Saturday Night Live

Season 33 Episode 12

Shia LaBeouf/My Morning Jacket

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 10, 2008 on NBC

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  • Shia Labeouf hosting again now this should be interesting.

    Cold Open: Didn't overstay its welcome, but it lacked the comprehensive everyone-bashing from the last cold open. At the same time, it really started to beat a dead horse. Fortunately the season's wrapping up, and we should be getting some new twists in the presidential campaign by September.

    Monologue: For our monologue, SNL took some of the easiest targets in the world and let the cast just give straight impressions. I'm sure this was a hoot for hardcore Indy fans, but for everyone else it didn't work nearly as well.

    MacGruber (all three): Please will you know better than to beat a character into the ground make it stop make it Stop now

    It's a Match: Props to SNL for trying to stay as faithful to the actual show as possible, with the music, set and logo, but the characters' name changes screamed cop-out. It's true that formulaic impressions are just as bad (see Monologue), but name-changing shouldn't be used as a crutch either. Also, Fred knows he could've played Charles instead of turning the character into Paul Lynde.

    Scared Straight: I'm boggled as to why the cast or crew got a kick out of Kenan's prisoner character in rehearsals. It's just more of the same. The only redeeming part of the sketch was the series of inadvertent film references. Incidentally, the Gay Sex Humor Count is at 3 and climbing.

    Suze Orman Show: A definite high point. The writers actually improved upon the sketch from its first goaround, giving it more of a focus with fewer random segments. Kristen's impression is just as good.

    Digital Short: Maybe I missed the memo, but I never understood why a Digital Short had to air during every single episode this season. Tonight's was proof that this was a bad idea.

    "I'm Amazed": My Morning Jacket was another solid booking, a reliably interesting live act with talent. I especially liked the first number, a fun jam from the band.

    Update: Seth and Amy were on their game, but it was clearly the duo of Fred and Bill who stole the show with their spot-on take of the Grand Theft Auto characters. Kenan may also have shown up, but I never really notice him anymore.

    Vinny Vedecci: Good to see the writers still trying new things with this sketch. The cigarettes and Lorne cameo made for a nice touch at the end. Shia himself wasn't particularly interesting, and he's been this way for the whole show now, but that didn't derail anything.

    He Likes You: A pretty good premise hurt by pretty lousy execution. I wasn't so much turned off by the one-joke ending, but the male sextet didn't all have to resemble Farley and Sandler so much.

    "Evil Urges": Once Jim James actually opens his eyes, we can tell him that Song #2 was fine, albeit a little uncomfortable. They definitely had this sense of look how amazing we are!

    Anthropologie sketch: I bet Amy proposed a new character by saying one or two lines of dialogue, and the rest of the sketch just wrote itself. No, yes, no.

    I thought the Ashton Kutcher show was a shade below par, this one even moreso. Shia LaBeouf was as OK as he was last year, and the writing didn't try to save us from lots of hokey performances from the cast. The Suze Orman sketch was the only real winner, followed distantly by Fred/Bill on Update, It's a Match, and the musical guest performances.