Saturday Night Live

Season 33 Episode 12

Shia LaBeouf/My Morning Jacket

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 10, 2008 on NBC

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  • Not a very strong episode, especially given that they had three weeks off.

    Hillary cold open - Not badly written, but it lacked so much energy and went on for so long that it was a poor choice for a cold open. I will be glad when this election is over. SNL's political coverage this year has been the worst since 1980 and 1984 when politics were all but ignored. Hopefully the gang will step it up in the fall. Grade: C

    Shia Monologue - Nice way to use Hammond's Sean Connery impression (and give him his only few minutes on the show) and Amy's Shorty was pretty close. A decent monologue, though not hilarious. On a side note, Shia has the skinniest tie I have ever seen. Fatten it up boy! Grade: B

    MacGruber 1 - I love Merrill's matching mullet. Introducing MacGrunber's son is a nice plot expansion and ties in well with Shia's new movie. The fact that he is still in the closet is even better, that is until the anal lubricant is exposed. Grade: B

    It's A Match - Totally nailed the cheesy 70s game shows like the Hollywood Squares. The facial affectations, makeup, and costumes were all period perfect. The characters were so good that they easily overcame any shortcomings in the writing. I also loved the cheesy funk theme song. Grade: B+

    Motivational Speaker - A very poor Matt Foley copy. Kenan does not have the comedy chops that Farley had and he is poorly advised to step into Farley's realm. The writing wasn't awful (Farley would have made it work), but in the hands of Kenan it was a disaster. Grade: D-

    MacGruber 2 - Merrill has been brainwashed, but still loves the dudes. The pixilated vibrator was one of the funnier and edgier things on SNL in a while. Grade: A

    Suze Orman - OK, we get it. SNL has been given a mandate to do parodies of shows on NBC-owned networks (Bravo, CNBC). Otherwise, there is no reason for this sketch to continue. Shia gave it a little boost, but it still failed to achieve liftoff. Grade: C-

    The Best Look in the World DS - Risky Business meets Jet. What a nice comeback from the horrible Daiquiri Girl. Awesome, just awesome.Grade: A+

    Weekend Update - Just so-so jokes until Seth gets into his Weather Channel riffing. The Kenan part was horrible as usual (happy b-day K). A general comment about WU: I can't stand all of the giggling and smiling that the anchors do at their own jokes. I know this has been going on since Tina and Jimmy, but it is really annoying and detracts from the quality of the material. Try deadpan guys. It will work wonders. Grade: C

    Vinny Vedecci - Hader's faux Italian character is back, but I'm not sure why. Hader is obviously talented and should be able to come up something better than this. The cutaway to the entire TV crew puffing away was great. Of course, Lorne as the Godfather was the money shot. The confused look on Shia's face while Vinny keeps yelling "He hates snakes" was also pretty good. Otherwise, forgettable stuff. Grade: C

    MacGruber 3 – Nice conclusion to the latest MacGruber trilogy. Merrill just can't be "cured". Grade: B

    Restaurant - The guys were working hard to maintain their faces. Not much to this sketch besides the faces and the brain-dead dudes. Pure time filler. Grade: C

    Two Daughters - Just an excuse to get Shia in drag. If they wanted to do that so badly, they could have pulled a Jake Gyllenhaal and just get it over with during the monologue. Total throwaway sketch that ended with the applause sign being switched on. No jokes, no escalation, no punchline. Very weak. Grade: F