Saturday Night Live

Season 33 Episode 13

Steve Carell/Usher

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 17, 2008 on NBC

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  • A good way to end a split season

    Saturday Night Live
    Host-Steve Carell, Musical Guest- Usher
    Well has the season already endend. Guess so that darn writeres strike killed everything. But made some good changes. Well tonight host is Stevel Carell the hit actor better know for his work on the Office. And some bad movies. That we wont talk about. Threw out the night promotion of Get Smart was everywere. Yet not in the show. Hopefully it wont suck like his other movies. Excluding 40YOV. Tonights musical guest is Usher his songs suck. And i didnt stick around for his songs. Suprise finally a cold opening with no Hilary Clinton. Horray it was getting annoying and i am glad i wont see for a long time. The show starts off with a school with strange named students. When they could have easliy done a political opening i am glad they didnt. I found this sketch creative and to the point of what it wa supposed to do. I was also glad amy didnt open the show.***. The monologue (spelt wrong?) was ok but i was right about Walls showing up *1/2(for me being right hehehe) SO close they had to sneak a hiliary clinton sketch in. I found this sketch alright like those NBA ones but i cant stand amy *. The second Deal or No Deal on SNL. Was much better than the first. A man named Stu gets bothered by his father. And a drunkendruggweird model who wont open her case. Better than the first but still off **. The Two A-Holes are back. I dont like them and dont find them funny. This time they do karaoke. A boring attemp with them making the owner mad. No stars Finally a great short this time around its the The Japanese Office which takes a look at the japen office which the england man stole which NBC stole. Funny DH moment as Regis.***1/2. Knew it McCain finally appears on SNL telling why he is old and things he has done **. The Charlie Flitt Show was just bad with Steve jumping out of pics of him fat self.*. ARC traing was next with steve causing pain and death to a person he is working on. Strange just got weird when usher comes out of no were to do nothing*Bless this child was weird and could have been better if they didnt say IT WAS A DOLL. WU was better than ever with McCin. Over all this was a great episode. **1/2
    Overall Season for season 33.
    best episode
    3.Shia Lebeouf/My Morning Jacket 2.Tina Fey/Carrie Underwood 1.Brian Williams/Feist worst episode
    3.Ellen Page/Wilco 2.Amy Adams/Vampire Weekend 1.Jon Bon Jovi/Foo Fighters
    most likely to host again soon
    3.Jonah Hill
    2.Tina Fey
    1.Brian Williams
    most likely to never return
    3.LeBron James
    2.Amy Adams
    1.Jon Bon Jovi
    best castmember
    3.Amy Poehler sad to admit it
    2.Fred Armisen
    1.Kristen Wiig worst castmember
    3.Darrell Hammond
    2.Kenan Thompson 1.Seth Meyers
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