Saturday Night Live

Season 35 Episode 13

Sigourney Weaver/The Ting Tings

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Jan 16, 2010 on NBC

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  • Does the internet really talk about me like this?!?!?!

    Tonight's host is Sigourney Weaver. Weaver hosted in October 1986, with the new golden cast that would be named the runner-ups for the best cast of SNL ever! Yeah! Anyways, our musical guest is The Ting Tings. I'm not too excited for them. But, we'll see how it goes.

    Larry King Live: I like the Larry King sketches, and I'm liking the reliance of the news shows with comedic hosts being our cold openings lately, compared to the boring Obama openings. The impression of Bill as Conan was interesting, as nobody's ever impersonated Conan. And Darrell was nice to see back. The sketch itself was okay, and the liners by Fred made it better.

    Monologue: This monologue was nothing special. Sigourney did have a lot of interesting facts though.

    Grady Wilson: I am not a fan of this character anymore. The 1st time was good, second time not so much, and now. Sigourney definitely tried in this, but still.

    Summer's Eve Lady Plug-In: These two characters are actually kind of enjoyable to me. I laughed quite a bit. Jason and Will make anything better anyways.

    Laser Cats 5: ...No... Just... No. I'm done with Laser Cats. I have been since the Chris Walken version back in April 2008. No...

    Disco Booty Junction: This sketch wasn't anything too special. Definitely more of an ensemble thing.

    Musical Performance: Ting Tings perform "That's Not My Name." This might be the most annoying single played on pop music stations. Especially for a Euro-pop song. Every year the radios try to get a new "Euro" song, and they picked the wrong one.

    Weekend Update: The jokes were pretty funny about late night, with Seth making great points. Abby's Meryl Streep was really impressive. But, meanwhile, the Larry the Goose commentary on the anniversary of the Hudson incident was just boring.

    Avatar: The inevitable Avatar sketch. It was pretty funny, I guess.

    Riley: Fred's character, Riley, was pretty funny, but the writing kind of wasn't. Once again, the writers relied on the whole "ensemble" thing.

    Internet Buzz: I actually enjoyed this sketch, because all of this is real for celebs. People do write pretty cruel things, and Sigourney's impression of it all was pretty funny.

    Musical Performance: The Ting Tings perform "Shut Up and Let Me Go." I don't mind this song too much, as I remember it from the ipod commercial a few years ago.

    Fire & Rice: It was okay. Again, an ensemble thing.

    The episode tonight was a flavorless episode. It wasn't necessarily bad, but it wasn't good. It wasn't even slightly below average, but had some sketch saving it because it was so funny. It was just an episode. The Ting Tings didn't help out at all. Sigourney herself was a good, utilized host. I'm hoping maybe she will host again to promote another movie sometime in the future, with better writing.

    Next broadcast: January 30, Jon Hamm hosts with musical guest Michael Buble. I'm excited for Jon Hamm to make his reprising hosting gig after his hilarious last episode.
  • Sigourney still looks great and the writing still sucks!

    Leno-Conan cold open - A predictable sketch that relied too heavily on impressions rather than actually addressing the issues. Not too surprising given that SNL shares the same bosses as Leno and Conan. And SNL historians will remember previous run-ins with NBC execs and how it turned out: Franken's slam of Fred Silverman, Norm's constant ragging on OJ which infuriated Don Ohlmeyer and the clean sweep after the '94-'95 season. Suds' Letterman was the real letdown. He never said anything and was just annoying. Check Norm's amazing impression of Dave to see how it should have been done. Grade: C-

    Monologue - A short monologue with not a lot of laughs, but Sig has the charisma to get by with a monologue thin on jokes. Grade: B

    Grady Wilson (R) - This sketch was kind of funny the first two times, but by now (like all of Kenan's characters) it is past the breaking the point. All of the moves tend to look very similar to previous moves but just have different names. A sorry way to get the show rolling. Grade: C-

    ESPN Classic Darts (R) - Like What's Up With That?, this sketch has been used way too much in a short period of time. Rather than giving viewers the chance to develop a warm recognition of the characters, we are left feeling like we keep getting force fed the same sketch over and over. And honestly, the announcers are not compelling enough characters to keep this sketch around. Suds' pregnant pauses have the opposite of their intended effect on me, souring me to the punchline before it is even uttered. Sig was great though. Grade: C-

    Digital Short: Laser Cats 5 (R) - Whenever the digital shorts seem to have completely gone beyond their usefulness along comes another Laser Cats to save the day. A reliably funny series, this one was probably the best of the bunch with countless Cameron references: Terminator - naked Andy and Bill, Aliens - hatching kittens, Titanic - the band played on, and of course Avatar. Well done by all except Lorne whose pissiness may be a put-on but is annoying either way. Grade: A

    Disco Booty Junction - Deep House Dish done in a disco style. Kenan REALLY needs to leave. Grade: F

    Weekend Update - A fairly limp WU. Sure Conan is a million times funnier than Leno, but it's hard to feel sorry for a guy who walks with $33 mil and puts his staff out of work by refusing to play along. Abby was just so-so as Streep and who cares really? Andy's goose was completely unnecessary and completely unfunny. Another dud WU appearance for the Sam man. And why does the media keep calling Sully a hero? Anybody acting out of self-interest (let alone performing their PAID DUTY) hardly qualifies as a hero. It's not like a ran back into a burning building or anything to save somebody. Where was the Scott Brown impression? Too soon maybe. Nobody knows this guy yet. Still, this news is HUGE and the least they could have done is have a naked Darrell give a little acceptance speech. Grade: C

    Avatar - A missed opportunity. The nation is ready to love anything Avatar and so we are given a dry-humping sketch. It could have been worse I suppose, but it could have been great with some thought. Grade: C

    Riley - Yay, a new crappy character to hate! We can leave Gilly alone for a little while (notice the similarity in name and theme song?). This was pathetic and a desperate grab by Fred to get a late inning hit like Meadows did with The Ladies' Man. Not gonna happen. Flush this sucker and pretend it never happened. Grade: D

    Sigourney Loves the Interwebs - We all know that stars read the web right? Well, maybe. I mean they DEFINITELY read our posts. At least I think they do. And so goes the sketch. Sig obsesses over every post she comes across. Not necessarily funny, but amusing. Grade: C+

    Fire and Rice - Lousy way to end the show. Seeing Bobby here reminds the audience how little the new kids get used. It's usually Kristen, Kenan or Jason who get the feature roles. Kind of sad how the political games still continue backstage. Some things never change. Not only are they rarely used, but they get poor parts and are thrown on at the end of the show. Completely forgettable sketch about Sig's fear of heights when singing atop a piano. No laughs at all. Grade: C-

    Overall - This season has been truly terrible. I mean SERIOUSLY terrible! If they can't do a good show with somebody as talented as Sigourney Weaver, then the problems are much deeper than just a few lazy/bad writers. Recently I hear talk again of the '94-'95 season as one of the worst of all time. It was called that at the time, but I honestly thought the press was insane and I still do. Now, SNL has been blowing chunks all season and nobody feels even the need to comment. Apathy is a far greater enemy than dislike. Grade: C-
  • This week, you didn't have to watch Cinemax to see someone get screwed

    Avatar star Sigourney Weaver hosts, while indie pop group The Ting Tings perform

    Cold Open- Larry King Live- King (Fred) addresses the NBC Late Night debacle with over zealous Jay Leno (Darrell), solemn Conan O'Brien (Bill) and guffawing, pencil slinging David Letterman (Jason). A showcase for impressions only, not much harding hitting stuff. Oh, apparently King is still old. Monologue- Sigourney talks about her first hosting stint and reads a letter from her father (apparently, he was a creator of the Tonight Show back in the 1950s). Not much else here.

    Grady Wilson's Fifty and Freaky- The filthy 50 year old (Kenan) continues his escapades on tape, showcasing more moves for the bedroom with help from partner (Sigourney). My favorite is the James Bond.

    Summers Eve Dart Championship 1988- Greg Stark (Will) and Pete Stink (Jason) continue making color commentaries at bizarre sporting events. Jason and Will's great characters are the only thing saving these sketches.

    James Cameron's Laser Cats 5 (Digital Short) - Lorne Michaels endures another poorly crafted sci-fi feline flick when Andy and Bill bring in James Cameron (the real deal) produces a fifth installment. I thought I would tire of these, but as long as its a serial, I probably won't.

    Disco Booty Junction-Disco dancers, Amber and Cream (Sigourney and Kristin, respectively) confuse a host (Kenan) with their names. Eh.

    The Ting Tings perform, only drum and vocal, on "Thats Not My Name". Now if only we could find the bass and synthesizer.

    Weekend Update- Seth starts off with a great rant about the NBC-Conan debacle, alluding the whole situation to a marriage plague by the appearance of an Ex-spouse; then the segment takes a nose dive as Larry the Goose (Andy) makes an unneeded second appearance; and Meryl Streep (Abby) talks about something or other and gets some awards.

    Pandora - Pandorians have sex while a man (Bill) in a isolation chamber simulates the goings on. Well, Bill gave his all in this, literally, but not enough to give this a passing score.

    Riley- With sprite theme song in tow, expect this lame sketch about a foul mouth Paul Lynde-esqe preteen (Fred) to be run into the ground by season's end.

    Sigourney Weaver online- During a watch party for the Golden Globes, Sigourney is obsessed with messages about herself on the internet. Good performance by Ms Weaver, especially the ending line.

    The Ting Tings, this time armed with guitar, in addition to the vocal and drums, perform blunt demand of "Shut Up and Let Me Go"

    Fire and Rice- A singing duo (Bobby, Sigourney) try to perform as one (Sigourney) gets acrophobia atop the piano, then proceeds to fall off the baby grand. The ending was obvious, but it decent enough for a 5-to-1 sketch.

    Sigourney was decent in her roles, but the writers are out of ideas, which is not a good sign. Well, hopefully Jon Hamm can help the writers flex their creative muscle on 1/30. Hope.

  • Sigourney Weaver hosts.

    Sigourney Weaver is your host tonight. 60 years old, but she's still making #1 movies. Could she have a good episode of SNL tonight?

    Cold Opening: Larry King Live hosted by Fred Armisen with Darrell Hammond as Jay Leno and Bill Hader as Conan O'Brien and Jason Sudeikis as David Letterman. Sudeikis' streak of awful impressions continiue as this was just a bad copy of Family Guy's impression of Letterman and Hader, who is usually good at these, I really don't know what he was doing here. And then there was Will Forte as Carson Daly, briefly. Kind of funny at times, but this was more of a mockery of Larry King than it was a good take on the late night issue.

    Monologue: Nothing really of note here, other than another lame shot at the late night conflict.

    Grady Wilson DVD: Kenan acting like an old man. Not much here.

    ESPN Classic: Somebody really loves this sketch as this is the third ESPN Classic event narrated by Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte this season.

    Laser Cats: Now directed by James Cameron comes the new Laser Cats sketch. This effectively killed the series for me. Just an unnecessary digital short.

    Weekend Update: Seth Meyers hit the late night conflict on the head here in a must watch two minute commentary. Plus, Larry the Goose and Abby Elliot as Meryl Streep. Above average WU tonight.

    Avatar: A segment mocking Avatar by having Bill Hader transform into their world only to have sex in it. As dumb as it sounds.

    Oh Riley: Think Debbie Downer, but with Fred Armisen as a slightly angrier character than Rachel Dratch's. Hopefully your children were asleep for this sketch.

    Sigourney Weaver Discovers the Internet: Funny segment that seems like your typical showender as of late. Again, there was profanity used here which this show has never needed before to be humorous.
  • Good episode

    This episode was pretty good, especially considering some of the episodes so far in the season.

    I liked the Weekend Update. The guests were good and Seth's monologue was funny.
    Sigourney Weaver was a good host. She fit right in with the rest of the cast.
    Too much Avatar in this episode though.

    Summer's Eve Tournament: 3rd one like this this season. It wasn't bad today, but i'm getting sick of it.
    Laser Cats: It's been a year since the last one. I'm glad to see it return.
    Disco: A bit like Deephouse Dish. Wasn't special.

    Some of the stuff her really worked. A couple sketches like the last one i didn't like as much.