Saturday Night Live - Season 32

Saturday 11:30 PM on NBC Premiered Oct 11, 1975 In Season




Episode Guide

  • SNL in the 90s: Pop Culture Nation
    A documentary look at the long-running variety program during two seperate eras: the overpopulated early-90s cast that featured Chris Farley and Adam Sandler, and the zany late-90s cast that featured Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon.
  • Zach Braff/Maroon 5
    Episode 20
    Live from New York, it's... Maya Rudolph!

    Sketches include "Bush's Summer Vacation," "Dog Love" (film), "Prom Committee," "Deep House Dish," "Decision '08: Spring Cleaning '07" (cartoon), "The Weight," "La Revista Della Televisione," "Bronx Beat," and "Brian Grazer's Office."

     Maroon 5 performed "Makes Me Wonder" and "Won't Go Home Without You."moreless
  • 5/12/07
    Live from New York, it's... Molly Shannon!

    Sketches include "Mary Katherine Gallagher on American Idol," "Urigro," "Penelope at the Tenants' Meeting," "The Fringe Candidates Debate," "Sally O'Malley on The Sopranos," "Kaitlin at the Nursing Home," "MacGruber" (three parts), "The Legend of Big-Boobed Einstein" (cartoon), "Charli Coffee," and "Trump Steaks."

    Linkin Park performed "What I've Done" and "Bleed It Out."moreless
  • 4/21/07
    "Live" from New York, it's... Senator Charles Schumer!

    Sketches include "White House Witnesses," "Live with Regis and Kelly," "Mrs. Hastings and the Prom Dress," "Roy Rules!" (film), "Mike's Marbleopolis," "WIIX News," "Kuatos," "Newsmakers with Jane Pauley," and "Torboto" (cartoon).

    Björk performed "Earth Intruders" and "Wanderlust."
  • 4/14/07
    Live from New York, it's... Kenan Thompson!

    Sketches include "Reverends Jackson and Sharpton," "Hathaway Moustache Rides," "The Prince Show," "Beer Purchase," "The Dakota Fanning Show," "Hide and Seek" (film), "Sofa King," "SliceCo Salesmen," "An Intimate Moment with Jessica Simpson and John Mayer," and "Shia Rhymes with Maya."

    Avril Lavigne performed "Girlfriend" and "I Can Do Better."moreless
  • 3/24/07
    Live from New York, it's... Jason Sudeikis!

    Sketches include "Vilifying Alberto Gonzales," "United Way," "Bronx Beat," "ESPN's NCAA Tournament Pool Party," "Penelope," "Maraka" (cartoon), "Halftime Pep Talk," "300," "Sunday Night Coffee Chat," "Mercedes 500," and "Nike Pick-Ups."

    Carrie Underwood performed "Before He Cheats" and "Wasted."
  • 3/17/07
    Live from New York, it's... Chris Rock!

    Sketches include "SNL Special Report: The Road to the White House," "Oprah," "Monex," "Restless Penis Syndrome," "La Rivista Della Televisione," "Deep House Dish," "CBS Cares," "Homebot," and "Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search For The Next Doll."

    Snow Patrol performed "You're All I Have" and "Chasing Cars."moreless
  • 2/24/07
    Live from New York, it's... Darrell Hammond!

    Sketches include "The Situation Room," "Danny's Song," "Corporate Headquarters" (film), "Art Dealers and Architectural Digest," "Peeping Tom," "The New Officemate," "White Possum Scream," and "River Bliss Recording Session."

    Arcade Fire performed "Intervention" and "Keep the Car Running."
  • 2/10/07
    Live from New York, it's... Darrell Hammond!

    Sketches include "Valentine's Day with the Cheneys," "Bronx Beat," "Andy Everywhere" (film), "Assagio's," "Urigro," "Man Versus Beast: The Road to the Final Four," "Love, Whitney," "Am I a Crazy Street Person?," and "A Message from the Staten Island Zoo."

    Keith Urban performed "Stupid Boy" and "Once in a Lifetime."moreless
  • 2/3/07
    Live from New York, it's... Seth Meyers!

    Sketches include "American Idol," "The Dakota Fanning Show," "Dioxin Poisoning," "Body Fusion" (film), "Target Greatland," "Nervous Job Interviewee," "Versace Super Bowl Party," "Country Club Valet," "Firestarter Smoked Sausages," "The Formosa," and "Nelson's Baby Toupees."

    Lily Allen performed "Smile" and "LDN."
  • Jeremy Piven/AFI
    Episode 11
    Live from New York, it's... Amy Poehler!

    Sketches include "Hardball," "Urigro," "The NFL on CBS," "Frontline: 2007 Year in Review" (cartoon), "The First Person in History to Dance," "MacGruber" (three parts), "Two A-Holes at an Adoption Agency," "Common & Blizzard Man," "The Unicorn Forest," "Nurse Nancy" (film), and "Lansford Brothers & Associates."

    AFI performed "Love Like Winter" and "Miss Murder."moreless
  • 1/13/07
    Live from New York, it's... Jason Sudeikis!

    Sketches include "21,500 More Troops," "Deep House Dish," "Bronx Beat," "Trump's Press Junket," "Juliano's," "Laser Cats 2" (film), "Stock Footage Awards," "Law & Order Auditions," "Handicapped Matchup," and "Kaplan, Lebowitz, & Dolemite."

    The Shins performed "Phantom Limb" and "New Slang."
  • 12/16/06
    Live from New York (in song), it's... Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, and Kristin Wiig!

    Sketches include "Santa's My Boyfriend," "Homelessville," "Target Greatland," "D*** in a Box" (film), "The Barry Gibb Talk Show," "Dry Eyes," "Hip Hop Kids," "Elf Auditions," and "A Holiday Message from Nancy Grace."

    Justin Timberlake performed "My Love" and "What Goes Around Comes Around."moreless
  • 12/9/06
    Live from New York, it's... Jason Sudeikis!

    Sketches include "The Iraqi War Report," "SNL Movie Trailer Re-cut: Apocalypto," "Good Morning I Hate This Town," "Diddy Kiddies" (cartoon), "High School Romance," "Two A-Holes at a Live Nativity Scene," "Fast Food Pep Talk" (film), "Buyer Beware," "Monster Under The Bed," "Valtrex," "Socially Awkward Officemates," and "Stanfield & Partlow."

    Gwen Stefani performed "Wind It Up"; Akon performed "I Wanna Love You."moreless
  • 12/2/06
    Live from New York (in English and Arabic), it's... Will Forte!

    Sketches include "Bush and al-Maliki," "Sale-Mart," "Nancy Grace," "Deep House Dish," "Lost Fans," "Crazy Mountain Man," "Math vs. History Buffs," and "The Mayan Empire."

    Tenacious D performed "Kickapoo" and "The Metal."
  • Ludacris
    Episode 6
    Live from New York, it's... Jason Sudeikis!

    Sketches include "The Second Vietnam War," "Young Douglas: Hypin' the Claszics," "The Bitchslap Method," "The O'Reilly Factor," "Booty Bidness Workwear," "Superhits Studios," "Pool Watch," "Hair Transplant," "Olivia Cruise Lines," and "Old Friends in a Diner."

    Ludacris performed "Money Maker" and "Runaway Love" (featuring Mary J. Blige).moreless
  • 11/11/06
    Live from New York, it's... Kristen Wiig!

    Sketches include "Rep. Nancy Pelosi," "," "Federline Divorce Proceedings," "Saddam's Lawyers," "Valtrex," "Awkward Carpool," "Kobayashi!" (cartoon), "The Platinum Lounge," "The Tony Bennett Show," "Rick Corman in Brazil," and "A Moment with the Out-of-Breath Jogger from 1992."

    Christina Aguilera performed "Ain't No Other Man," "Hurt," and "Steppin' Out With My Baby" (with Tony Bennett).moreless
  • Hugh Laurie/Beck
    Episode 4
    Live from New York, "Home of the Jew," it's... Borat! Sketches include "Kazakhstan Ministry of Information," "Most Haunted," "Republican Attack Ads" (cartoon), "2006 World Series," "The Queen's Visit," "Hardball," "Hugh's Protest Song," "Broken Leg," "The Curse of Frankenstein," and "Job Interview." Beck performed "Nausea" and "Clap Hands."
  • 10/21/06
    Live from New York, it's... Will Forte! Sketches include "Fox News Special Report," "Colonial Williamsburg," "Doug Frangelo," "Korean Central Television," "Two A-Holes at a Trainer," "Mexican Restaurant," "House of Carters," "Harpoon Man" (film), "A McMillan Family Moment" (three parts), and "Operation Bearshark." My Chemical Romance performed "Welcome to the Black Parade" and "Cancer."moreless
  • 10/7/06
    Live from New York, it's... Darrell Hammond!

    Sketches include "Rep. Dennis Hastert," "Nancy Grace," "New York City Stories I" (film), "Jon Bovi," "WVIR News," "New York City Stories II" (film), "Mrs. Hastings," "NASCARettes," "New York City Stories III" (film), "Big Wigs," "His Kuato," "Cider Chat," and "A Moment with the Out-of-Breath Jogger from 1982."

    Corinne Bailey Rae performed "Put Your Records On" and "Like a Star."moreless
  • 9/30/06
    Live from New York, it's... Jason Sudeikis! Sketches include "Eckstrom for Comptroller," "DHS Training," "Hugo Chavez Political Roundup," "Cubicle Fight" (film), "Al Pacino Checks His Bank Balance," "Amy, Seth, and Brian Williams," "Poland Spring Delivery Boys," "Farrah Fawcett for Ocean Save," "Let's Go," and "Geico." The Killers performed "When You Were Young" and "Bones."moreless