Saturday Night Live

Season 31 Episode 1

Steve Carell/Kanye West

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Oct 01, 2005 on NBC

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  • I’m baaaaaack…

    A Review by “HelloStuart,” the former “Heystu”

    From what we’ve seen, this has turned out to be a moderately eventful summer behind the scenes of SNL. Tina Fey gave birth a bouncing baby girl last month, and Maya Rudolph will be expecting her own bundle of joy any day now, which could temporarily leave the show with only two female cast members. At the network’s insistence, longtime executive producer Lorne Michaels fires a third of the writing staff in an attempt to revitalize what many consider to be the most stagnant element of the show. Rob Riggle finally became fed up with his lack of screen time and quit, prompting Lorne to hire two new featured players, Bill Hader and Andy Samberg, not to mention at least six new staff writers. Kenan Thompson and Finesse Mitchell were promoted to the repertory cast, though that may not guarantee more screen time for either actor. Prior to tonight’s show, there had no official word as to who would fill in for Tina at the “Weekend Update” desk.

    It probably goes without saying that there have been a lot of changes over the summer, the most notable one being the demise of TV Tome and the new site that arose from its ashes, Any fear of me being replaced or eradicated as an episode reviewer has been wiped out; in fact, under this new system anyone (and I mean ANYONE) can type up an episode review. Though I will miss the perks of being the only show in town, I guess I could take this time to take a look at my fellow reviewers. Here is an excerpt from a review written by one of my new colleagues pertaining to last season’s Robert DeNiro/Destiny’s Child episode:

    “dydydydyd jdjddjdj dydydydddyyy djdjdjdjdj yjyjy dddyyyjjjdddjjjyyy. dydydydyd jdjddjdj dydydydddyyy djdjdjdjdj yjyjy dddyyyjjjdddjjjyyy.”

    See? I’m in good company. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at this week’s episode. Steve Carell, star of the American version of “The Office” as well as this summer’s sleeper hit movie “The 40Year Old Virgin,” ventures back into his improv roots for one night. The musical guest is Atlanta-born, Chicago-raised egotist Kanye West, a hip-hop star that is probably most recognized for his ill-timed yet thoroughly accurate remarks at a televised Hurricane benefit last month.

    And now, a sketch-by-sketch analysis:

    COLD OPENING: An NBC Special Report from the ever-so-archaic Tim Russert (DH) leads into a press conference by President Bush (WF) concerning New Orleans and his growing list of troubles. Though this sketch feels like a commonplace recap of everything that’s happened in the past six weeks, it only emphasizes the fact that Dubya is in over his head, thus making it suitable albeit unoriginal political satire.

    OPENING CREDITS: Meet the new credits, same as the old credits.

    MONOLOGUE: Steve points out that he auditioned to join the cast in 1995 and it didn’t work out (he’s not lying- he was in the same improv troupe as David Koechner and Nancy Walls), then breaks out into a song-and-dance number about comedic actors that star in highly profitable movies. Suck on that, Ben Stiller!

    “Morgan Stanley”: What seems like a venom-filled confrontation between father and daughter after school gets a delightful surprise twist about money investment. Samberg makes his first sketch appearance as the daughter’s boyfriend, though he hardly utters a word. Isn’t this how Riggle started out?

    “The JetBlue Crisis”: A slowly unraveling passenger (AP) watches news coverage of her flight’s pending doom as her husband (Carell) glosses over the in-flight satellite channels. This second stab at bland topical humor is saved only by Hader’s delightfully monotone performance as CNN’s in-house psychologist.

    “Anderson Cooper 360”: More CNN? Boy, talk about cross-promotion. Anyhoo, the newsman and former reality show host (SM) reports live from the ruins of the Katrina tragedy, where a group of celebrities are helping rebuild one family’s house. As much as I was bothered to see Horatio drag out his Aaron Neville impression one more time, Hader’s uncanny Pacino imitation was a true sight to behold.

    “The Couple That Should Be Divorced”: Hey, wait a minute- weren’t they the Harrisons just a few months ago? Nonetheless, they’re the Needlers now, and tonight they’re doing their bickering shtick in a three-star restaurant. It was funny the first time I saw it, but now it’s already tired.

    “Girls Gone Wild Katrina”: Suidekis plays the Joe Francis surrogate as the women of N’awlens show off their goodies in four feet of contaminated water. At least it’s for a cause.

    BACKSTAGE: Lorne and Maya discuss the latter’s pregnancy, Finesse can’t believe that he’s been here two years now and no one has learned his name yet, and Kanye finally confronts a still-bewildered Mike Myers, which fittingly enough leads into…

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: With a dutiful and well-disguised strings section, Kanye performs his current single “Gold Digger.”

    WEEKEND UPDATE: After months of many questions and few answers, the person that has been selected to fill in for Tina is… Horatio? Okay, he did a decent job tonight, even if he did crack up on one of his jokes, but what really made the segment work tonight were the two guest commentaries. Finesse’s report on the NYC nightlife meandered into an unforgettable experience with a transvestite, while Hader and Samberg introduced themselves to the audience with a seemingly rigged “impression-off.”

    “The Lundford Twins Variety Hour”: Carell replaces Paul Giamatti in what has to be most unlikely of potential recurring sketches. In this perculiar send-up of 60’s/70’s variety programs, the Lundfords introduce a very pregnant singer-songwriter (MR, obviously), a dance tribute to the 20’s, and an amorous soulster (KT). This sketch meant well, but it had “time filler” written all over it.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: With Adam Levine from Maroon 5 keepin’ it real suburb-style, Kanye continues to explore his religious beliefs with “Heard ‘Em Say.” Unfortunately, anyone that may be looking for the next “Jesus Walks” will have to settle with “Jesus Grounds Out to First.”

    SMIGELTOON: Now in its tenth smash year, “Fun With Real Audio” takes a stab at the John Roberts hearings, with the new Chief Justice dodging even the most simple of questions. Was it funny, though? To quote Roberts: “I certainly agree that reasonable people can disagree about that decision, yes.”

    “Debbie Downer”: Apparently, there was just enough gas in the tank for Paula Pell to write one more sketch featuring the determinedly depressing Deb (RD). This time around, she finds true love in the likeminded Bob Bummer (Carell) while sulking at a wedding reception.

    Normally, with the dawn of a new decade at SNL comes a new beginning. This was obviously not the case tonight, as the same cast from two years ago is still very much intact. We’ll probably get a better view of the quality of the writing in the coming weeks, but looking at tonight’s show it appeared to be slightly more uneven and overtly reliant on recurring characters. To no one’s surprise, Carell was an outstanding host; if anything did impress me, it was that he demonstrated far more versatility than I had expected. Letting Kanye West spoof his outspoken mien was probably the right thing for him to do, and having Myers come out of nowhere to tie up loose ends was the cherry on top of the sundae.

    Segments That Will Probably Be Removed In Repeats: “The Couple That Should Be Divorced,” “Girls Gone Wild Katrina,” “Lundford Twins Variety Hour” and “Heard ‘Em Say.”

    Next Week: I should you tell now that this could be a very, very bad omen. Jon Heder of “Napoleon Dynamite” fame hosts with musical guest (*glup*) Ashlee Simpson returning to the scene of the crime. I swear, it’s like a joke.

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  • When Was The Last Time I Saw You?

    Well, here we are. Season 31. The biggest questions in the off season are obviously: Who’s gone? Who’s new? Is the writing better? And who, if anyone, is assisting Amy Poehler with Weekend Update? All of these questions will have been answered by the end of the night?

    Hosting the premiere is Steve Carell, one of the brightest comedians today, who is starring in The Office (American,) and used to be a prominent correspondent on The Daily Show. I look forward to this, and expect a big episode.

    NBC Special Report: Nice to see we’re starting with a political sketch, and better yet, we get to see Will Forte’s Bush again. Tim Russert (DH) introduces El Presidente (WF,) who keeps emphasizing the fact that he’s been to the Gulf Coast about, oh, about seven times. After Dubya struggles to field questions from reporters, like Terry (JS,) Wolf Blitzer (CP,) Nora (AP,) such as where the money could come from (“Stupid question,”) why the response was slow (“I had to cut my vacation short,”) and about Tom DeLay, Scooter Libby, Jack Abramoff, Karl Rove, and Bill Frist (“No comment,”) he kicks of the 31st season. I really enjoyed this skit, and it is nice to see Forte back to his Bush imitation again.

    Opening Sequence: Same sequence as last year, with Finesse and Kenan promoted, Riggle gone, and Bill Hader and Andy Samberg joining the featured performers.

    Monologue: Steve Carell, who stars in The Office and used to star in Jon Stewart, explains that ten years ago, he was passed over by Will Ferrell. He then boasts in song how he is now in the class of the top comedians. Even though he’s a terrible singer, and though some of the lyrics weren’t that great, he can make anything funny. I think this show is going to be really good.

    Morgan Stanley: Morgan Stanley explains how their representatives care even more about their clients than the actual parents. The twist at the end was great. Notable about this sketch is that new featured player Andy Samberg made his first appearance as the daughter's boyfriend.

    Jet Blue Flight: Larry and Connie (Steve, AP) fly on Jet Blue’s ill-fated Los Angeles flight, and while Connie is watching CNN about their flight, Larry is totally oblivious, and is too interested in the free direcTV on the flight. Despite reports from Tim Russert (DH) and the announcer (CP,) the husband remains completely oblivious. Carell was great, and it was nice to see Hader in his first skit (he played a TV professor on NBC.)

    Anderson Cooper 360: Anderson Cooper (SM) talks about how great he looks in spite of the Hurricane, who interviews Ray Nagin (FM,) who explains his appreciation to the entertainment community, despite the fact that celebrities such as Tony Danza, Sharon Stone, Al Pacino, and Ray Romano (FA, AP, BH, and Steve) are totally incompetent in building a house for a down-on-their-luck family (KT, MR, among others.) Nothing really special, but Steve’s clueless Romano and Hader's menacing Pacino were great.

    The Needlers: Neil and his fiancée (Steve, RD) make the mistake of eating out with Sally and Dan Needler (AP, SM,) who obviously need counseling. This is a total rewrite of the last time these two characters. Don’t remember them? Well, last time they were the Harrisons. It’s still pretty good though.

    Girls Gone Wild Katrina: In this Girls Gone Wild edition, the host (JS) exploits hot girl victims of Hurricane Katrina. Seeing the pure tastelessness of the video was unsurprisingly unfunny, making this the first truly bad sketch of the night.

    Musical Performance: Lorne tells Maya that her obvious pregnancy isn’t really that noticeable, and then tells Kenan, I mean Finesse, to check on Kanye West, who runs into an awkward conversation with Katrina telethon cohost Mike Myers, who talks about the disasters of being associated with Kanye West, and then Kanye goes out onto the stage to sing his recent hit “Gold Digger.” I don’t really care about rap, so I don’t care really about this song, but the part before the performance was the funniest part of the night. Also, I do respect his extraordinary stage presence.

    Weekend Update: And replacing Tina, who gave birth, at Weekend Update is…Horatio Sanz? Okay. After some no jokes by both, Horatio gives an editorial about how great a genius Bush is because of his ability to detract criticism by doing something worse, which Sanz had tried. Finesse then explains his nightlife experiences. Then, Bill Hader and Andy Samberg come onto the set for an “impression-off.” Even though Hader’s are great, Amy and Horatio can’t get enough of Samberg’s “Wazzups.” I can give a partial list of people who would have been better than Horatio, but I don’t want to list every cast member. The highlights include Amy’s crack about Michael’s new womanizing rap image and Hader’s and Samberg’s appearances, but there was really nothing else there.

    The Lundford Family Feel Good Variety Hour: They had this in the Giamatti episode, and I remember being thoroughly unimpressed. It is a total rewrite of the first time, with Aunt Crabtree (AP) trying to join the main banjo players (FA, Steve) on ukulele, another Maya performance, and dancers (CP, WF, RD, MR) do a ridiculous dance. Total, uncut, boredom. I’d put something else here, but it would be censored, but the point still gets across.

    Cartoon: In an installment of Fun with Real Audio, John Roberts uses his Senate conformation speak in conversations about the weather, McDonalds, little Jack Robert’s jokes, sex with his wife, a Rolling Stones concert, a Little League baseball game, and even in the oath for Supreme Court, before everyone starts to beat him up for his indecisiveness. It was nice seeing Roberts’ “A judge is like an umpire” metaphor in action, and being a politics junkie and a Roberts supporter, this was great for me.

    Musical Performance: I “Heard ‘Em Say” that Kanye (and some guy named Adam Levine, but who cares about that,) would be performing this song from his latest album. If only I could remember the title of the song…

    Debbie Downer: Three guests (FA, AP, and HS) have a wedding ruined by everyone’s favorite pessimist (RD,) as well as her new boyfriend Bob Bummer (Steve,) who eventually alienate everyone but each other. Nothing special, and a lackluster way to end the evening.

    Overall, I thought that this episode was a lot like Will Ferrell’s of last year. There was a ton of promise in the first half, but at about Weekend Update, it started going downhill. And while there were still highlights in the second half (the cartoon comes to mind,) it was mostly a disappointing end to a great episode.
  • SNL needs to be revamped and fast.

    Firstly, I'm going to admit that I wasnt paying close attention to the episode as it aired, and I havent see it again. Thankfully.

    From what I recall, there were very few funny moments. Saturday Night Live has gone downhill incredibly fast.

    A few key moments in my mind include the terrible Girls Gone Wild: Katrina skit. It was poorly written, and is waaaay too soon since the tragedy in New Orleans.

    Moving to Weekend Update, Tina Fey was missing and replaced by Horatio Sanz. I like Sanz more than Fey, but he was a terrible anchor. He did worse than Amy Poehler, which I didn't think was possible.

    On the up side, there was one positive note in Weekend Update. The "Impression-Off" with the two new cast members was actually pretty good, at least for Bill Hader's impersonations. I can see him do well on the show. At least well enough with the current cast.

    Skipping ahead, the only other thing I recall at all is the "Debbie Downer" sketch with host Steve Carell as "Bob Bummer". That was the only decent moment for me in the episode. Carell is a lot better at being depressing that Rachel Dratch.

    Saturday Night Live, you need to be severely revamped. The show has rocketed downhill right after Will Ferrell left, and even those shows were pretty poor.
  • A 40 Year Old Virgin and a college dropout

    Sometimes season premieres provide hope for things to come, and sometimes they make us hope things improve. Well, this time . . .

    This episode wasn't that bad. It shows an improvement from last season, one of if not the worst seasons of SNL I've even seen. This weeks host was the 40 year old virgin Steve Carrell, and the musical guest who says what I say, "Diamonds are forever," Kayne West. Of course they'd make fun of what he said about Bush, but not in what the SNL viewer would suspect. But the episode could be watched, so let's start grading, shall we?

    [b][u]Host[/u]:[/b] Steve Carrell was a decent host. Pretty good. His monologue went over well with me. It didn't annoy me at all for once. Not that every monologue last season did, but I digress. What made me wonder was why Carrell did not appear in the show much? He is a great comedian and a pretty good actor, so why didn't they use him more? But over all, he's been the best host of this season. Get it. [b]B[/b]

    [b][u]Musical Guest[/u]:[/b] Kayne West has been the best musical guest of this season too. Why do I say that? Well, have you seen some of the musical in the weeks to come? This is just on my opinion though. Anway, his first song, the number one song in Milwaukee on the "Top 8 at 8," is [i]Gold Digger[/i]. This might just be my favorite song of his. I really love it. Of course, it was obvious he would perform it, but still, it proved to be a treat to hear it. [b]A[/b] His second song was the not yet released, here anyway, [i]Heard Em Say[/i], featuring Adam Levine of Maroon 5. Now this is normally the kind of song I don't enjoy, it is slow and annoying, but I will say it was okay. In 2 weeks to a month, it will be on my radio, I guaruntee it. [b]B-[/b]

    [b][u]The Skits[/u]:[/b]
    [i]Bush Addresses the Nation[/i] - [b]B+[/b] It was funny, one of the better Bush skits with Forte as Mr. President.

    [i]Morgan Stanley[/i] - [b]B-[/b] Clever.

    [i]Jet Blue Crisis[/i] - [b]C+[/b] Could have been better. My mom knew what would happen from the very beginning, but I was hoping at the end, after they landed, it would blow up as Amy's character thought they were safe.

    [i]Anderson Cooper 360[/i] - [b]A[/b] Great! So funny.

    [i]The Couple That Should be Divorced - [b]D+/C-[/b] aka, my family. fighting all the time over the dumbest things.

    [i]Girls Gone Wild: Katrina[/i] - [b]F[/b] Oh come on! They can do a hell of a lot better than this.

    [i]Kayne Backstage[/i] - [b]B-[/b] Hey, sometimes ya gotta fill in 5 minutes, but it was alright.

    [i]Lundford Twins Variety Hour[/i] - [b]D[/b] Hopefully, this doesn't become a habit. The worst variety type show ever. No wonder it was unaired.

    [i]Debbie Downer[/i] - [b]C[/b] Tonight, it was okay, but hopefully Debbie doesn't return.

    [b][u]TV Fun House[/u]:[/b] "Fun With Real Audio" - [b]C[/b] The beginning was good, but it got weaker as it progressed.

    [b][u]Best Moments[/u]:[/b] For me, the best skit of the night was [i]Anderson Cooper 360[/i]. Now, that is what the skits were like when I started. I loved it. Also, [i]Morgan Stanley[/i] was actually clever. Now while I wouldn't mind seeing it return, hopefully it won't be over played. And, of course, there was "Gold Digger." Gotta love that song.

    [b][u]Worst Moments[/u]:[/b] Horatio on Weekend Update mostly sums it all up. He was horrible. Not funny at all. He must be replaced at once. And if I've said it once, I've said it 1,000 times: FINNESSE MITCHELL!!! The worst skit/bit on was [i]Girls Gone Wild: Katrina[/i]. That was a complete waste of time and totally inappropiate. It is low, even for them. That better not return. I also think that Carrell not being used much is low since he should have been.

    [b][u]Surprising Moment[/u]:[/b] Debbie Downer. This is a skit that I hated when it was on. Tonight was totally different. I didn't like Debbie, but Bob Bummer was the highlight. I actually laughed at this skit. That never happened. So I wish Debbie and Bob luck, and I am glad she has found her Prince Charming. Hopefully, that means she won't be seen for a while. It's not like Bob will be in every one of her skits.

    [b]Rating:[/b] 7/10 [i]Sparkling Diamonds[/i]
  • This episode tackled what was a potentially sticky situation head-on - namely Kanye's controversial comments during the Hurricane Katrina telethon. Actually, the funniest moment of the entire show was when Kanye bumps into Mike Myers getting coffee in the

    I say this episode is adventurous not because it was the first in high definition, but because it tackled what was a potentially sticky situation head-on - namely Kanye's controversial (& accurate) comments during the Hurricane Katrina telethon. Actually, the funniest moment of the entire show was when Kanye bumps into Mike Myers getting coffee in the hallway on his way to perform on stage. In fact, it was one of the funniest moments of recent SNL history. Heck of a way to start off the new season. The Real Audio piece featuring Chief Justice John Roberts was also good.
  • My First Review. Can't Think Of Anything Witty To Put In the Summary.

    The 31st season of the show kicks off with this episode. The massive hole left by Riggle's departure is filled by Andy Samberg and Bill Hader, to help the show's dire shortage of twenty-something white male cast members.

    Hosting was Steve Carell, star of the American version of The Office and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Although I haven't seen The Office, I did see The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and thought he gave a great performance in that. At the very least, he should be enjoyable to watch. The musical guest is Kanye West, promoting his new album Late Registration.

    Press Conference: President Bush (Forte) gives a speech defending his handling of hurricane relief efforts, and takes questions from the press- In Hi-Def. Better than most of last year's politically themed cold openings, but still not worth more than a few laughs.

    Monologue: Carell sings a song about his emerging fame. A by-the-numbers musical bit made funny by Carell's comedic abilities.

    Morgan Stanley: What looks like a hard-ass father (Forte) yelling at his daughter (Poehler) over drug use turns out to be an agent from Morgan Stanley who is tougher than her actual father (Armisen). Decent enough, but hopefully, it won't be reran three more times in later shows.

    JetBlue Crisis: Based on the airplane incident a week and a half before this episode, a couple (Poehler, Carell) have differing attitudes towards the crisis facing their flight as it unravels on their TV screens. The sketch is made by Carell's performance as an oblivious husband, and the panelists discussing how the people onboard will die.

    Anderson Cooper: Cooper (Meyers) interviews a bunch of well-meaning but incapable celebrities help rebuild a woman's (Rudolph) house after the hurricane. Got old after a couple of minutes, but Geraldo (Hammond) coming into the house to steal Cooper's screen time was pretty funny.

    La Proxima Semana: Star of "Napoleon Dynamite" and supporting actor in "Just Like Heaven" John Heder hosts, with Ashlee Simpson returning as musical guest. I am reminded of a man who once shot himself in the shoulder to "see how it would feel", and then after getting out of the hospital, shooting himself again to "see if it would hurt as much as the first time".

    The Needlers: A couple (Meyers, Poehler) insult each other at a restaurant. I wasn't too impressed the first time I saw it last Spring, and this go-around isn't doing anything to change my opinion about it.

    Girls Gone Wild: For Katrina relief, a video of refugees flashing for the camera is going on sale. As far as originality goes, this was barely a step above airline food jokes.

    Backstage with Kanye: Finesse goes to check on Kanye after Lorne tells him to (almost calling him "Kenan" and trying poorly to cover it up), which irks Kanye. As he heads to the stage, he runs into Mike Myers, who sulks over the government action taken against him after Kanye's comments at the telethon they did together. Enjoyable backstage bit, nice to see Kanye has some sense of humor about the incident.

    Kanye West: The backstage stuff segues into a performance of "Gold Digger", from Late Registration. Fairly energetic performance from Mr. West. Nice that he's trying to do something about the lack of string sections in rap.

    Weekend Update: Taking over for Tina while she is on maternity leave is Horatio Sanz (Guess she didn't want anyone upstaging her while she was away). Horatio gives an editorial about the president's performance, Finesse talks about the nightlife, and new guys Hader and Samberg engage in a one-sided impression contest. If they cut out Finesse's segment and had someone more suited for the position fill in for Tina, this would have been a good Update.

    Lumford Twins Variety Hour: Brought back from last Winter's Paul Giamatti/Ludacris show, the twins introduce a vaudeville-style dance number, a feminist musician (Rudolph), and a soul singer (Thompson). Like the Needlers, it was a case of a sketch that wasn't that great to begin with being rehashed.

    TV Funhouse: In this installment of "Fun With Real Audio", Supreme Court nominee John Roberts provides long-winded, indecisive statments from his confirmation hearings to every mundane question during his day. Another funny installment of the Real Audio segment.

    Kanye West: Kanye returns with that guy from Maroon 5 to perform "Heard 'Em Say".

    Debbie Downer: This sketch was pretty much dead by the second time they did it. The third time, they were beating a dead horse, and by the fourth time, they were having sex with the said horse's carcass. But, this edition deviates from the others and gives Debbie (Dratch) a love interest in Bob Bummer (Carell). Only decent DD skit since the first one, and hopefully, we won't see it again unless they have another gimmick for it.

    I would say that after a promising first half hour, this show was a dissapointment. Carell was one of the best hosts in recent memory, but his potential was wasted in most of the sketches. However, Kanye West was a good enough musical guest, and appearances from Mike Myers and an very pregnant Maya Rudolph were more than welcome.

    As for the new guys, Hader seems like he will have a place in the show for the next few seasons, while unless Samberg has more range that what he showed in Update, he'll go the way of Riggle.
  • Not what I expected, but Carell still did an above average job.

    Hello. I am crab23mp. This is my first review for SNL. I hesitated last year, and collected information over the summer, and am now readily available to give a much more informative review.

    Pre Show Thoughts: Steve Carell. I love him from the Office. I’m a little worried about the second season, though. He was awesome in the Daily show and Anchorman, decent in Bruce Almighty, and I am sad to say that I have not yet seen The 40 Year Old. I expect a lot from Him.
    I have been expecting another Sinead O’ Conner all this week from Kanye West. Until this point, I have to admit I have heard nothing about him, except for his comments at the benifit. For the 10% of you out there who don’t know, at a storm Benefit concert, he has been quoted as saying “President Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Lets hope my expectations are wrong.

    COLD OPENING: “Dubya Conference”
    Woah! High Definition! Didn’t see that coming. Office fever has hit. Please forgive me for starting my first review like that.
    A lot has happened over the summer, and ofcourse, GWB (Will Forte) himself has to recap. An opening started by Hammond starts the year out with a very above average political satire. Maybe it was just my natural high built from anticipation of the show, but I thought this was absolutely great.

    MONTAGE: Is the clip shown promoting the later smigeltoon showing Ace and Gary a clue of things to come? Yet again, for those of you who don’t know, Steve and fellow former Daily Show correspondant Stephen Colbert provided the voices of Ace and Gary.

    MONOLOGUE: A decent monologue, him singing about his new success with $100,000,000 at the box-office. I expected more from him than comparing himself to frat-pack members, but it was better than many people have done.

    COMMERCIAL: On a quick note for this and the rest of my review, I had no pad or pencil to jot down Ideas during the show. I had planned on recording it to keep record, but my DVD burner is on the fritz. So, please forgive me for forgetting any sketches, and/or the order. With that said, I don’t remember the name of the insurance company this ad was beautifully (thank you Bruce Almighty co-starring Steve Carell for helping me to spell that) spoofing. I know I’ve seen these ads, but cannot remember, only I think it started with an M. Andy Samberg gives a god first performance.

    SKETCH: “Blue Jet(?) Crash” A long, sorta tired sketch about having satellite TV on new planes. No big laughs. Thought at the beginning Steve caught Deniritis, reading cue-cards, but that was just watching the fictional TV screen. Good job! I am also pleased by a good first performance by Bill Hader. One of these two is going to be the go-to guy in a year of so.

    SKETCH: “Anderson Cooper: 360\\\" Another flood satire! A slew of good impressions by the cast (Once again, new featured player Andy blew me away with his Al Pacino. A big improvement on Kattan’s) and Good performances by everyone.
    COMMERCIAL: “Girls gone Wild!: Katrina” A below average storm satire. I have nothing to say.

    SKETCH: “The (something that starts with a Z that used to be Harrison, but I guess the writers have bad memories too)’s: The Couple that Should Be Divorced”
    Not much different from the Characters at the Johnny Knoxville episode, except for the name. Didn’t think this would be recurring.

    PERFORMANCE: Don’t know what it’s called. The bit before is one of the best backstages I’ve seen in a long time. Everyone was great. Lorne, as always. Finesse had a great “I did not do that”
    Maya, I know she was in something before this, but I can’t remember what it was.
    NOTE: I just did some research. Maya was in 360 and Morgan Stanley was the insurance.
    Then Mike Myers stole the show. “They took away my American Citizenship”(or something along those lines) had me in stitches. Sorry for the bad laughing metaphor. Kanye isn’t my style of music, but I think he did a good job.

    SHOW: “Lunford Twins Variety Show” I didn’t like this the first time, and I didn’t think I’d like it this time, but I was wrong. It seemed better this time. Steve took over Paul Giamatti’s spot, and ofcourse, Maya sang, even while pregnant. Kenan makes his 2nd performance, and doesn’t have a memorable 3rd. I’m dissapointed in him.

    WEEKEND UPDATE: We’ve all been wondering who will be beside Amy at the desk. I thought that if it wasn’t Tina, it would be Jason Sudeikis. But, Horatio takes the seat. I liked the Amy/Horatio chemistry, but he is no anchor. I saw Finesse’s bit online on Comedy Central, and I forget how I first reacted, but I guess it was good, though I feel a bit out of place. The Sanberg/Hader Impression-off was a sign of great things to come out of these two, showing that they, unlike a lot of featured players, have stepped up to the plate and will not be denied, and it seems that they are willing to work together.

    SMIGELTOON: “Fun with Real Audio” No Ace and Gary. Oh well. Atleast this was a good satire on Roberts non-answers in his Supreme Court hearings.

    PERFORMANCE: I thought Kanye did well on this one, two. And th guy with him. I know this is very unproffesional, I’m sorry. I’ll do better next week. I’m gonna but a pad and pen right now.

    SKETCH: “Debbie Downer” I thought she retired. Steve added really greatly to this, which many thought was tired after Lohan #1. Still, I think was great with Bob Bummer. “The #1 killer of Domestic Cats.”

    Performer of the Night: I’m gonna give this to the new guys, Bill and Andy, who would not be left out of the fun.

    Dissapointment of the night: Hammond and Kenan. Though, I guess Hammond is leaving soon. I think Bill or Andy’s gonna make up. Congrats to an 11th season, Darrell!

    Post Show thoughts: Above Average. I thought Carell could’ve been better, but he’s better than many I’ve seen. Good luck to Tina and Maya. I’ve heard than Chris Parnell might replace Horatio replacing Tina. Maybe.

    Next Week: Napoleon Dynamite star Jon Heder. I haven’t seen it. Half of my friends say it’s great, half say it bombs. I’ll rent it this week for research.
    And Ms. Lipsync herself Ashlee Simpson tries to redeem herself. Lets see if she will.

    Thanks. I think I left out a sketch. You can email me for comments at
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