Saturday Night Live

Season 31 Episode 10

Scarlett Johansson/Death Cab For Cutie

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Jan 14, 2006 on NBC

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  • We've reached the halfway point of the season. I hope it's a good show and that there is another digital short like last time. The promos were on target.

    Should be an interesting show. I wonder if they will do another rap similar to "Lazy Sunday."

    Cold Opening: "Pat Robertson and the 700 Gang." Looks like a Robert Smigel cartoon and it seems interesting for a cold open.

    Monologue: Amy Poehler wears the same dress as her. I hear a song coming up. "It's wonderful being a star."

    Commercial: Another rerun of the "Taco Town" commercial.

    MTV4 - Deep House Dish: Kenan plays DJ Dynasty Handbag and Rachel Dratch plays some person named Tiara Zee. Amy plays a singer who sings "Incident." Scarlett plays a singer named Donna Smalls English who sings "Doncha Wish." Chris Parnell is DJ Intro. Where's Andy Samberg?

    Food Network Smorgasbord: Seth Meyers and Scarlett. I hope I got the title right. It is a Scandinavian name. Looks like Bill Hader is sleeping. Fish? Oy, this looks sickening. I'm not sure if that was Will Forte or Samberg.

    Intelligevision - Darwin: Two Smigel cartoons? Looks like their going against the religious right tonight. Darwin's wife is a monkey? Celi-Bots? Darwin's IQ is worse than Bush's.

    Mike and Toni's Chandelier Galaxy: Rachel Dratch and Fred Armisen in a sketch about chandeliers (sp?). Scarlett is also promoting them.

    Channel 23 - Duluth Live: Amy Poehler and Jaon Sudeikis play the hosts. Scarlett and Forte sing the theme song. Seems like the show has a whole music theme today. "Fly High, Duluth." Looks like a bunch of the cast is in the background (Bill Hader, Rachel Dratch, Horatio Sanz, Finesse Mitchell, Fred Armisen on drums, Andy Samberg?). I couldn't make out the other girl in the sketch. I assume it's Tina but I don't know. It could be Kristen. Forte must be thirsty. I like how Jason and Amy get bored.

    Musical guest.

    Weekend Update: Alito hearings. Parnell as Alito and Rachel as his wife. Apparently, Biden makes everyone fall alseep or age. Iran jokes coming right up. Pat Robertson. Tony Blair smacked his children? Brad and Jolie are pregnant. Harry Belafonte on Bush. Shaggy Hair Corner with Andy Samberg. Worst Dressed list. Phantom of the Opera (7468) record performances. Another "Tina Fey is a lesbian" joke. Starbucks.

    Super Sweet 16: Scarlett plays Crystal, who just turned 16. Chris and Rachel are the parents. Amy plays her best friend, Sabrina. Sounds very expensive. I think that was Kristen Wiig at the end.

    Once in a Lifetime Jewelers: This one has Jason and Scarlett. Finesse pops in as the security guard. Kansas City, eh? Jason's from Kansas so he must have written this sketch or made sure that Kansas was mentioned. The ring costs him $5708. Expensive.

    Somewhere off the Kuril-Kamkatcha Trench (sp?): Scarlett, Seth, and Horatio. A fight at the bottom of the sea in a submarine. Samberg pops up as an intern. The oceanographers went missing and are presumed to have drowned.

    Musical Guest.

    Mr. Willoughby: Tina, Scarlett and Rachel. Tina is in a sketch for a change. Another song. It's based on a half-finished Jane Austen work. With four minutes to go, I don't think that there will be any digital shorts despite the two promos this past Thursday for tonight's episode.

    Where the heck was Darrell Hammond?

    Next week: Peter Saarsgard with The Strokes.