Saturday Night Live

Season 33 Episode 12

Shia LaBeouf/My Morning Jacket

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 10, 2008 on NBC

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  • Not the best episode of SNL by a long shot.

    I've only recently started watching SNL, so I haven't seen a whole load of episodes. However, this one seems a lot poorer than the rest. Shia Lebeouf was quite good as a guest host, but not as good as some other, less likely ones, in particular Brian Williams.

    Here's a sketch by sketch analysis:

    Cold Open: For me this seemed to just drag on and on. It had a few mildly funny moments, but nothing special. Hilary's three weaknesses was, to be honest, a very weak basis for a gag in itself.

    Monologue: Much better than the cold open, but Shia looked very uncomfortable while performing. This had some good funny moments (the audience member question was brilliant), but I felt the whole Indiana Jones thing was a bit of an obvious road to go down.

    MacGruber I: The first MacGruber sketch of the episode was the comedy highlight of the whole show. The brilliant expression on "MacGruber's" face when he discovers the anal-lubricant was hysterical!

    It's A Match: Once again, this dragged on a lot for me and didn't really seem to go anywhere. Keenan was good in this and the magician character was mildly funny.

    Scared Straight: This is another part of the episode which was great, it didn't overstay its welcome and all actors were great. The only complaint I have, however, is the ending was quite poorly done.

    MacGruber II: Following on from the first MacGruber, this was another hilarious sketch. Not as good as the first, but the concept was still funny.

    The Suze Orman Show: Not bad, but not brilliant. The character was great, but it seems a little overdone as almost all SNL episodes these days have these sort of characters. However, the recipie for the "homemade tampons" was great!

    SNL Digital Short: This was a good one, but like so many other sketches in this episode, it was overtly brilliant. It had potential to be hilarious, but seemed to fall a bit flat again.

    Musical Performance: I should really like MMJ, they're like the other bands I'm into, but this song just didn't appeal to me. They sound different to most other bands that are around at the moment (which is great), but the lead's voice doesn't seem to fit in with the sound.

    Weekend Update: After a string of poor jokes and a depressingly poor apperance from Keenan (I know it's the guy's birthday, but does he really need to be in the episode so much?) the final few jokes were great!

    La Rivista Della Televisione: Not brilliant and, once again, it dragged on for a bit for my liking. However, the ending snake gag was quite good.

    MacGruber III: Er, what was that? Seriously, after two great MacGruber's what happened here? This was an aweful sketch that just felt tagged on for no reason.

    Don't Look: A good sketch that didn't overstay its welcome, something nice for the end of the episode. However, I think this could have been better had it been done as an SNL Digital Short.

    Musical Performance: Once again, MMJ just don't appeal to me. The guitar performance was great, but the drumming and singing just weren't up to scratch.

    New York Funky Style: What just happened? This was a depressingly poort sketch that looked like it had come straight from "Family Guy". A terrible way to end an already mediocre episode.

    As I've said, this was not the best episode of SNL by a long way and Shia seemed uncomfortable in this setting. A lot of the jokes were obvious and a few went long, but if you can get past this you'll notice a couple of great lines and two hilarious MacGrubers!