Saturday Night Live

Season 17 Episode 10

Steve Martin/James Taylor

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Dec 14, 1991 on NBC

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  • I could buy you and sell you a thousand times over... but we've got a show to do!

    Okay, we're finally back. Sorry about the almost 3 week delay. Conner got a little lazy. :) But, we're back. Our stop for my summer reviews is at Steve Martin/James Taylor from season 17.

    I saw this repeat right before Christmas because of a lengthy writers strike in 2007/2008. I was hyped up for this episode, just because I wanted to see the wonderful 90s cast. Before this aired at the regular 11:30 spot, it was preceded by 2 specials, one was the Best of 2006/2007 (which I had already seen 200 times) and SNL Goes Commercial. And, while I thought this repeat would be no comparison to them, the Commercial special was actually my favorite of the night, to be truthful.

    The 17th season was a time that featured a huge cast. It was either exactly or almost 20, if I'm right. Now, season 31 had a pretty high number also, but they gelled. To be most respectful, this cast did not gel. As we had our superb late 80s cast, that included Vicky Jackson, Dana Carvey, Kevin Nealon, Mike Myers, and Dana Carvey, we had our other great cast featuring Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Chris Farley, and even more! By this time, we had lost Jan Hooks, Nora Dunn, and Jon Lovitz. So you would think those two would have gelled.

    You're semi-correct. The 1990 - 1991 season was proof that those gelled. But starting in 1991 on to 1995, we had cast members coming in and out like it was a Pizza Hut buffet. People who would stay for years, or for episodes. They were the reason the cast did not gel. And of course we had our... wonderful... Melanie Hutsell.

    But, I'll evaluate later. On with the review!

    Not Gonna Phone It In Tonight: Probably one of the most classic sketches this era had to offer. Steve Martin is down in the dumps, and he remembers what it was like in the 70s to be free and just have fun. He, and the whole entire cast, including production workers, and Lorne Michaels, do a musical opening. What really cut the cake for me, aside from all the silly puns throughout the song, was Steve Martin's delivery of "Live From New York......... line? It's Saturday Night!"

    Monologue: Steve Martin promotes his new movie Father of The Bride. Little jokes. Nothing special.

    Schmitts Gay At the time, it was a rerun, but boy did it deserve it. It made fun of a line of Schmitts Beer commercials that went around, except it was for gay people. The reactions from Sandler and Farley were hilarous.

    Suckerpunch: A premise that shouldn't have been put first.

    Door Men: I thought this was decent.

    Deep Thoughts: Of course, we have to have deep thoughts. I find this segment stupidly hilarious, as does everyone.

    The Energy Brothers: Another decent sketch.

    Weekend Update: Oh boy, Kevin. I guess you had to live when the Soviet Union ended, because so many details about that incident were there. But, Kevin's delivery was just almost painful. Adam's commentary was decent.

    Theatre Stories: I thought this was funny. The premise kind of goes no where, but still a good sketch.

    Regis & Kathie Lee: Kathie Lee's gone... wonder what happened to- Oh, yeah Jan's gone. This was alright.

    Deep Thoughts: Same, good.

    Grandma Pugga: Kind of went nowhere, eh?

    Deep Thoughts: Good, again, just like the last 2 editions.

    The Dark Side: Nat X is hilarious. This was a good sketch.

    Seasons Greetings: This made me laugh.

    So, tonight's episode was somewhat a disapointment. It's probably one of the lower standards for Steve Martin's hosting gigs (even lower than 1994 gig?) but this brought a classic sketch, and re-aired a classic commercial. You can't hate that.

    Steve was a great host, while James Taylor was nothing special to me.

    My next review will be... *thinking*

    Scarlett Johansson/Bjork in year 32? Ok, it's a deal.