Saturday Night Live

Season 3 Episode 1

Steve Martin/Jackson Browne

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Sep 24, 1977 on NBC

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  • A great episode, even though Steve only appears in three sketches. I was kind of disappointed by this, but it's one of Steve's best in my opinion, plus a legendary musical guest in Jackson Browne. A great opening episode by everyone involved.

    This is my first review of an SNL episode, and I started with the best season of Snl, season three. My reviews will be just like Baron One's reviews, and I will try not to copy baron to a t. The first episode I am reviewing is the season premiere with Steve Martin, and Musical guest Jackson Browne. Let's begin our review…

    An Oval Office: cold open

    This is the first appearance of Akroyd's Jimmy Carter impression during season three, and it starts on a high note. Carter(Akroyd), says goodbye to Burt Lance (Belushi), before Lance promotes the National Express card. I believe this is the only commercial parody cold opening during the first five years, and is a great opening. One of the few commercial parody/political satire combination's in the history of SNL. Great Opening.


    Steve is at his zany best in his third ever appearance in an monologue. He begins with his version of the song, "Mack the Knife", to talking about cat handcuffs, his future shows, and his experiences with "Getting Small". Another great monologue for Mr. Martin.

    Royal Deluxe 2:

    A commercial that shows how a rabbi performed a circumcision on a baby while driving around in the brand new Royal deluxe 2. One of the classic commercial parodies Snl has ever done.

    Wild and Crazy guys 1:

    The first appearance of the Festrunk brothers, as they try to put the moves on two women playing ping -pong. A good sketch, each appearance of the brothers get better over time.

    Jackson Browne: Running on Empty:

    One of the great classics of rock, performed live during it's popularity.

    Weekend Update:

    The First episode of weekend update with Dan Akroyd and Jane Curtin. The two talk about the news stories of the day, with the weekend update weather forecast, a review of "The Deep", by Bill Murray, a report by Laraine Newman on her trip to china, a sports report by Garrett Morris, and a editorial by John Belushi. A great edition of WU, but Akroyd looked uncomfortable doing the news, and was back in season 4 doing editorials.

    Defense Lawyer:

    Steve martin plays a lawyer trying to get a rape victim to admit she disserved it. Mean Spirited, but Martin gave a great performance. A well written piece by the writers.

    Computerized Confession:

    A man learns that his confessions are being put into a computer. The ending is the best part. Not one of my favorites.

    Beatles Offer:

    Repeat from the first year of Snl. I will review the sketch when I review season 1.

    Great Moments in Rock and Roll:

    A groupie tells a story of how she obtained Roy Oribson's sun glasses. Belushi was great as Orbison.

    Franken and Davis:

    The cast and the duo perform a Mr.Usa pageant, with the duo performing different types of stunts. It is modeled for their type of comedy. It get's better down the road.

    Jackson Browne: The Pretender

    Another good song by Jackson Browne. But it's not a classic like his first song. But a great appearance by Mr. Browne.

    Kromega 3

    Another legendary commercial. "It's a watch so complex, that it takes two people to make it work."

    Well that's the show, a good start for the third season. In the closing monologue, Steve thanks everyone and interact's with the cast. Best: Weekend Update

    Worst: Computerized Confession
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