Saturday Night Live - Season 15

Saturday 11:30 PM on NBC Premiered Oct 11, 1975 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Candice Bergen/Notting Hillbillies
    Live from New York, it's... Dana Carvey! Sketches include "Bush's Tax Increase," "Toonces' Rival," "The Tonight Show," "Wayne's World," "Single Men In Their 30's and 40's," "Storytime," and "Overactive Employee." The Notting Hillbillies perform "Railroad Worksong" and "Loves You Too Much."
  • Andrew Dice Clay/Spanic Boys & Julee Cruise
    Live from New York, it's... Jon Lovitz! Sketches include "It's a Wonderful Dice," "Diceman Employment Agency," "Cooking With the Anal-Rententive Chef," "What's Sex?", "DJ Tony Trailer," "Jan Hooks Protest," "Cool Mite," "Ridiculous Bull," and "Kevin Nealon Protest." Spanic Boys perform "Keep On Walking." Julee Cruise performs "Falling."
  • Alec Baldwin/The B-52's
    Live from New York, it's... Dana Carvey! Sketches include "Bush's Eye Drops," "Greenhilly," "The Environmentally Conscious One," "Sexual Tension Diner," "The Garbo I Knew," "Only In New York," "Nude Talk Show," and "Middle Aged Man." The B-52's perform "Cosmic Thing" and "Channel Z."
  • Corbin Bernsen/The Smithereens
    Live from New York, it's ... Kevin Nealon! Sketches include "Cable Shopping Network," "Celebrity Lawyer Court," "Hanukkah Harry," "George F. Will's Sports Machine," "Conceited Guy," "Movers and Shakers," and "Playgirl Models." The Smithereens perform "A Girl Like You" and "Blue Before & After."
  • Debra Winger/Eric Clapton
    Live from New York, it's... Phil Hartman! Sketches include "Reagan Census Count," "Wayne's World," "Toonces the Cat on a Mechanical Bull," "Calamity Jane," "Senate Record Labelling Hearings," and "Jon Lovitz's Love Scene." Eric Clapton performed "No Alibis," "Pretending," and "Wonderful Tonight."
  • Rob Lowe/The Pogues
    Rob Lowe/The Pogues
    Episode 16
    Live from New York, it's... Dana Carvey! Sketches include "George Bush/Rob Lowe," "Irish Drinking Songs," "Church Chat," "Governor Hammond," "Sprockets," "German Clearasil," "Governor Harbaugh," "Arsenio Beckman Show," "Lambada Prison," "Helmet Head," "Randy X," and "Alexander's Fur World." The Pogues performed "White City" and "Body of an American."
  • Fred Savage/Technotronic
    Live from New York, it's... Fred Savage and Dana Carvey!

    Sketches include "Church Chat," "Gun Safety," "The Pat Stevens Show," "Imaginary Friends," "Shuttle Launch," "Lothar of the Hill People," and "Hooked on Sushi" (film).

    Technotronic performed "Pump Up The Jam" and "Get Up."
  • Tom Hanks/Aerosmith
    Tom Hanks/Aerosmith
    Episode 14
    Live from New York, it's... Jan Hooks! Sketches include "Ivana Trump Pre-Nup," "Russian McDonald's," "Wayne's World," "Tales of Ribaldry," "Mr. Short-Term Memory," "Eye on Chest Hair," "Jensen Syringe Company," "The Mob," "Singles Cruise," and "Black History Minute." Aerosmith performed "Jamie's Got a Gun" and "Monkey On My Back."
  • Quincy Jones
    Quincy Jones
    Episode 13
    Live from New York, it's... Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon! Sketches include "Pumping Up With Hans and Franz," "Century 21 Marriage Counselors," "Toonces," "Bob Waltman Special," "Jazz Perspective," "Reverend and Rabbi," "Tonto, Tarzan, and Frankenstein," "Soviet Central Committee," "House Committee on Dials and Gauges." Quincy Jones, Take 6, Tevin Campbell, Andrae Crouch, Sandra Crouch, Kool Moe Dee, Big Daddy Kane, Melle Mel, Quincy D III, Siedah Garrett and Al Jarreau perform "Back on the Block" and "We Be Doinit."moreless
  • Christopher Walken/Bonnie Raitt
    Live from New York, it's... Dana Carvey!

    Sketches include "The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson," "Colon Blow," "Eternity," "Girlfriend Dumping Service," "The Continental," "Attitudes," "Lease With an Option to Kill," and "Hardbound."

    Bonnie Raitt performs "Have A Heart" and "Thing Called Love."
  • Ed O'Neill/Harry Connick, Jr.
    Live from New York, it's... Dana Carvey! Sketches include "Bush and Noriega," "Bizilady," "Penis Euphemisms," "Wayne's World," "The Nagging," "Dennis Woo's Real Estate Fortunes The Easy Way," "Ceaucescu's Wake," "Lothar of the Hill People," and "SNL in the 90's." Harry Connick Jr. peforms "It Had To Be You" and "It's Alright With Me."moreless
  • Andie MacDowell/Tracy Chapman
    Live from New York, it's... Kevin Nealon!

    Sketches included "The Energizer Bunny," "The Night Hanukkah Harry Saved Christmas," "The Baby Carriers," "Church Chat," "Hal Jerome Tribute," "Dieter in Space" (film), "This is Your Day," and "Season's Greetings."

    Tracy Chapman performed "Gimme One Reason" and "All That You Have."
  • Robert Wagner/Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville
    Live from New York, it's... Dana Carvey! Sketches include "While Dan Quayle's Asleep," "Yard-A-Pult," "Messy Date," "Tales of the Runaway Boulder," "Attack of the Masturbating Zombies," "Rockefeller is Evil," "A Betty Ford Straight Arrow Christmas", and "In the Middle." Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville performed "Don't Know Much" and "When Something Is Wrong."moreless
  • John Goodman/k.d. lang & The Reclines
    Live from New York, it's... Dana Carvey! Sketches include "It's a Wonderful Savings and Loan," "Wayne's World," "Cooking with the Anal-Retentive Chef," "Toonces The Cat Who Could Drive a Car," "The Mike Ditka Type-A Christmas Special," and "The Referee Pitman Show". k.d. lang & The Reclines perform "Pullin' Back The Rains" and "Johnny Get Angry."moreless
  • Woody Harrelson/David Byrne
    Live from New York, it's... Phil Hartman!

    Sketches include "Five Easy Pieces '89," "Who's Dumber?," "Pumping Up with Hans & Franz," "A&E Attitudes," "Three Very Lonesome Cowboys," "Army Hospital," "Thanksgiving Good, Fire Bad," "Sprockets," "Thanksgiving Greetings," and "Adult Education Students."

    David Byrne performs "Dirty Old Town" and "Loco de Amor."moreless
  • Chris Evert/Eurythmics
    Live from New York, it's... Chris Evert!

    Sketches include: "Wimbledon," "Colon Blow," "Bush at the Berlin Wall," "Evert vs. Navratilova," "Bette Davis' Videotape Will," "Lothar of The Hill People," "Lyle, The Effeminate Heterosexual," "Passages," and "The Nude House of Wacky People."

    Eurythmics perform "Angel" and "Baby's Gonna Cry."
  • James Woods/Don Henley
    Live from New York, it's ... Jan Hooks! Sketches include "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson," "Yard-a-pult," "Dracula and AIDS," "Primetime Live," "Ventriloquist Act," "Falling in Love," "Three Dudes Holistic Automotive," "Hemsley Spook House," and "Halloween Greetings from Tonto, Tarzan, and Frankenstein." Don Henley performs "The Last Worthless Evening" and "The Boys of Summer."moreless
  • Kathleen Turner/Billy Joel
    Live from New York, it's... the voice of A. Whitney Brown!

    Sketches include "The Miracle Of Fatima '89," "Plug Away," "Die Squaren Ost Berliner," "Donheiser," "The Eggman," "Lank Thompson," "All About Deborah Norville," "Average Blind Date," and "Last Maxwell House Ad."

    Billy Joel performs "We Didn't Start The Fire" and "Downeaster Alexa."moreless
  • Rick Moranis/Rickie Lee Jones
    Live from New York, it's... Rick Moranis! Sketches include "Jackie Mason," "The Big Bitch Bull-Dyke Bust-Out of '89," "Honey, I Shrunk Hans and Franz," "Merv Griffin's Money-Losing Hotel," "Wild Horse," "New Baseball Commissioner," "Baby Talk," and "Word Busters." Rickie Lee Jones performs "Satellites" and "Ghetto Of My Mind."
  • Bruce Willis/Neil Young
    Live from New York, it's... Dana Carvey!

    Sketches include "Bush's White House Report," "thirtysomething," "Wayne's World," "Donahue" (two-parts), "Home Improvement," "Johnny's Replacement," "Sprockets," and "Bruce Willis: The Man and His Music."

    Neil Young performs "Rockin' in The Free World," "Needle & The Damage Done," and "No More."
  • 15th Anniversary Special
    NBC devotes 2½ hours to the most groundbreaking late-night comedy series in American television history. Montages are made of the early years (1975-80), the Ebersol years (1981-85), the then-current cast (1985-89), the musical guests, and the political past. In addition, alumni from the original show pay tribute to Gilda Radner (who had recently died) and John Belushi (to counter the recent theatrical release of the Bob Woodward exposé). Robin Williams does a spastic monologue, and Tom Hanks closes the proceedings.moreless