Saturday Night Live

Season 33 Episode 2

Seth Rogen/Spoon

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Oct 06, 2007 on NBC
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Live from New York, it's... Andy Samberg!

Sketches include "A Message from Kevin Federline," "Veritas Ultrasound HD," "2007 National Douchebag Championships," "MacGruber" (three parts), "Jeremy and Sasha," "Fred Thompson '08," "America's First Colonists," "Rowlf & The Swedish Chef," and "Mad Joe Dixon."

Spoon performed "The Underdog" and "You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb."moreless

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  • "I still am… and you're still not"

    A Review by "HelloStuart," Amateur Critic and Texan Hipster

    This week's host is Seth Rogen, the pudgy, hirsute character actor that starred in two of the highest-grossing comedy movies of 2007, "Knocked Up" and "Superbad." If you didn't catch those movies (like I did, and I'm still smarting about that), you probably recognize him from the late, great TV shows "Freaks and Geeks" and "Undeclared." The musical guests are the Texas-based indie-rockers known as Spoon, who continue a trend of cusp-of-the-mainstream acts that began in Year 31. Their latest album "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga," has been largely praised, though some might argue that it's not as challenging as their previous work.

    And now, the sketch-by-sketch analysis:

    COLD OPENING: Kevin Federline (AS) declares himself the world's best father after winning custody of his two kids, then spews every piece of slacker parental advice he can offer. The satire of this sketch would probably be more incisive if the writing staff did something like this two years ago, but now it feels like an afterthought.

    MONOLOGUE: After pointing out that he co-wrote the "Superbad" screenplay when he was 13, Seth reads the monologue that he scribed around the same time. The brief exploration into the mind of a socially awkward pubescent, plus a random appearance by Steven Seagal (BH) resulted in a fairly entertaining monologue.

    "Veritas Ultrasound HD": Watch your unborn child in hi-def! Good juxtaposition, but the execution could've used a caesarian section.

    "2007 National Douchebag Championships": Three annoying pricks (Seth, BH, WF) compete for bragging rights, but they have to face the judges- Sharon Osbourne (AP), Gene Simmons (FA), and last year's winner (AS).

    "MacGruber": This recurring sketch/triptych is really starting to grow on me. Trapped in a deserted silver mine, our hero's (WF) receding hairline takes priority over the bomb that needs to be defused.

    "Jeremy and Sasha": A friendly chat over six thirty-something friends suddenly becomes excruciating when the children (KW, Seth) of the two hosts creeps everyone out. The reaction shots were priceless, though it delved into pointless exaggeration. Is anybody's kids like this?

    "MacGruber": Now trapped in a deserted desert tower, Mac shows off his surgery-enhanced face and waitress girlfriend (KW). As expected, the utility room goes kablooie.

    "Fred Thompson '08": The actor/politician (DH) addresses his low poll numbers by admitting that's he only half-interested in running. His ol' buddy Sam Waterston (FA) makes an impassioned stump speech filled with all that paralegal lingo L&O fans have come to know and love. This wasn't anything to call home about, but it's always good to see Darrell mastering another impression.

    "MacGruber": Now addicted to plastic surgery, the deformed Mac fawns over himself but fails to avoid blowing up an abandoned monestary. I tip my hat to the writers for turning this into an entertaining recurring bit.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: You have to admit that "The Underdog" is a really catchy tune, even if the song is about futility and social anxiety.

    WEEKEND UPDATE: Tonight's Update was unusually long (over 15 minutes); this means either there was a lot of strong material this week, or the time is padded to compensate for weaker sketches. Forgettable bits with Lou Dobbs (DH) and the New York Mets' brain trust (FA, KT) segued into a clever edition of "Really?" that spotlighted Senator Larry Craig's wide stance (pun intended) on gay rights. Update essentially ended with a guest appearance from Chevy Chase, which would've been a pleasant surprise if his shtick and physical appearance hadn't aged so badly.

    "America's First Colonists": The early colony of Stonetown failed because its residents were too high to figure out a strategy for survival. By delivering every marijuana cliché you can think of, this sketch literally went to pot.

    "Rowlf & The Swedish Chef": After the chicken-hating cook (AS) convinces his canine friend (Seth) not to play "The Rainbow Connection" again, three more Muppet Show bit players jam on Bobby Darin's "Beyond the Sea." It's very clear that the cast had more fun with this than the audience; whether there's a connection between Stonetown and this sketch is yet to be seen…

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: You want more horns? You got more horns! "You Got Your Cherry Bomb" is different in tone to the previous song, but it's a fun deep track.

    "Mad Joe Dixon": Two 19th-century farmhands (Seth, MR) fall in love in spite of their disgusting habits. No narrative and no pure laughs make for a dull ten-to-one sketch.

    Two episodes into Year 33, it still feels like an add-on to Year 32. Seth and Spoon made for a fun combo, but like the season premiere, there weren't any standout moments. Weekend Update brought things to a halt, beginning with a lame Barack Obama joke, moving onto a half-joking anti-Canadian rant that would've been better-suited for the early 1980s, and of course the unnecessary Chevy segment. This was a marginal improvement over James/West, but still I find myself wondering what they cut in rehearsal.

    Sketches/Segments That Will Probably Be Removed From the 60-Minute Edit (if one shall ever come to fruition): Weekend Update, "America's First Colonists," "Rowlf & The Swedish Chef," and "Mad Joe Dixon."

    Next Week: We're barely one month into the season, and we already have our first head-scratcher of the season; sometime actor Jon Bon Jovi hosts with musical guest Foo Fighters. No, I'm not making this up.

    "HelloStuart" is a senior at Illinois State University. Feel free to send your questions and comments to
  • Oh Abigail...

    Second episode of the season, and I'm happy with last week's episode. I hope for SNL to keep this stride going. I found last season a delight, while it did have it's bipolar moments. The season started otu [wicked] slow, but them came into it's own. This season will almost be the exact same thing, considering the almost-same wrting staff, and the same cast.

    This week's host is writer of Superbad and staring in Knocked Up, Seth Rogen. Spoon is tonight's musical guest (which I am so looking forward for), so, let's see how it goes over.

    So Here we go sketch by sketch.

    A Message From Kevin Federline: *few*, second episode and no Bush opening sketch. I have to say though, this sketch really didn't seem deserving to be the opening, while at the same time, it didn't really deserve to be anything other than an Update spot. I guess this had it's moments, but overall it wasn't anything special.

    Monologue: Not recapping this. It wasn't a good monologue, but then again, good monologues come scarce.

    Ultra Sound in HD: This commerical features HD baby monitors. Creative idea, yet a slow commercial.

    Douchebag 2007: This was very funny. Very creative, and the impressions were great.

    Magruber (I, II, III): Haha, trying to look younger?!?! lol that was pretty funny.

    Annoying kids: bahahhahaha! This sketch was awesome! I know it was kind of long but still, it was hilarious! "I Said We!" lol that was hilarious. I loved the guest's faces when they were making fools of themselves.

    Fred Thompson 2008: This was slow. But, I liked how Darrell interacted with the audience. "Some applause? What's wrong, your arms broken!? I'm old!"

    Musical Performance: Spoon performs "The Underdog" which is a great song. The only complaint is the guitar mess up that lasted for a few seconds in the middle.

    Weekend Update: Long, long long long long! This took forever! Okay, Chevy Chase wasn't needed that long! Also, that baseball bit wasn't needed. Lou Dobbs was pretty funny though. The jokes were also funny.

    History Channel with drugs: Another creative sketch. Just the little details made this sketch.

    Muppets remake: This was absolutely awesome! Maya looked exactly like Janet. I've seen them on the christmas special, and they all looked exactly like them. (except for the human thing)

    Musical Performance: Spoon performs "You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb" which is another awesome song. I really enjoyed this, and the horn section rocked with it too.

    Mad Joe Dixon: Wow. Talk about a 5 to 1:00 spot. This was also around 5 minutes, which makes me ask the question: Was there anything else that was standard sketch time, and funnier than this in dress rehearsal? But, then again, I loved Maya's "Abigail!"

    This episode wasn't as good as last week's awesome premiere, but then again, those kind of shows come rare. After a REALLY weak start, the show hit a stride, and started to slow down after the first musical performance. Seth Rogen was an adequate host, and Spoon rocked! Maya was actually a really valuable player tonight. Will Forte was also really funny in tonight's broadcast. I've gotta say, though, this feels like season 32 continuation. But, all in all, tonight's show was an above-average broadcast.

    Next week: Our first "Whaaat?!?" show since Ludacris. Jon Bon Jovi/Foo Fighters. But, Ludacris turned out to be a decent show, so, I have hope.moreless
  • This episode set a high benchmark for the rest of the year and was a huge improvement over the opener. What a difference a good host makes!

    Kevin Federline cold open - Finally a non-political opening. This wasn't bad, but didn't knock my socks off either. I don't know why the writers always feel they need to address the audience for the cold open. Something less obvious like "overhearing" the cast members talk about some person or event would be kind of neat. Similar stuff has been done before, but it would sure beat the straight address to the camera that we always seem to get. It was cool to see Samberg get the chance to lead the show off though. Grade: B-

    Monologue - A much better monologue than the usual due to the fact that Seth is pretty darn funny. The thoughts from middle school were funny and poignant at the same time. Didn't we all have thoughts similar to those back then? I don't mean the same goals, but the same need to be liked and the fantasies about the best-looking guy or gal. Grade: B

    Varitoss Ultrasound commercial - A funny look at how differently men and women view childbirth. The Packers helmet was a great touch and showed that the father was a good candidate for the next sketch... Grade: B+

    National Douchebag Championships - Freakin' hilarious! Probably the best reality/game show I've seen on SNL since Geek, Dweeb, or Spaz. Where to start? It was a great ensemble piece and all of the characters were spot on. I especially liked Armisen's Gene Simmons impression (which Sudeikis played nicely off of) and Rogen's douchebag. Forte's douchebag had the best look but they were all great. Well done! Grade: A+

    MacGruber - Some people might be tiring of MacGruber, but I think it is getting better all the time. Forte owns this character! The doo rag was highly reminiscent of Poison's Bret Michaels. Whatcha hiding Bret? The second episode showed Mac going through a mid-life crisis complete with hair plugs, a young girlfriend, and a desire to own a Miata. What a douche! The songs get more hilarious as the episodes progress and I loved the buildup to the Elephant Man finale with the punchline "Not so bad." Grade: A

    Twins from Hell - Kristen has really developed into a great character actor. She is getting a lot of the roles once reserved for Amy and is doing a much better job IMO. These two kids are horribly obnoxious and perhaps slightly retarded, but their parents are still incredibly proud of them. Notice Hader's face during the "musical" performance. Another good ensemble piece, but Kristen carried it. "I said 'we'!" Grade: A-

    Fred Thompson - The first lowpoint of the evening. No surprise that it was a Hammond showcase. Hammond's Thompson came off a little too close to his Cheney. The jokes weren't too hot and outside of Armisen, this was a complete snoozefest. Grade: D

    Weekend Update - Here we go, finally a good WU! The jokes were decent, the Really! segment was great, heck, even Hammond's Lou Dobbs was great. The only downer for me was the Mets piece. It didn't deserve to be there, but Kenan needed a reason to show up all week. The highlight for me was the return of Chevy to the WU desk. Even after 30+ years, he still remains the king of the WU desk in my book. He spits out the jokes with the just the right amount of smarminess and false bravado. Dennis Miller adopted this approach later on and upped the ante on the bravado. Chevy, Dennis and Norm. I miss you guys! Grade: A

    America's First Colonists - If you have ever been to a Grateful Dead or Phish concert or a folk festival or something similar, you know that the writers were dead on with their take on the brain-dead hippies. I loved the shot with Hader and Sudeikis licking corn while Amy did her hippie dance. Priceless! Grade: B

    Rowlf and the Swedish Chef - Samberg's 15-second cameo of the Swedish chef has now been expanded into a full sketch/musical number. Andy pretty much did the same thing as before with the garbled talk and swinging rubber chicken. Rogen's Rowlf didn't do much for me. It was Hader's Animal complete with the heavy metal drum solo that had me laughing. Costumes and makeup were great all around and the whole piece was a throwback to the early days when the cast would sometimes do musical sketches with the SNL band. There was a zany quality about the whole piece that was really refreshing. Grade: B

    Southern Comfort - This sketch was one of those curveball sketches where you don't know where it is going until they hit you with the bomb. Sure there were lots of sexual innuendos from the very beginning, but it wasn't until Rogen talked about his fondness for putting a wet towel on his balls that this sketch hit paydirt. This is the kind of raunchy humor that SNL gets lampooned for and yes, it is pretty lowbrow, but I still like it occasionally. Maya's statement could have been much improved if she had said that she loves p1ssing in the thermos. The mental image of that along with the salty surprise for the poor worker is too rich. Alas, they went with the less funny pooping in the thermos. Besides the difficulty of actually pooping in such a small hole, it doesn't have quite the same zing as p1ssing. Just my take on bathroom humor. Grade: B-moreless
  • Ooh, I can use one of Rogen's movies to describe what I thought of most of this episode: Superbad.

    I wasn't looking forward to this episode all that much because I'm not a fan of either person. But as always, I stay open-minded. I don't feel like going on, so will start the review.


    This week's host is Seth Rogen, who had a big summer for being in two big movies. He's a hit, but I don't care for him. He's not funny, and I am tired of seeing his face on posters at Blockbuster. I thought he'd be a pretty good host, which he was. He was a good host. The skits he was in weren't funny though. In his monologue, he performed one he "wrote" when he was 13. It is supposed to be that all his fantasies came true. It was pretty good too. B-

    MUSICAL GUEST: This week's musical guest is Spoon. I did watch the performances, mostly because my iPod was charging. They were all that bad, but nothing I listen to. Spoon performed "The Underdog" and "You Got Your Cherry Bomb." I always wonder why they get all these alternative bands I've never heard and can never get the ones I listen too. B-


    Cold Opening: A Message From Kevin Federline – Here K-Fed discusses how he is a better parent than Britney Spears. But seriously, is that hard to figure out? This skit was pretty funny and clever. I loved when he said that he's "really funny, good with kids, and black." B+

    Veritas Ultrasound HD – See your baby's ultrasound in High Definition. It's sponsored by the NFL, and also includes the ability to see what team your child will support. And the kid in the commercial was a Packer fan. That's my team. I don't support them, but live in Wisconsin. Not bad. B+

    2007 National Douchebag Championships – I want to comment first that the Jared Leto Award is pure genius. And also, Fred does really look like Gene Simmons. So close it is scary. Also, how long since Hot Topic had a Bob Marley section? I shop there plenty, and have never seen it recently. They do sell merch for him. They do have a section for him at Viktor Viktoria however. This is the award for that type of guy that thinks he is something he ain't. Andy's "Gerard" reminds me of someone I've met. Pretty good skit. It was funny.

    MacGruber (Parts I, II, & III) – I'm reviewing them all at once. MacGruber is going through midlife crisis. That equals funny for me. He dates a younger woman. He gets plastic surgery. These were really funny, though dumb as always. But it is the first time I enjoyed em all. B (average for all)

    Jeremy and Sasha – Over a vacation, a brother and sister grew big. Freakishly big. The parents are proud though. I liked when the kids performed "Rehab." The kids scare the parents friends, so mush that one commits suicide. Odd skit. Didn't like it. C+

    Fred Thompson '08 – On a scale of 1 to 10, this actors wants to be President at about a 6. He's not serious about it either. He's antisocial. More than me. Mostly, he isn't a people person. Not bad, but I didn't care for it. C+

    America's First Colonists – One of the colonists finds a new crop, and they plant it. Well, this crop is pot. They all get high and destroy the colony. They lost all responsibility. Not impressed by this skit. B-

    Rowlf & The Swedish Chef – They perform a song together. Yeah. Whatev. B-

    Mad Joe Dixon – This skit was dumb. Two people are talking about the disturbing things they do. I didn't like it at all. C-


    There really wasn't any. The funniest skit was the cold opening (and it has nothing to do with the fact Andy was in it), but that wasn't THAT great. MacGruber was really good this time.


    Most of the show. I have too much to list.


    Chevy Chase on Weekend Update. That was cool to see.

    Skit Average: 2.7/4 C+

    Show Rating: 5.5/10 Sparkling Diamonds

    Next week, or tomorrow since I wrote this so late, we get host Jon Bon Jovi. My mom is really looking forward to this because she hearts him a lot. And musical guest is the Foo Fighters. See y'all then.moreless
  • I'm still...and you're still not...

    The very talented actor-comedian Seth Rogen hosted this past Saturday's episode of Saturday Night Live with musical guest spoon. While none of Rogen's crew with Judd Apatow cameoed, we were treated to a guest appearance of the original Weekend Update anchor, Chevy Chase.

    Seth Rogen is everywhere these days. Chances are you saw him this past summer in Knocked Up or SuperBad. If you didn't, you likely saw him in Anchorman, The 40 Year Old Virgin, or the two short-lived sitcoms, Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared.

    As far as Spoon goes, what band would name themselves after an eating utensil?

    Now, the sketch by sketch analysis.

    Cold Open: Kevin Federline (Andy Samberg) brags about his parenting skills after he gained custody of his two children from Britney Spears. He goes on to offer parenting advice despite his being considered a slacker.

    Monologue: Seth Rogen wrote his monologue in the mid 90's after he wrote SuperBad with Evan Goldberg. It was very entertaining especially since he lost a friend to the war on North America from the Zorcons. Steven Seagal (Bill Hader) cameos.

    Veritas Ultrasound HD (Commercial): The usual post-monologue commercial. Taking off on all the commercials for HD televisions and satelite, here comes the first HD monitor for ultrasounds. No more grainy black and white images on that monitor. Now, with a sponsorship from the NFL, you can find out what your unborn child will look like in a Colts helmet!

    2007 National Douchebag Championships: Jason Sudeikis hosts this championship featuring Bill Hader, Seth, and Will Forte. The judges include Sharon Osbourne (Amy Poehler), Gene Simmons (Fred Armisen), and last year's winner, Andy Samberg.

    MacGruber: As is the case with the past few times, MacGruber comes in three's and just once, can we get Richard Dean Anderson to cameo?!? In the first one, while being trapped in an abandoned silver mine, his lack of hair is a priority rather than saving himself. Also in this first short are Maya Rudolph and Seth Rogen.

    Jeremy and Sasha: Bill Hader and Amy Poehler play the parents of two very creepy children (Seth, Kristen Wiig). At the end of the sketch, Will Forte jumps out the window from the 15th floor.

    MacGruber: Take 2. In a deserted tower, the new girlfriend (Kristen Wiig) is introduced to the family but so much for their life.

    Fred Thompson '08: Fred Thompson (Darrell Hammond) talks about his low poll numbers and his interest in running in 2008. Sam Waterston (Fred Armisen) gives a stump speech using all the terms from the long running television series, Law and Order. As a satirical note, the ad was created by Dick Wolf.

    MacGruber: For this third take, MacGruber is too focused on plastic surgery to his face than worry about the deserted monestary.

    Spoon sings "The Underdog."

    Weekend Update: This was a bit too long and what was up with "Anita Hill? I need a vacation." Lou Dobbs (Darrell Hammond) talks about the American and Canadian dollar and then rips all the Canadians involved with Saturday Night Live. Later, Willie Randolph (Kenan Thompson) and Omar Minaya (Fred Armisen) try and explain the collapse of the New York Mets. There was another "Really?" bit about Larry Craig. But the highlight came with Chevy Chase making his first appearance in quite some time and he started out by saying "I'm still, and you're still not." Chase talked about both the Democratic and Republican candidates for president in 2008.

    America's First Colonists: I can't help but think that Seth Rogen had something to do with this sketch since it was about the failure of one of America's first colonies, Stonetown, due to everyone getting high on weed.

    Rowlf & The Swedish Chef: The chef (Andy Samberg) convinves Rowlf (Seth Rogen) to not play "The Rainbow Connection." As such, they jam to Bobby Darin's "Beyond the Sea" instead.

    Spoon sings "You Got Your Cherry Bomb."

    Mad Joe Dixon: Seth and Maya star in this sketch which was very poorly done, and the final sketch is almost always that type of case.moreless
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    • Seth Meyers: A convent in Italy was shut down after three of its nuns got into a fight, said God "Ladies relax, there's enough of me to go around."

    • Seth Meyers: The jury in the Isiah Thomas sexual harassment case found the Knicks coach guilty Tuesday and awarded Anucha Browne Sanders $11 million dollars in punitive damages. Brown Sanders would have gotten more from the Knicks but she's not a washed-up shooting guard with bad knees.

    • Amy Poehler: IKEA has now started selling pre-fabricated houses in England. And believe me, you have never felt so uneasy about having leftover pegs.

  • NOTES (6)

    • Sketches not shown in the 60 minute version: the Lou Dobbs and Chevy Chase segments on Weekend Update, Spoon's performance of "You Got Your Cherry Bomb," "A Message from Fred Thompson," "Mad Joe Dixon," "Rowlf and The Swedish Chef," the second "MacGruber" segment.

    • Seth Rogen is the first actor from the movies "Knocked Up" and "Superbad" to host SNL.

    • Sketches cut after dress rehearsal: an investigative reporter (Seth Rogen) has a knack for poorly reported stories, leading to an awkward encounter with Chris Hanson; a promo about Notre Dame football; absent-minded Australian travelers (Seth, Kristin Wiig, Fred Armisen) in the midst talking about what to pack, forget their suitcases; a TV Funhouse film about airline safety announcements catering to passengers of various languages; a couple in a hot tub (Seth, Maya Rudolph) talk about their secret hideaway in White Plains, NY; an overly excited Colorado Rockies fan (Andy Samberg) dances up a storm and performs crazy acts after every score; a man (Fred Armisen) claims that the mascara he is wearing really is for men; and "History's Greatest Stories," spotlighting Neil Armstrong landing on the moon.

    • The original Weekend Update set was brought out of storage for Chevy Chase's guest appearance.

    • A TV Funhouse cartoon was announced in the opening credits but never aired.

    • The "Veritas Ultrasound HD" ad was cut from the previous week's dress rehearsal.