Saturday Night Live

Season 33 Episode 13

Steve Carell/Usher

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 17, 2008 on NBC

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  • Not a strong way to end the season. I had high hopes for this episode and was disappointed overall.

    Pounder School Commencement - Lorne once said that comedy based on funny names was a very low form of comedy with no substance. Here then is yet another example (remember DeNiro?) of SNL wallowing in the mud. My wife actually asked me "what are they laughing at?" Maybe there was a monkey doing juggling tricks off screen. Who knows? Anyway, I would have preferred a horrible commencement speech over a "funny name" sketch. Grade: D-

    Monologue – This is the kind of monologue that only works with manic hosts like Carell who can deliver laughs without a lot of jokes. Carell made some great faces and had some nice interaction with the audience. Infinitely better than a song and dance number. Grade: B-

    There Can Only Be One – A short and clever take on the Democratic race. Much better than the long debates and addresses we have been getting lately. The split screen was funny, but it was often hard to hear the separate scripts when they diverged. Grade: B

    Deal or No Deal – Kristen and Fred provided the only real laughs. Kristen's refusal to open the case was funny, but was drawn out too long. Not one of the better game show parodies. Grade: C-

    Two A-Holes- Karaoke – One of the better settings for the A-Holes, although the fitness center with John C. Reilly and Christmas Tree shopping with Jack Black are still my favorites. Sudeikis recycled an old joke from the Snoop Dogg episode: "C Dees Nuts?" The Blue Tooth was a nice touch and their jokes were kind of funny since they revolved around Kristen's incessant gum chewing. The steam out of the ears was a really cheap effect that garnered all of one laugh. Watch it again. One lady gives a tentative laugh. I don't mind absurdist comedy, but I HATE cartoonish humor and that truly was cartoonish. Grade: C

    Japanese Office DS – Excellent job by all of the cast in their impersonations. I have been to Japan many times and the stereotypes were pretty funny, not completely accurate, but they reflect reality enough to be funny. Especially with Pam speaking in the ultra-high girly voice. All of the female TV stars speak this way in Japan. Well done Grade: A

    John McCain Address – McCain's appearance on the show came as much funnier than either Obama's or Clinton's, although not as good as Huckabee's. McCain displayed a good sense of humor and his use of deadpan is actually more appealing to me than the current style of WU delivery. A tad too long. Grade: B-

    Weekend Update – Some OK jokes and a much improved delivery from both anchors. Less smiling and giggling than usual. The McCain bit was OK, but a little too cute and we didn't really need to see him again after he had just done an address. I could have done without another appearance from the two reverends. They always lower the energy and drag out WU. The Australian joke was particularly good. Grade: C+

    The Charlie Flitt Show – Kind of flat. It was weird to see Hader as the uncomfortable fat guy. He was very convincing though and the only good part of the sketch. A poor way to end the sketch with the horrible song. Grade: D

    Lifeguards CPR – Here is an example of absurdist humor rather than cartoonish humor. Yes, the caved in chest, spurting blood, and exposed lung were greatly exaggerated, but they were still within the realm of possibility, however slim. Conversely, it is physically impossible to exude steam from your ears. Anyway, this was OK but not much there beyond the squirting blood. Maybe a different ending would have helped. Grade: C

    Bless This Child – I love physical humor and it was funny to see a complete disregard for the baby even though it's a doll (remember Stunt Baby?). Carell throwing around his pregnant wife was the icing on the cake. Nice way to end the show. My favorite live sketch of the night. Grade: A-