Saturday Night Live

Season 34 Episode 14

Steve Martin/Jason Mraz

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Jan 31, 2009 on NBC

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  • No, there's a mirror over there.

    Can anybody believe we're more than halfway through the season? It's unbelievable! Also unbelievable is that I'm doing reviews with one arm.

    Our host is Steve Martin! How can you not be excited? But, then again, SNL has been trying to get former classic hosts for a while, and the episode itself just doesn't deliver. I think getting new hosts is what SNL should focus on. The best episodes this season have been by newbies like Jon Hamm, Anne Hathaway, and Neil Patrick Harris. But, maybe tonights episode will be awesome. Musical guest is Jason Mraz. Moving on..

    Message from the President: Very funny opening. Between the lookbacks, and Biden, this showed that SNL is going to try to spoof this president, even if it kills them. I'm looking forward to more spoofs in the future.

    Monologue: You know it's a Steve Martin monologue when he's all over the place. Nice monologue.

    Pampers Chewables: I creative idea, bur the commercial proved that the idea can be milked so far. Why are all commercials starring Kristen and Jason this year?

    Awkward Inoverts At a Superbowl Party: I was glad to see these characters back. The ectasy thing was great.

    Laser Cats 4ever: Eh.. after last year's Walken one, I'm not all crazy for this sketch. The 'so bad its good thing' has gotten really old. I did get some chuckles, though.

    Issues: Kenan sketch... yawn. The premise was a decent idea, but, after Update. Please. It was a LOT beter than "GOOD! EX! CUSE!!"

    Benard Madoff: I thought it was a funny idea, but I was waiting for something to happen. Like, his wife to come out... oh well.

    Crush on Steve: All four ladies have a crush on Steve. I thought this was pretty funny, and I love that persona that Steve plays being a down right snob.

    While I'm here, I just to say I loved those 3 Pepsi/Macgruber commercials during the breaks that appeared during the original broadcast for NBC, not Global).

    Musical Performance: Jason Mraz performs "I'm Yours". I'm not a hater of this song like my good friend, Stu (lol), but I don't enjoy the song all too much. Mraz is a great live act, by the way.

    Weekend Update: Good Update tonight. The Blagojevich commentary was decent while the Jolie appearance was a great step for Abby. But, Fred stole this. The Patterson commentary was hilarious. It was even better than the last time.

    Crazy Wife: Same character, different costume and voice. The only thing that made me remotely laugh was the resemblance to my former piano teacher (by looks, not voice or mind). Kristen, you're very talented, but make characters that have a point.

    "Late To School": Steve performs "Late To School" with his band. The song got good laughs out of me.

    The Gun: This was kind of funny, but, it was put at the right timespot.

    Musical Performance: Mraz and Colbie Caillat perform "Lucky". Whatever.

    Tonight's episode was a disappointing one with such a great host. SNL obviously has a better time finding its voice with the new generation of actors. I'm very disappointed with the weak writing, but, there were some Steve Martin esque stuff, like the backstage sketch, and such.

    Next week, Bradley Cooper will host with musical guest, TV On The Radio. Excited for the musical guest, and the show itself can go any direction.