Saturday Night Live

Season 33 Episode 13

Steve Carell/Usher

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 17, 2008 on NBC

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  • "Sorry about that, Chief."

    A Review by "HelloStuart," Amateur Critic and Aspiring Assistant Accounts Receivable Director

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    What a difference five years makes. When I wrote my first episode review for TV Tome (the precursor to in the Spring of 2003, SNL was in a different condition than it is now. The cast and writers were still reeling from the departure from Will Ferrell, and the marquee baton had been passed to the uneasy hands of Jimmy Fallon, Chris Parnell, and Horatio Sanz. The subsequent season was one of the most uneven in the show's history, leaping between weak concepts bogged down by a lack of professionalism and a desire for mere adequacy. Five years later, the show is thriving; the need for a "go-to" guy has been phased out for more democratic methods, something that wouldn't be possible if SNL didn't have its strongest and most versatile cast in nearly a decade. Granted, a certain amount of inconsistency still remains, but the end result is funny more often than not.

    This week, both our host and musical guest are repeat offenders in a manner of speaking. The host is A-list comedic actor Steve Carell, who will be starring in the film adaptation of "Get Smart" this summer; he previously hosted the season premiere in Year 31. The musical guest is Usher, the sometimes melancholy R&B superstar that first graced the SNL stage four years ago.

    And now, the sketch-by-sketch analysis:

    COLD OPENING: During the graduation ceremony at the Pounder School for Special Needs, the principal (Steve) reads off a string of naughty-sounding names that you'd probably hear in a crank call to Moe's Tavern. It turns out that Dick Hertz is a phony name, but Harry Weiner is the real deal. I would've laughed my ass off at this sketch if I were still 14 years old; I might be 23 now, but that infantile style of humor still has a morsel of charm.

    MONOLOGUE: Citing a lack of adrenaline, Steve's opening comments are marred by his body's inability to handle six Red Bulls and a package of Sour Patch Kids. His behavior becomes increasingly erratic until his wife (ex-cast member Nancy Walls) intercedes and cools him down. I don't mind that Steve is showing off his range, but physical humor really isn't his forte; then again, maybe I'm so used to seeing him on an emotional trapeze on "The Office" that I'd forgotten that this other side of Steve had even existed.

    "The Democratic Primaries": "There can only be one" candidate in a spoof of those ads for the NBA Playoffs. No new ground here, but at least Amy's Hillary and Fred's Obama got one more run-through before the convention.

    "Deal or No Deal": Contestant Stu (Steve) is a poor decision-maker, and his ornery father (WF) nags him from the audience while Howie Mandel (FA) does his usual shtick. One of the briefcase ladies (KW) is a facetious tease, a rare instance of a subplot within a sketch. It also lightens the tension, as the father-son storyline goes from amusing to borderline melodramatic to sappy. This might sound bipolar, but it actually was funny.

    "Two A-Holes Do Karaoke": The owner of a karaoke bar (Steve) is the latest patsy for America's favorite selfish jerks (JS, KW). It was more or less the usual sturm und drang, but watching the A-Holes stand around obliviously while "Baby Got Back" plays in the background was uproarious.

    DIGITAL SHORT: Ricky Gervais trashes the American remake of "The Office," then shows an episode of the "original" Japanese version that Ricky himself ripped off. Diehard "Office" fans will notice that it's a carbon-copy of the pilot episode, complete with Pacific Rim quirks like calisthenics, Hello Kitty figurines, and yes, even karaoke. For those keeping tally, that's three good sketches in a row.

    "McCain 2008": The candidate himself makes a few jokes about his age, and then demonstrates his inability to differentiate pork barrel spending from more relevant government spending. It starts slow, and never quite hits the gas pedal.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: "Moving Mountains" has an old school vibe, shifting from Marvin Gaye-style wailing, James Brown-esque footwork to un-ironic '80s-throwback synthesizers.

    WEEKEND UPDATE: "This week, Senator John Edwards endorsed himself for vice president." His backing Barack Obama gave me the same vibe, so the first gag of the night was probably the funniest (for me, anyway). Speaking of Congressmen, Senator McCain drops by again to encourage the Democrats to keep bickering over the nomination, a sly tip of the hat to his improving chances of being president in November. To balance out the political spectrum, Reverends Jesse Jackson (DH) and Al Sharpton (KT) discuss the "race-race" and do everything but call Hillary a bourgeois bigot.

    "The Charlie Flitt Show": This weight loss-themed talk show features a host (Steve) that likes to leap through paper walls of his own image, a guest (AP) that sings the praises of the Subway diet, her ashamed fiancée (BH), who lost weight then regained it, and the woman's teetotaler mother (KW). It's too much of a hodgepodge to work, and the leisurely pace of the sketch also makes it devoid of energy.

    "American Red Cross": Things go awry during a CPR training course when the instructor (Steve) crushes his assistant's torso. A half-hearted attempt to keep the class cool and collected is derailed by projectile bleeding that would make Julia Child blush. Usher randomly walks in for an epilogue, abruptly turning the sketch into a PSA and delivering a cop-out ending to a peculiar one-joke sketch.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: Joined by Young Jeezy, "Love in This Club, Part 1" has an unusually long bridge that allows Usher to do a goofy dance solo.

    "Bless This Child": Two parents (Steve, KW) toss around a baby doll as their simple lullaby expands into a show-stopping power ballad. This sketch will remind some longtime fans of the classic "Stunt Baby" sketch from 30 years ago, when it was shocking, original, and slightly funnier. It wasn't a bad sketch per se, but this was another moment in the show where you wondered if the writers had a hard time ending sketches this week.

    Maybe certain expectations were set too high, but tonight left me with an underwhelming feeling. Some sketches went for the obvious joke (like the cold opening) while others had a funny concept with a forced execution (like Charlie Flitt). The momentum of the show itself was pretty steady before it turned into a jokey infomercial for the McCain campaign. Nevertheless, how the star of the funniest show on television could steer such a drab broadcast is beyond explanation.

    Sketches/Segments That Will Probably Be Removed in the 60-Minute Edit: "McCain 2008," "The Charlie Flitt Show," and "CPR Training."

    Next Week: An encore presentation of Ashton Kutcher/Gnarls Barkley. I guess I can't complain.


    And now, a retrospective of Season 33:

    Best Musical Guest: Wilco
    Runner-Up: Vampire Weekend

    Worst Musical Guest: Bon Jovi
    Runner-Up: Carrie Underwood

    Best Host: Brian Williams
    Runner-Up: Jonah Hill

    Worst Host: Jon Bon Jovi
    Runner-Up: Lebron James

    The Five Most Indelible Moments of the Season:

    5. "I Ran So Far" becomes another viral clip sensation (James/West)
    4. Maya fades out, Casey fades in (Williams/Feist and Fey/Underwood)
    3. Apparently, Brian Williams has a sense of humor (Williams/Feist)
    2. Six different presidential candidates make guest appearances
    1. The 100-Day Strike (like you expected something else)

    Worst Overall Episodes:
    3. Amy Adams/Vampire Weekend
    2. Steve Carell/Usher
    1. Jon Bon Jovi/Foo Fighters

    Best Overall Episodes:
    3. Brian Williams/Feist 2. Tina Fey/Carrie Underwood
    1. Jonah Hill/Mariah Carey

    Most Positive Continuing Trend: The show's continuing reliance on indie-rock artists (Spoon, Vampire Weekend, My Morning Jacket) as musical guests.
    Least Positive Continuing Trend: There were only three Smigeltoons this year, and only one of them (The Ambiguously Gay Duo) was even remotely entertaining. "You Don't Mess With the Zohan" better be pretty damn funny, Bob.
    2007-08 Most Valuable Player: Kristen Wiig. Did somebody say "dominant?"

    "HelloStuart" wants to remind everyone that Steve Carell's name is spelled with one R. Send him your comments at
  • It's Baby Got Baaaaaaack

    This week was the season finale of SNL with host Steve Carell and musical guest, Usher. I must say tonight did not feel like the season finale in any level, due to the abbreviation. So now, we get another 4 month wait, after another 4 month wait 3 months ago, and a month before that, we had another 4 month wait. So, if we lived out a hiatus that we thought would never end, we can wait out a scheduled hiatus. All we can pray is that the SAG cuts a deal.

    Sketch by sketch. here we go.

    Graduation: Steve is the 2nd and last host appearing in the cold opening this season. The other was Bon Jovi. yuck. But, anyways, some of the names were creative, and the fact that they made that many names, I'll give them a kudos. But, the sketch seems like a cop-out from many other SNL sketches like this before. It was nice to see the whole cast (sans Seth) in this sketch, even though none of them got any speaking action.

    Monologue: After supposedly drinking Red Bull, Steve gets too nervous, and starts going crazy, trying to escape the studio. Of course, he runs into his wife, Nancy Walls! I find that surprising, but anyways, and we find out he's nervous. This was a nice warmup skill for the audience, and Steve.

    There Can Only Be One: A nice commercial/random bit. I especially liked when they started mumbling two things at once.

    Deal Or No Deal: As a suit case model is both drunk, and too suspenceful, the contestant has to listen to his dad keep on yelling and yelling. This had it's moments, but it certainly wasn't the best sketch of the night.

    Karaoke Night: The Two A-Holes Are BACK!!!!! I seriously think that SNL people read the forums just to hear what the fans want. I was disappointed to read people's comments saying "They weren't as funny as last year." Honestly, just stop. But, this sketch was like any other A-Hole sketch. Hilarious.

    SNL Digital Short: The Office Japan: Gervais appears to introduce us the original Japanese version of The Office. Many good impressions were brought back from last year, when Rainn Wilson hosted. Kristen's anime/high pitched voice was hilarious. I especially loved when Regis out of no where started advertising tampons. The way I figure it, is that when its just Samberg, its stale. But, when its the cast, its good.

    A Message From John McCain: This was alright. Just "I'm Old" jokes and what not.

    Weekend Update: Update was a little weak tonight. John McCain's commentary was more boring than good, and the Reverants were also dull. The jokes were either hit, or totally miss. There was a little bit more miss than hit.

    The Charlie Flitt Show: After loosing 200 pounds, Charlie Flitt has his show, and has good old friend, Beth on, who lost 160 pounds. He keeps on obsessing with ripping through his fat pictures, much like on Biggest Loser. I enjoyed this sketch.

    CPR: As a man tries to demonstrate chest CPR, he rips through the sample man. The man ends up dying, and Usher randomly comes out and advertises CPR. I thought this was just plain goofy.

    Bless This Child: As two expectant parents try to put their doll to sleep, they start dancing with it. Now the beauty of this sketch is that their making fun of the new ad campaign, to not shake a child. They broke all the rules, and if the baby were real, it'd be dead. I enjoyed it.

    Overall, good decent episode tonight. A great closing to an abbreviated season. Many say this season has been consistant, while others say it was horrible. I lean towards the first opinion. I enjoyed every show this year, aside from one. Steve had fun tonight, while I realy didn't care for Usher's first song. But he was alright, I guess. The show had a stride to be an awesome episode, before it hit McCain Mania, and Weekend Update.

    And now, my 2nd year doing a fun little grading thing. Tough Descisions here.

    Best "Live From New York..." Delivery: Amy Poehler - JBJ/Foo Fighters (10/13)

    Best personal night for me before a show: LBJ/KW (9/29) - I went to a bonfire.

    Most Improved Cast Member:
    Fred Armisen

    Best Digital Short:
    3. Iran So Far (9/29)
    2. A Message To Old People (2/23)
    1. Andy's Dad (3/15)
    Honorable Mention: Nightmare (3/1)
    2nd Honorable Mention: The Japanese Office (5/17)

    Best Cold Open:
    Clinton Halloween Party (11/3)

    Worst Cold Open:
    A Message From The Clinton Campaign (4/5)

    Worst Cast Member:
    Now this was easy to decide, yet sad to say: Kenan Thompson

    Best Cast Member:
    without any question at all, Kristen Wiig

    Worst Hosts:
    3. LeBron James
    2. Ellen Page
    1. Jon Bon Jovi

    Best Hosts:
    3. Jonah Hill
    2. Tina Fey
    1. Briain Williams

    Worst Musical Guests (Even though most were enjoyable)
    3. Panic At The Disco
    2. Carrie Underwood
    1. Bon Jovi

    Best Musical Guests (This was tough to choose):
    3. Feist
    2. Kanye West
    1. Gnarls Barkley

    Episode Ranking:
    1. Brian William/Feist
    2. LeBron James/Kanye West
    3. Jonah Hill/Mariah Carey
    4. Tina Fey/Carrie Underwood
    5. Steve Carell/Usher
    6. Seth Rogen/Spoon
    7. Shia LaBeouf/My Morning Jacket
    8. Amy Adams/Vampire Weekend
    9. Ashton Kutcher/Gnarls Barkley
    10. Chris Walken/Panic At The Disco
    11. Ellen Page/Wilco
    12. Jon Bon Jovi/Foo Fighters

    Chances of cast members leaving this summer:
    Fred Armisen - 30%
    Will Forte - 30%
    Bill Hader - 20%
    Darrell Hammond - 60% (Higher if it weren't for McCain)
    Seth Meyers - 50%
    Amy Poehler - 10% (Theres still a chance)
    Andy Samberg - 20%
    Jason Sudeikis - 20%
    Kenan Thompson - 40%
    Kristen Wiig - 15%
    Casey Wilson - 0%

    What it was: This season was obviously a quick and short one, due to the strike. Before the strike, SNL showed declining care as consecutive shows went on. It makes me wonder what the cancelled Jonah Hill/Kid Rock show would have been like, or what the Christmas show would have been like. When SNL came back from the strike, all the episodes were at least somewhat enjoyable. In fact, all episodes this season, except for JBJ/Foo Fighters, were all ranging from somewhat enjoyable, to delightful. The host choices this season were mostly good, other than Jon Bon Jovi and Ellen Page. The choice for LeBron was okay, since every season has to have a sports host. All musical guests were delightful this season, except for Bon Jovi, and perhaps Carrie Underwood.

    I hope SNL can keep this streak going for next season, which is actually starting earlier than usual. (Sept 13).

    And thats my recap of this season. Sad to see it go, but hey, welcome season 34, and any new cast members!
  • Not a strong way to end the season. I had high hopes for this episode and was disappointed overall.

    Pounder School Commencement - Lorne once said that comedy based on funny names was a very low form of comedy with no substance. Here then is yet another example (remember DeNiro?) of SNL wallowing in the mud. My wife actually asked me "what are they laughing at?" Maybe there was a monkey doing juggling tricks off screen. Who knows? Anyway, I would have preferred a horrible commencement speech over a "funny name" sketch. Grade: D-

    Monologue – This is the kind of monologue that only works with manic hosts like Carell who can deliver laughs without a lot of jokes. Carell made some great faces and had some nice interaction with the audience. Infinitely better than a song and dance number. Grade: B-

    There Can Only Be One – A short and clever take on the Democratic race. Much better than the long debates and addresses we have been getting lately. The split screen was funny, but it was often hard to hear the separate scripts when they diverged. Grade: B

    Deal or No Deal – Kristen and Fred provided the only real laughs. Kristen's refusal to open the case was funny, but was drawn out too long. Not one of the better game show parodies. Grade: C-

    Two A-Holes- Karaoke – One of the better settings for the A-Holes, although the fitness center with John C. Reilly and Christmas Tree shopping with Jack Black are still my favorites. Sudeikis recycled an old joke from the Snoop Dogg episode: "C Dees Nuts?" The Blue Tooth was a nice touch and their jokes were kind of funny since they revolved around Kristen's incessant gum chewing. The steam out of the ears was a really cheap effect that garnered all of one laugh. Watch it again. One lady gives a tentative laugh. I don't mind absurdist comedy, but I HATE cartoonish humor and that truly was cartoonish. Grade: C

    Japanese Office DS – Excellent job by all of the cast in their impersonations. I have been to Japan many times and the stereotypes were pretty funny, not completely accurate, but they reflect reality enough to be funny. Especially with Pam speaking in the ultra-high girly voice. All of the female TV stars speak this way in Japan. Well done Grade: A

    John McCain Address – McCain's appearance on the show came as much funnier than either Obama's or Clinton's, although not as good as Huckabee's. McCain displayed a good sense of humor and his use of deadpan is actually more appealing to me than the current style of WU delivery. A tad too long. Grade: B-

    Weekend Update – Some OK jokes and a much improved delivery from both anchors. Less smiling and giggling than usual. The McCain bit was OK, but a little too cute and we didn't really need to see him again after he had just done an address. I could have done without another appearance from the two reverends. They always lower the energy and drag out WU. The Australian joke was particularly good. Grade: C+

    The Charlie Flitt Show – Kind of flat. It was weird to see Hader as the uncomfortable fat guy. He was very convincing though and the only good part of the sketch. A poor way to end the sketch with the horrible song. Grade: D

    Lifeguards CPR – Here is an example of absurdist humor rather than cartoonish humor. Yes, the caved in chest, spurting blood, and exposed lung were greatly exaggerated, but they were still within the realm of possibility, however slim. Conversely, it is physically impossible to exude steam from your ears. Anyway, this was OK but not much there beyond the squirting blood. Maybe a different ending would have helped. Grade: C

    Bless This Child – I love physical humor and it was funny to see a complete disregard for the baby even though it's a doll (remember Stunt Baby?). Carell throwing around his pregnant wife was the icing on the cake. Nice way to end the show. My favorite live sketch of the night. Grade: A-
  • A good way to end a split season

    Saturday Night Live
    Host-Steve Carell, Musical Guest- Usher
    Well has the season already endend. Guess so that darn writeres strike killed everything. But made some good changes. Well tonight host is Stevel Carell the hit actor better know for his work on the Office. And some bad movies. That we wont talk about. Threw out the night promotion of Get Smart was everywere. Yet not in the show. Hopefully it wont suck like his other movies. Excluding 40YOV. Tonights musical guest is Usher his songs suck. And i didnt stick around for his songs. Suprise finally a cold opening with no Hilary Clinton. Horray it was getting annoying and i am glad i wont see for a long time. The show starts off with a school with strange named students. When they could have easliy done a political opening i am glad they didnt. I found this sketch creative and to the point of what it wa supposed to do. I was also glad amy didnt open the show.***. The monologue (spelt wrong?) was ok but i was right about Walls showing up *1/2(for me being right hehehe) SO close they had to sneak a hiliary clinton sketch in. I found this sketch alright like those NBA ones but i cant stand amy *. The second Deal or No Deal on SNL. Was much better than the first. A man named Stu gets bothered by his father. And a drunkendruggweird model who wont open her case. Better than the first but still off **. The Two A-Holes are back. I dont like them and dont find them funny. This time they do karaoke. A boring attemp with them making the owner mad. No stars Finally a great short this time around its the The Japanese Office which takes a look at the japen office which the england man stole which NBC stole. Funny DH moment as Regis.***1/2. Knew it McCain finally appears on SNL telling why he is old and things he has done **. The Charlie Flitt Show was just bad with Steve jumping out of pics of him fat self.*. ARC traing was next with steve causing pain and death to a person he is working on. Strange just got weird when usher comes out of no were to do nothing*Bless this child was weird and could have been better if they didnt say IT WAS A DOLL. WU was better than ever with McCin. Over all this was a great episode. **1/2
    Overall Season for season 33.
    best episode
    3.Shia Lebeouf/My Morning Jacket 2.Tina Fey/Carrie Underwood 1.Brian Williams/Feist worst episode
    3.Ellen Page/Wilco 2.Amy Adams/Vampire Weekend 1.Jon Bon Jovi/Foo Fighters
    most likely to host again soon
    3.Jonah Hill
    2.Tina Fey
    1.Brian Williams
    most likely to never return
    3.LeBron James
    2.Amy Adams
    1.Jon Bon Jovi
    best castmember
    3.Amy Poehler sad to admit it
    2.Fred Armisen
    1.Kristen Wiig worst castmember
    3.Darrell Hammond
    2.Kenan Thompson 1.Seth Meyers
  • Steve Carell hosting the season finale. What more can you ask for?

    PostPosted: Tue May 20, 2008 10:49 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
    Cold Open: Steve Carell had a very deliberate facial expression and tone to his voice-- clearly he was trying to come across as both authoritative and machinelike while reading the long list of names. That helps, as do some of the middle names that act as cute embellishments. Unfortunately this doesn't entirely mask the stink of a Robert DeNiro cold open, only partially.

    Monologue: Very, very good. It was nice to see Nancy Walls getting more NBC screen time, and Steve again performed this perfectly. It was manic without being grating, and I don't think any other hosts this year, save for one or two, could've pulled this off.

    DNC ad: Great premise. Just the sight of trying to assemble a face from half of Hillary and half of Obama is funny, but the writers make sure to hit all of the notes, touching on nearly all the strategies from both candidates.

    Deal or No Deal: Much like his Barack Obama impression, Fred really let his Howie Mandel slip away from him. Howie never actually talked so slow that you suspected a mental illness, not even close. The subplot with the painstakingly nerve-wracking briefcase reveals was funny, but the whole thing with Steve and Forte was too bland.

    A-holes: I know this is the obvious joke, but I still think the writers could've done much more with the karaoke "performances" from Jason and Kristen instead of their usual non-sequitur questions. The blank staring while "Baby Got Back" ran in the background was the one sketch highlight.

    Digital Short: YES! YES! Whoever wrote this got it perfect. Sketch of the night, and one of the season's best. Jason's Jim Halpert is still amazing.

    McCain 2008: Whatever. I'll give him props for actually badmouthing Arizona, however fake it was intended to be. He'd be better on Update.

    "This Ain't Sex": Usher looked like he was trying to put on the performance of his lifetime, but it fell much shorter than that. Kinda boring, to be honest.

    Update: Seth's David Patterson joke was nice and risky, but otherwise he and Amy had a lousy night. As mentioned, McCain was better chatting with Seth and Amy here. As for the next Jackson/Sharpton commentary, yawwwnnnn.

    Charlie Flitt Show: The writers filled their plates too high, with jokes coming from all over, but none of them actually working. A few big jokes can make a sketch, but that doesn't mean a greater number of tiny ones will.

    CPR Training: Forgive me, I laughed. The moment when Steve punched his fist all the way through Andy's chest was genuinely unexpected. Of course the writers couldn't go much farther from there (how do you try and top a gallon of fake blood?), but this wasn't a total waste.

    "Love in This Club": Seriously, no comment. It was... fine, I guess?

    Bless This Child: I'm a sucker for gleeful child endangerment, so this was right up my alley. One of the best season-cappers in a while now.
  • Finally! The good old Digital Shorts are back! (Well, its the season finale, but I hope there's more good ones next year!

    First SNL started out with a school commencement ceremony, instead of a political sktech. I thought it was ok, but kinda boring, but the names were funny. But I wonder, were any of the cast members cracking up during rehearsal?

    Deal of No Deal was funny, but I liked the part when Kristen was being all strange, and then Fred asked Amy and Casey to open the case, but their voices were hilarious!

    The two A Holes: Many people always say this is funny, but I didn't find it entertaining at all.

    DIGITAL SHORT: Finally! We have waited for so long for a good one, and the Japanese Office really hit the spot! So funny with Steve Carell, you know was Michael and stuff, and Bill Hader was really funny as Dwight. But I feel bad for some people, including my friends, as they don't watch The Office, but they are a fan of SNL.

    The Charlie Flitt show was really funny, and did you happen to see Amy's baby bump? So Cute! Anyway, Steve was really funny he couldn't break through the wall, and when Bill Hader came out in a fat suit.

    The CPR sketch was super hilarious, only because that was like the first time we saw Andy all night! I wonder was it was like with all that red stuff in his face and mouth. It was gross to watch! And then Usher came in and that was funny to, but it felt too forced. (Did you happen to see Andy on the Goodnights and he took a shower? HOT!)

    Bless This Child was really only funny at the end, but Steve was throwing the Kristen dummy all over the room and knocking everything over.

    I knew Usher was going to sing Love In This Club, but that Moving Mountains song was also very good. I underestimated his performance!

    Overall, pretty good show and can't wait for September 13th!
  • Steve Carell hosts.

    This was a better than usual episode, but Steve Carell had nothing to do with it. In fact, he was the only one that didn't say anything funny. Not a surprise, it took only the first sketch for Carell to make a bunch of penis jokes.

    The Office digital short was really bad (which would make it comparable to the actual show) but Ricky Gervais' cameo was great. John McCain was somewhat funny as well.

    Will Forte was good in the lackluster Deal or no Deal sketch. Kenan Thompson was good, but continually is underutilized. Andy Samberg didn't really get a lot of air-time either, but I guess the blood spewing sketch took time to set up.

    The final sketch was absolutely horrible though. And Usher's two terrible songs didn't help things. The Weekend Update was slightly better than normal, but still not as funny as when Tina Fey was on it.

    A decent episode that was better than some of the awful episodes this season. Sitting through Steve Carell's monologue was extremely painful though.
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