Saturday Night Live

Season 33 Episode 13

Steve Carell/Usher

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 17, 2008 on NBC

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  • It's Baby Got Baaaaaaack

    This week was the season finale of SNL with host Steve Carell and musical guest, Usher. I must say tonight did not feel like the season finale in any level, due to the abbreviation. So now, we get another 4 month wait, after another 4 month wait 3 months ago, and a month before that, we had another 4 month wait. So, if we lived out a hiatus that we thought would never end, we can wait out a scheduled hiatus. All we can pray is that the SAG cuts a deal.

    Sketch by sketch. here we go.

    Graduation: Steve is the 2nd and last host appearing in the cold opening this season. The other was Bon Jovi. yuck. But, anyways, some of the names were creative, and the fact that they made that many names, I'll give them a kudos. But, the sketch seems like a cop-out from many other SNL sketches like this before. It was nice to see the whole cast (sans Seth) in this sketch, even though none of them got any speaking action.

    Monologue: After supposedly drinking Red Bull, Steve gets too nervous, and starts going crazy, trying to escape the studio. Of course, he runs into his wife, Nancy Walls! I find that surprising, but anyways, and we find out he's nervous. This was a nice warmup skill for the audience, and Steve.

    There Can Only Be One: A nice commercial/random bit. I especially liked when they started mumbling two things at once.

    Deal Or No Deal: As a suit case model is both drunk, and too suspenceful, the contestant has to listen to his dad keep on yelling and yelling. This had it's moments, but it certainly wasn't the best sketch of the night.

    Karaoke Night: The Two A-Holes Are BACK!!!!! I seriously think that SNL people read the forums just to hear what the fans want. I was disappointed to read people's comments saying "They weren't as funny as last year." Honestly, just stop. But, this sketch was like any other A-Hole sketch. Hilarious.

    SNL Digital Short: The Office Japan: Gervais appears to introduce us the original Japanese version of The Office. Many good impressions were brought back from last year, when Rainn Wilson hosted. Kristen's anime/high pitched voice was hilarious. I especially loved when Regis out of no where started advertising tampons. The way I figure it, is that when its just Samberg, its stale. But, when its the cast, its good.

    A Message From John McCain: This was alright. Just "I'm Old" jokes and what not.

    Weekend Update: Update was a little weak tonight. John McCain's commentary was more boring than good, and the Reverants were also dull. The jokes were either hit, or totally miss. There was a little bit more miss than hit.

    The Charlie Flitt Show: After loosing 200 pounds, Charlie Flitt has his show, and has good old friend, Beth on, who lost 160 pounds. He keeps on obsessing with ripping through his fat pictures, much like on Biggest Loser. I enjoyed this sketch.

    CPR: As a man tries to demonstrate chest CPR, he rips through the sample man. The man ends up dying, and Usher randomly comes out and advertises CPR. I thought this was just plain goofy.

    Bless This Child: As two expectant parents try to put their doll to sleep, they start dancing with it. Now the beauty of this sketch is that their making fun of the new ad campaign, to not shake a child. They broke all the rules, and if the baby were real, it'd be dead. I enjoyed it.

    Overall, good decent episode tonight. A great closing to an abbreviated season. Many say this season has been consistant, while others say it was horrible. I lean towards the first opinion. I enjoyed every show this year, aside from one. Steve had fun tonight, while I realy didn't care for Usher's first song. But he was alright, I guess. The show had a stride to be an awesome episode, before it hit McCain Mania, and Weekend Update.

    And now, my 2nd year doing a fun little grading thing. Tough Descisions here.

    Best "Live From New York..." Delivery: Amy Poehler - JBJ/Foo Fighters (10/13)

    Best personal night for me before a show: LBJ/KW (9/29) - I went to a bonfire.

    Most Improved Cast Member:
    Fred Armisen

    Best Digital Short:
    3. Iran So Far (9/29)
    2. A Message To Old People (2/23)
    1. Andy's Dad (3/15)
    Honorable Mention: Nightmare (3/1)
    2nd Honorable Mention: The Japanese Office (5/17)

    Best Cold Open:
    Clinton Halloween Party (11/3)

    Worst Cold Open:
    A Message From The Clinton Campaign (4/5)

    Worst Cast Member:
    Now this was easy to decide, yet sad to say: Kenan Thompson

    Best Cast Member:
    without any question at all, Kristen Wiig

    Worst Hosts:
    3. LeBron James
    2. Ellen Page
    1. Jon Bon Jovi

    Best Hosts:
    3. Jonah Hill
    2. Tina Fey
    1. Briain Williams

    Worst Musical Guests (Even though most were enjoyable)
    3. Panic At The Disco
    2. Carrie Underwood
    1. Bon Jovi

    Best Musical Guests (This was tough to choose):
    3. Feist
    2. Kanye West
    1. Gnarls Barkley

    Episode Ranking:
    1. Brian William/Feist
    2. LeBron James/Kanye West
    3. Jonah Hill/Mariah Carey
    4. Tina Fey/Carrie Underwood
    5. Steve Carell/Usher
    6. Seth Rogen/Spoon
    7. Shia LaBeouf/My Morning Jacket
    8. Amy Adams/Vampire Weekend
    9. Ashton Kutcher/Gnarls Barkley
    10. Chris Walken/Panic At The Disco
    11. Ellen Page/Wilco
    12. Jon Bon Jovi/Foo Fighters

    Chances of cast members leaving this summer:
    Fred Armisen - 30%
    Will Forte - 30%
    Bill Hader - 20%
    Darrell Hammond - 60% (Higher if it weren't for McCain)
    Seth Meyers - 50%
    Amy Poehler - 10% (Theres still a chance)
    Andy Samberg - 20%
    Jason Sudeikis - 20%
    Kenan Thompson - 40%
    Kristen Wiig - 15%
    Casey Wilson - 0%

    What it was: This season was obviously a quick and short one, due to the strike. Before the strike, SNL showed declining care as consecutive shows went on. It makes me wonder what the cancelled Jonah Hill/Kid Rock show would have been like, or what the Christmas show would have been like. When SNL came back from the strike, all the episodes were at least somewhat enjoyable. In fact, all episodes this season, except for JBJ/Foo Fighters, were all ranging from somewhat enjoyable, to delightful. The host choices this season were mostly good, other than Jon Bon Jovi and Ellen Page. The choice for LeBron was okay, since every season has to have a sports host. All musical guests were delightful this season, except for Bon Jovi, and perhaps Carrie Underwood.

    I hope SNL can keep this streak going for next season, which is actually starting earlier than usual. (Sept 13).

    And thats my recap of this season. Sad to see it go, but hey, welcome season 34, and any new cast members!
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