Saturday Night Live

Season 13 Episode 2

Sean Penn/L.L. Cool J, Michael Penn & The Pull

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Oct 24, 1987 on NBC

Episode Recap

FATAL ATTRACTION II: Sean Penn receives a visit from former lovemate in prison. (Penn, Cool J, Joe Dicso)

MONOLOGUE: Sean Penn says that he is not a terrible person and didn't mean to punch out cameramen. (Penn)

WALL STREET WEEK: Louis Rukeyser introduces a diverse panel of investment analysts to discuss the stock market plunge. (Penn, Hartman(1 and VO), Hooks, Lovitz, Miller, Nealon)

CHURCH CHAT: Church Lady immediately gets on the nerves of tense Sean Penn. (Penn, Carvey, Hartman(VO), Lovitz)

PITMAN AND BULLOCK: Investment firm is similar to a ferocious pitbull.

THE TEENY CAFE: Babette and Bob The Pianist sing "The Way We Were" translated from English to French, and then back to English again. (Penn, Carvey, Dunn, Hartman, Lovitz, Nealon, Christine Zander)

WEEKEND UPDATE: Kevin Nealon gives a cliched-laden commentary on Black Monday. (Miller, Nealon)

LATE NIGHT TALK: Don and Marge Keister interrupt their daughter Susan's makeout session. (Penn, Hartman, Hooks, Jackson)


DISCOVER: Peter Graves foolishly destroys a dangerous experiment with poisonous snakes. (Penn, Hartman, Hooks)

JOEY COMES HOME: Eddie Spimozo has a man-to-man talk in the back of a limo with his brother. (Penn, Jackson, Lovitz, Nealon)

"THIS & THAT": (Pull)

CAT DENTIST: Dentist cleans teeth of cat. (Tom Davis)
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