whole bottle of booze. They stopped with the theme, then started a whole new song, complete with solos. It was really funny. Skits like this are the reason I watch SNL. A+

    Super Sweet 16: This was a pretty accurate take on the crappy MTV reality show about spoiled little brats planning their Sweet 16s, which I did not have cause it ain’t my thing. This skit, which I thought would be hilarious, made me laugh only once. Oh, and Scarlett’s the brat, who doesn’t look 16. She doesn’t even look 21 – She looks like she could be in her late 20s/early 30s. Amy was her friend. Rachel and Chris were her parents, the best characters. Her father had to mortgage his house 3 times for her party, among other things. That was the best part. C-

    Once In A Lifetime Jewelers: Some guy is trying to buy a ring, then tries to steal it. And he doesn’t know how expensive a diamond ring can be. This was pry the worst skit of the night, but actually, not as bad as some of the other worsts. C-

    The Kuril-Khamchatka Trench: So, 3 scientists, Scarlett, Seth, and Horatio, are on an expedition, and it turns out that Scarlett and Horatio are having an affair, which is hard for Seth to believe because there is barely room for the 3 of them. It would be interesting to see how they are able to consummate. And it turns out that they have been including the intern, Samberg, in on their affair. Now, why the intern had his shirt off is beyond me, but I didn’t mind seeing Samberg with his shirt off. Didn’t see much though. It was funny, but had a weak ending. B

    Mr. Willoughby: Take on the Jane Austen book. And it was disturbing to think of how this man looked, not to mention that he was the most eligible bachelor. I think I’d become, no, I’d head to the next town. The sisters were Tina, Scarlett, and Rachel, who were all very excited at the thought of wedding such a man. C

    BEST MOMENT: I loved, loved, loved, loved, seeing Taco Town again. And Live Duluth was so great. I love skits like that. Oh, and I liked Samberg’s whole “Shaggy Hair Club” thing on Update. It was good to see him on something that wasn’t a previously filmed short. That was very funny too.

    WORST MOMENT: Okay, where the hell was Finnesse? Huh? Some of the skits were pretty unfunny, but they don’t even measure up to this. I WANT MORE FINNESSE!!!

    SURPRSING MOMENT: I didn’t think Live Duluth would be as good as it was. When it started, I said, “Well, this looks dumb.” But at the end, I wanted to rewind it. And, I got to see Samberg in something that wasn’t a film short. That was surprising.

    SKIT AVERAGE: 2.8 B-

    Rating: 6.5/10 Sparkling Diamonds