Saturday Night Live

Season 20 Episode 1

Steve Martin/Eric Clapton

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Sep 24, 1994 on NBC

Episode Recap

CLINTON AUDITIONS: Castmembers try out their Bill Clinton impressions to find out who will play the President. (Elliott, Farley, Meadows, Sandler, Spade, Dave Wilson(voice))

MONOLOGUE: Steve Martin steps outside of himself while watching him bomb onstage talking about soup. (Martin, Franken, Garofalo, Lorne Michaels, Fred Wolf)

HHT: Home test determines if one is really having a headache. (Garofalo, McKean, Nealon)

THE SIMPSON TRIAL: Chaos ensues during opening deliberations of the O.J. Simpson trial including ordering a pizza and selecting jurors. (Brian Austin Green, Cleghorne, Kightlinger, McKean, Meadows(2), Myers, Nealon, Spade)

STEVE MARTIN'S PENIS BEAUTY CREME: Steve Martin introduces his penis purification formula. (Martin, Elliott, Nealon)

TOTAL BASTARD AIRLINES: Total Bastard Airlines crew and pilot continue to bitterly bid farewell to passengers. (Martin, Cleghorne, Elliott, Farley, Garofalo, Kightlinger, McKean, Meadows, Mohr, Sandler, Spade, Jim Downey(voice))

"I'M TORE DOWN": (Clapton)

WEEKEND UPDATE: Laura Kightlinger comments on early life lessons that she has learned; Loser Gil Graham comments on rock concerts that he was kicked out of or beat up at. (Kightlinger, MacDonald, Sandler)

THE RON WOOD SHOW: Incoherent host Ron Wood interviews mumbling guests on his talk show. (Martin, Cleghorne, Farley, McKean(voice), Myers)

THE BUCK DANIELS STORY: The tragic life and death of a famous country singer. (Martin, Cleghorne, Garofalo, Kightlinger, McKean, Mohr, Sandler)

THE NUT-RIFIC JINGLE: Advertisement salesmen confuse the executives of a peanut business. (Martin, Cleghorne, Elliott, Farley, Garofalo, Kightlinger, McKean, Meadows, Mohr, Myers, Nealon)

"FIVE LONG YEARS": (Clapton)

SUPER SPORTS TOURS: Family cruise line guarantees every single major league baseball player will show up. (Bobby Bonilla, Roger Clemens, Jack McDowell, McKean(voice))

BABY COMPETITION: Married couple are jealous of another's beautiful baby. (Martin, Farley, Garofalo, Kightlinger)