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  • The Best of 1984-85
    This compliation of sketches include "I Am Also The World," "Lou Grant's Rescue Mission," "Black History Minute," "Jackie Rogers Junior's $100,000 Jackpot Wad," "60 Minutes," "SNL News- Eddie Murphy on Toys," "Wheel of Fortune Interview," "Superman Auditions," "Fernando's Hideaway with 'Barry Manilow'," "The Question Is Moot," "Willie and Frankie as Night Watchmen," and "Houses of Shame."moreless
  • 8/3/85
    A selection of clips and sketches from the late comic legend's four-year stint on SNL.

    Sketches include "Sam Peckinpah," "Beethoven Composes 'My Girl'," "Beethoven Composes 'What I Say'," "Vito Corleone in Therapy," "Samurai Deli," "Wilderness Comedian," "The Last Voyage of the Starship Enterprise," "The Bee Honeymooners," "Dragnet," "Tomorrow with Tom Snyder," "Mussolini Reenactment," "Little Chocolate Donuts," "Olympia Cafe," "Don't Look Back In Anger," "The Academy Awards," "Superhero Party," and Miles Cowperthwaite, Part Two: I Am Nailed to the Hull."

    John Belushi (as Joe Cocker) performed "A Little Help From My Friends," The Blues Brothers performed "King Bee," "Soul Man," and "B-Movie Boxcar Blues."moreless
  • The Best of Gilda Radner
    This was a tribute to the late Gilda Radner, who had just passed away becuase of cancer. Radner was the first female breakout star of SNL, and an inspiration for future comediannes to come.

    Sketches include "Laundromat Romance," "Autumn Fizz, the Carbonated Douche," "Not for Ladies Only," "Slumber Party," "Emily Litella," "Olga Korbut," "The Right to Extreme Stupidity League," "Rhonda's Credit Card Counseling," "Celebrity Weightlifting," "Lucy Ricardo's Nuke Job," "Creeley's Soup," "Judy Miller," "Hey, You!," Gilda Answers Audience Questions," "La Dolce Gilda" (film), "Dancing In The Dark," "Nerds Go To The Prom," "Roseanne Roseannadanna," "Rock Against Yeast '79," "Nerds in Love," "Jewess Jeans," and "Stretch Marks Record Offer."moreless
  • The Best of Eddie Murphy
    This episodes put together some of Eddie Murphy's greatest performances, all of them spanning 1981-1984.

    Sketches include "The Little Richard Simmons Show," "Prose and Cons" (film), "Velvet Jones School Of Technology," "Career Corner," "Ebony & Ivory," "Buckwheat Dead," "Stevie Wonder Impersonator," "Rock & Roll... and then some," "Black History Minute," "Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood," "Gumby," "Buckwheat Sings," and "James Brown's Hot Tub Party."moreless
  • 10/10/98
    Dana Carvey is one of the all-time great cast members of SNL, where he played a large part in saving the show from cancellation in the mid-80s. His dead-on impressions of politicians were wildly popular with the audience. From his 6 1/2-year stint (plus three hosting appearances), this special is full of highlights of his impressions and original characters. Sketches and clips include "Perot's Press Conference," "Massive Headwound Harry," "Church Chat," "The McLaughlin Group," "Regis and Kathie Lee," "Hans & Franz," "Lost Ending of It's A Wonderful Life," "George F. Will's Sports Machine," "Woody Allen at the Movies," "George Bush," "Bob Dylan," "The Tampon Prince," "Pepper Boys," "Wayne's World," "Tom Brokaw's Pre-Tapes," "Grumpy Old Man," "Derek Stevens," "Urban Toonces," and "Robin Williams and Son."moreless
  • Best of Steve Martin
    Steve Martin has hosted SNL 14 times, more often than anyone else. Although he was never an actual cast member, Martin's brilliant performances have kept SNL viewers laughing for decades. This compilation are highlights from his hosting stints and cameos. Sketches include "The Tonight Song," "Rise," "Festrunks' Bachelor Pad," "Ode to a Loved One," "The Coneheads at Home," "Common Knowledge," "King Tut," "Theodoric of York, Medieval Barber," "Steve Martin's Beauty Creame", "Jeopardy 1999," "Bullets Aren't Cheap," "Theatre Stories," and "What the Hell is That?"moreless
  • Saturday Night Live Presidential Bash 2008
    Live from New York, it's... John McCain! On the eve of election day, Sen. Hillary Clinton (Amy Poehler) presents past classic presidential sketches. Sketches and clips include "There Can Be Only One," "CBS Evening News," "Ask President Carter," "Clinton's Qualities," "Reagan the Mastermind," "Weekend Update," "Stockdale's Joyride," "Bush's Endorsement," "Vice Presidential Debate 2008," "CNN Univision Democratic Debate 2008," "ABC Campaign '88," "2nd Presidential Debate 2008," "Debate '76," "Bush's Good Health," "The Bush Daughters," "Lip-Locked Gores," "Clinton Halloween Party," "The Democratics Candidates Debate 2008," "Clinton's Response," "First Presidential Debate 2000," a Weekend Update Political Commentary, and a special rap by Amy Poehler.moreless
  • Best of Adam Sandler
    Adam Sandler is one of the best-loved cast members of all-time and part of the "Bad Boys" of SNL that dominated the early and mid-1990s. His child-like comedic skills on SNL were distinctly his own.

    Sketches and clips include "Iraqi Pete," "Schmitt's Gay Beer," "Cajun Man," "Opera Man," "Watching Grandma," "Gap Girls," "Il Cantore Hotel," "The Denise Show," "Halloween Costume Ideas," "The Herlihy Boy House-Sitting Service," "Adam Sandler's Santa Song," "Lunchlady Land" (musical sketch), "Canteen Boy and the Scoutmaster," "Pepper Boy," "The Hannukah Song," and "Zagat's."moreless
  • The Best Of Chris Rock
    Chris Rock is one of the few African-American actors to make a signifigant impact on SNL. His energetic and loud characters were key to his success. This special is a compilation of his three-year stint on the show, plus his hosting stint in 1996. Sketches include "Nikey Turkey," "The Sinatra Group," "Not Getting Any," "Chris Rock's Guide to Surviving the Apollo," "Ernie's," "The Bensonhurst Dating Game," "The Proud Pattersons," "Def Magic Show Jam," "Hangin' With MTV," "The Dark Side with Nat X," "Chillin'," and "Weekend Update Commentary."moreless
  • The Best of Game Show Parodies
    In this special, SNL presents the best of the game show parodies that have aired in the last 25 years of the show.

    Sketches include "The Coneheads On 'Family Feud'," "¿Quien Es Mas Macho?," "Jackie Rogers Jr's $100,000 Jackpot Wad," "Game Beaters," "Dysfunctional Family Feud," "Stand Up and Win," "The Bensonhurst Dating Game," "Death Row Bloopers and Practical Jokes," "Old French Whore!," "Celebrity Jeopardy," and "Who Wants to Eat?"moreless
  • Best of Molly Shannon
    Molly Shannon was arguably the most dynamic SNL comedienne since Gilda Radner. She electrified audiences with her wacky and physical characters on SNL. After being one of the few to survive the tension-filled 1994-1995 season, she broke through and quickly became a fan favorite. Sketches and clips include "Mary Katherine Gallagher," "Leg Up," "The Courtney Love Show," "Pretty Living," "Delicious Dish," "Rockettes Auditions," "Monica Lewinsky in Congress," "Fanatic" (film), "Blind Date At The Airport," "Veronica and Co.," "Dame Elizabeth Taylor," and "Jeannie Darcy."moreless
  • The Best of Will Ferrell
    Sketches include "Alta Dena Manditory Drug Assembly," "Behind the Music," "Dissin' Your Dog." "Spartan Cheerleaders Chess Tourney," and "The Coconuts Bangers Ball: It's A Rap!" Montage of Will #1. "Celebrity Jeopardy," and "Inside The Actors Studio." Montage of Will #2. "Space, The Infinite Frontier with Harry Caray," "Luvahs at the Welshly Arm Motel," and "Roxbury Boys." Montage of Will #3. "The Replacement Nude Model," "Tension Dinner," and "Jacob Silj."moreless
  • The Best of Chris Kattan
    Chris Kattan was one of SNL's most physical cast members. His unique, gender-bending characters were an amusing component of the show's late-90s winning streak. This special consists of highlights from his 7 1/2 years on SNL. Sketches and clips include "The Roxbury Guys," "Mango," "Defense Attorney Suel," "The How Do You Say? Ah Yes, Show," "Mr. Peppers in the Lab," "Auditions for Bon Jovi," "America Undercover," "The Rialto Grande," "Goth Talk," "Sparks," "Oprah," "Larry King's Wedding Reception," "E! Impeachment Coverage," "Loaded-Musical Performance," "Emmy Awards Pre-Show," "Shopping at Home Network," "Siamese Twin Dates," and "Weekend Update Impressions"moreless
  • The Best of Tracy Morgan
    The so-called "other black guy" was one of most outrageous cast members of SNL. Despite a slow start, Tracy Morgan's presence helped revive the show in the late '90s. This compilation is highlights from his seven-year stint on the show. Sketches and clips include "Wong & Owen, Ex-Porn Stars," "Brian Fellow's Safari Planet," "Pimp Chat," "Woodrow," "The View," "Uncle Jemima's Down House Mash Liquor," "Tracy Confronts Garth," "Astronaut Jones," "Talkin' to the Stars," "Hardball," "Big Bernard," "At the Movies," "Christmas Eve Drinks," "Channel 5 Late Night Movie," and a Weekend Update Commentary.moreless
  • The Best of Will Ferrell, Volume 2
    More sketches and highlights from Will Ferrell's seven-year tenure on SNL, including "Wake Up and Smile" and "Brasky Buddies."
  • The Best of Cheri Oteri
    Cheri Oteri had a tendency to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. The energetic Oteri energized SNL fans with her overzelous and outrageous characters and impressions. After joining SNL in the post-overhaul 1995-1996 season, Oteri was a key component of the ensamble that brought SNL into the new millennium. Sketches include "Spartan Cheerleaders," "Nadeen at the Burger Castle," "The Zimmermans," "20/20," "The View", "Monica's Interviewers," "Collete at the Pharmacy", "Morning Latte", "Judge Judy", "Rita Snowed In", "The Office Flirt", "Halloween in New Hampshire," "Rita on Halloween," "Old French Whore!," "Puff & Jennifer in Therapy," "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," "Always & Forever," "Athena in the Cockpit," "Leg Up," and several Weekend Update Impersonations.moreless
  • The Best of Christopher Walken
    A small handful of actors and musicians have managed to become an important part of the history of Saturday Night Live without ever having been cast members. With his numerous stints as a host, Christopher Walken has become one of those personalities. In this special, sketches include "The Continental," "Ed Glosser Trivial Psychic," "Rita Snowed In," "Behind the Music: Blue Oyster Cult," "Leon Loves Mango," "Patio Lovers," "Centaur Job Interview," "Hardball," "Pranksters," "Raft Captain," and "Colonel Angus." The bonus features in the DVD version of this special includes two rejected dress rehearsal sketches and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of "The Continental" sketch.moreless
  • 9/7/04
    A small handful of actors and musicians have managed to become an important part of the history of Saturday Night Live without ever having been cast members. With his numerous stints as a host, Christopher Walken has become one of those personalities. In this special, sketches include "The Continental," "Ed Glosser Trivial Psychic," "Rita Snowed In," "Behind the Music: Blue Oyster Cult," "Leon Loves Mango," "Patio Lovers," "Centaur Job Interview," "Hardball," "Pranksters," "Raft Captain," and "Colonel Angus." The bonus features in the DVD version of this special includes two rejected dress rehearsal sketches and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of "The Continental" sketch.moreless
  • The Best of Jon Lovitz
    Jon Lovitz was one of the few cast members to survive the disastrous 11th season (shown by Lorne Michaels saving him in a "cliffhanger" sketch). After that rough start, he broke out with a steady stream of loud and silly characters. Sketches with Phil Hartman and frequent host Tom Hanks made him a go-to second banana. This special is a compilation of his most memorable performances on SNL. Sketches and clips include "Tommy Flanagan," "The People' Court," "Portrait of the Artist," "The Night Hanukkah Harry Saved Christmas," "Dunkin' Donuts Commercial," "Plug Away," "Johnny's Finished," "Beauty and the Beast," "Girl Watchers on 49th Street," "ABC Campaign '88," "The Five Beatles," "Wimbledon Loss," "A Betty Ford Straight Arrow Christmas," "The Tonight Show," "The Late Show," "Mocking Lord Edmund," "Season's Greetings," "Tales of Ribaldry," "Chick Hazzard, Private Investigator," and two Weekend Update commentaries.moreless
  • 10/16/04
    Jimmy Fallon was one of SNL's most popular cast members at the turn of the millenium. His fresh and playful comic style, much of it derived from Adam Sandler, was a hit with fans and critics alike. This special consists of highlights from his six-year stint. Sketches and clips include "Mick & Mick," "Celebrity Jeopardy," "Jaret's Room", "The Barry Gibb Show," "Donnie's Party," "Cork Soakers," "The Leatherman," "Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy," "Bloder Brothers DUI," "Summertime," a montage of Weekend Update gags, and a special dress rehearsal sketch ("Abducted By Aliens").moreless
  • The Best of Tom Hanks
    Sketches include "Steve's Fantasy," "The Stand-Ups," "The Bean Cafe," "Girl Watchers on 49th Street," "Calgary 1988," "Mr. Short-Term Memory," "Jew, Not a Jew," "Wayne's World Meets Aerosmith," "Tales of Ribaldry," "Mr. Belvedere Fan Club," "Sabra Price Is Right," "The Roxbury Guys," "Spartans Ping-Pong Tournament," and "Wilson the Volleyball Badmouths Tom Hanks."moreless
  • The Best Of Alec Baldwin
    For fans of Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin holds a position in the pantheon of great hosts. This special compiles his most famous moments from the times he hosted. In this special, sketches include "Greenhilly," "French Class," "Soap Opera Digest," the infamous "Canteen Boy Goes Camping," "Buckwell's Follies," "Delicious Dish," "Brasky's Buddies at the Bar," "Inside the Actors Studio," "Gay Voicemail," "The Tony Bennett Show," "Zinger vs. Burns," and "Prince Charles' Secretary."moreless
  • Saturday Night Live Presidential Bash 2004
    On the eve of election day, former President Clinton (Darrell Hammond) presents past classic presidential sketches.

    Sketches include "Debate '76," "Presidential Debate '88," "The First Presidential Debate," "The Second Presidential Debate," "Debate '92," "Perot and Stockdale Car Trip," "The Presidential Odd Couple," "First Presidential Debate 2004," and "Second Presidential Debate."moreless
  • Best of David Spade
    Best of David Spade
    Episode 21
    David Spade became a breakout star on Saturday Night Live thanks to his combination of recurring characters and his smart-aleck, sardonic attitude. Spade was one of the "Bad Boys" that was underappreciated in its time but has since been treated with great respect. This special of highlights his most memorable moments on his six-year stint. Sketches and clips include "Dick Clark's Receptionist," "Gap Girls," "Total Bastard Airlines," "Spade in America," "Stewart Release," "Salon," "Stunt Double," Sean Penn's Celebrity Roast," "Peer Pressure at Valley High," "Dirtball and Burnout Convention," "Karl's Video," "NCI Long Distance," "The Road to Self-Improvement," and "Hollywood Minute."moreless
  • 1/10/06
    He could be big and loud and clumsy, shy and quiet and graceful, and hilariously funny all at the same time. Chris Farley was an unstoppable force of nature at Saturday Night Live in the 90's and you'll see it all here, including the best of Motivational Speaker Matt Foley, The Chris Farley Show, the slightly overweight Chippendales dancer and many other unique and endearing characters.moreless
  • 1/10/06
    SNL original cast member Dan Aykroyd, along with the other Not Ready for Primetime Players, ignited a comedy revolution in the 1970's with a mix of rebellious behavior and groundbreaking material that instantly turned them into "The Beatles of Comedy". See what started it all with the Best of Dan Aykroyd"s amazing comedic performances as one of the Coneheads, Fred Garvin, Irwin Mainway, or selling hilarious products like the Bassomatic. And watch Dan"s unbelievable ability to act like President Carter, Tom Snyder or just a "wild and crazy guy".moreless
  • The Best of TV Funhouse
    Ace and Gary host this special looking back at Saturday TV Funhouse through the years. Highlights include "Fun With Real Audio," "The X-Presidents," "Mr. T," "Anatominals," and of course, "The Ambigously Gay Duo."
  • The Best of Darrell Hammond
    This clip show showcasing the most memorable sketches of Darrell Hammond includes "Hardball," "Celebrity Jeopardy," "Meet The Press," "First Presidential Debate," "CBS Evening Anthrax Update," "Californians for Schwarzenegger," "Jesse Jackson," "Bill Kurtis Looping Session," "The O'Reilly Factor," "NBC Special Report," "Geraldo," "Guiliani's Press Conference," "Jimmy Carter in Cuba," "Ashcroft's Press Conference," "Celebration of Women Week," and "White House Friends."moreless
  • Best of 2006/2007
    Best of 2006/2007
    Episode 26
  • The Best of Mike Myers
  • The Best of Amy Poehler
    This special showcases the most memorable sketches of Amy Poehler, who was a cast member from 2001 to 2008. Sketches include: A Non-Partisan Message From Sarah Palin & Hillary Clinton, Bronx Beat, Valtrex, Kaitlin and Rick Buy an Instrument, "Body Fuzion" (Digital Short), The Not So Great Adventures of the Down and Out Dollar, The Dakota Fanning Show, Weekend Update, Amy Loves Justin, Turlington's Lower Back Tattoo Remover, The Bush Daughters, I'm No Angel, Scarlett Johanssen's monologue, Celebrity Jeopardy Michael Jackson in a Roller Coaster, American Idol, The Democratic Candidates Debate, Rock of Love 2, plus clips from Walken Family Reunion, Avril Lavigne visits Weekend Update, Regis and Kelly, Barbie's Dream House, Senator Barbara Boxer, Hugo Chavez Political Roundup, Appalachian Emergency Room, Fierce: The Hot Mess Make-Over Show, Nancy Grace, Wizard of Oz, Anderson Cooper 360 and The Sarah Palin Rap.moreless