Saturday Night Live

Season 33 Episode 12

Shia LaBeouf/My Morning Jacket

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 10, 2008 on NBC

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  • Evil Urges on Misdemeanor smoking...

    After 3 weeks, we get a new episode. This week for SNL featured returning host Shia LaBeouf with musical guest My Morning Jacket. During the break, news broke out that Amy Poehler was pregnant! She hasn't gotten the physical features yet, but when next season starts, I think we'll get it. I will specify her pregnancy and her effect on the show, when I get the picture. And now, here it is.

    A Message From Hillary Clinton: Hillary addresses us about how she knows she'll win. There were some fine one liners here, but I was disappointed to see another "Hillary 2008" sketch.

    Monologue: I would have liked this more if I watched all the Indiana Jones movies, but basically characters who only appeared in one movie out of the first 3 movies each were jealous he got in. This is almost a blessing for Darrell.

    MacGrubers (I): His son being gay was great. The way Shia mumured "Scott ended this perfectly.

    It's A Match!: We see a 70s game show much like "Match Game" that contains a bunch of washed out sex addicts for stars. But, the host has been murdered, and when the detective tries to get answers, the stars think it's part of the game. This was a pretty funny sketch.

    Police's Office: When 3 boys are in trouble for trying to shoplift, a police officer hires a speaker to try to scare the kids. It seems much like a Matt Foley except less funnier. This was a sign of Kenan's attempt to stay fresh.

    MacGruber (II):Oh my gosh! This was a GREAT ending.

    Suze Orman: Suze Orman returns. She has one guest on. I thought the jokes on this one was a little bit more funny than Jonah Hill's sketch. I think Kristen's impression of her shouldn't be on the Suze Orman Show, but a sketch that involves Suze being annoying or something to other people.

    Digital Short: This was just proof that Digital Shorts need a hiatus. I think we should go back to the parody commercials for a while, and come back to Digital Shorts halfway through next season, but this "Digital Short every episode" thing isn't working out.

    Musical Performance: My Morning Jacket performs "I Believe" which is a really good song.

    Weekend Update: Jokes were very consistant tonight. The guest commentaries were not, however. The town members weren't that entertaining, and the return of Jean K. Jean was once again a wake up call from Kenan saying "I'm going to keep on trying to be hip on this show!"

    La Revista Della Televisione: This sketch with Vinny was a lot more better than other Vinny Vendicci sketches. All the other ones focus on the same problem. "Oh... I don't speak Italian" I thought this one had much more of a storyline. I was laughing when Lorne came on.

    MacGruber (III): Another AWESOME one! I really hope that next season, MacGruber stays fresh and doesn't get stale, because these are gold.

    Crushes: Two girls think 6 guys have crushes on them. But they're really just humming in their heads. That's it. A one story plot line. I will say I layghed, though.

    Muical Performance: My Morning Jacket performs "Evil Urges" which is such an interesting song. The lighting was great in this, too.

    Dressing Room: A mother is concerned about finding a dress for her daughter who isn't that attractive in the facial part. Once again, it's a one story plot line.

    Overall: Tonight seemed consistant in most parts. I have to say this was much like Shia's last appearance. It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad. It was just fair. Both Shia and My Morning Jacket were above average guests. Shia seemed even more stronger than last year, and I would hope for him to host again.

    Next week is our season finale. Steve Carell is returning! Looking forward to that. Usher is musical guest.