Saturday Night Live

Season 34 Episode 14

Steve Martin/Jason Mraz

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Jan 31, 2009 on NBC

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  • Pretty disappointing given that this was a Martin episode. It would have been weak given any host, but with Martin it was especially a letdown.

    Obama cold open - Not particularly funny, but somewhat amusing considering that Obama had a lot of great times during the campaign and the inauguration and now he has to face the realities of a horrible economy and two wars. Notice that Fred said that the note was from 44 to 43? A slight blooper. I did love the line that Obama found out that "you are terrible with money." Sudeikis as Biden livened the sketch up somewhat, but not enough to save it from mediocrity. Hopefully these addresses from Obama don't become the new standard cold open. We had enough of those during W's years and only Ferrell elevated them above the typically mundane. Grade: C

    Martin Monologue - The guy in the lower left corner of the screen salutes Martin as he walks on. I wonder what kind of gestures he was giving Martin as the show ended. Martin's reference to the movie tie-in was amusing because it is so true. SNL typically bases their guest choice now on who has a new movie to shill. The only other joke that didn't fall flat was the one about the audience appearing in his next movie. Grade: B-

    Chewable Pampers Commercial - Gross, but not really all that funny. I think it is too far from reality to be funny. The funniest bits are always close enough to reality to be believable, but have something odd enough to make it funny. This one just didn't work for me. Grade: C-

    Superbowl on Ecstasy - These characters really just need to go away. These sketches never go anywhere and take a long time to get there. This was one of the few times they didn't end the sketch in a discussion to have group sex.Grade: D

    Laser Cats 4 Ever - The weakest of the Laser Cat series. I did enjoy the Robocop and Star wars references, but it just wasn't that good. Kenan did pretty well with his death scene. As much as I used to like some of the digital shorts, I am beginning to think that all of these filmed bits are really getting the show too far away from its live roots. Maybe a digital short hiatus is in order. Grade: B-

    Issues - Kenan's new character was better than his typical characters, but still not great. The theme of the guest not being aware of their physical issues could get old very quickly and would probably not make a very enjoyable recurring sketch. Although it does beat the pants off of The View and Deep House Dish. Grade: C

    Bernie Madoff Invitations - Madoff is certainly a cretin and deserves to be lampooned. A one-man phone sketch is not really the way to do this jerk justice though. Why not have him appear before the Congress and have him pitch some great investment ideas while getting grilled? Grade: D

    Martin and the Ladies - Good to see all of the ladies interacting with Steve. I love how SNL has maintained the tradition of having animals and people in costume roaming around backstage as though this were an old minstrel show. Perhaps a reminder of where this style of sketch comedy originated. Nothing else to say about this one. Grade: B-

    Weekend update - Decent jokes, Jason's good Blago impression, Abby as Angelina and the oh-so non-politically correct impersonation of blind governor Patterson. A good update overall with some good pokes at upstate NY and NJ.Grade: B+

    Cosmetic Salesman - I mentioned a couple of months ago that Kristen's weird characters were rapidly becoming the backbone of the show. I'm beginning to think this is a very bad thing for the future of the show. Two weeks ago we had Gilley and now this awful characterization of an annoying and weird wife. These sketches are only based upon the strangeness of the characters and offer nothing in the way of plot. This is not a good direction in my opinion and should be tempered with more plot-driven sketches. As it is, this was terrible. Grade: F

    Martin's Banjo Tune - Not bad, but not really funny. More of Nickelodeon type of thing than an SNL thing. Grade: D

    Billy "The Gun" - I actually liked this. I thought the concept was funny as were the recollections by the participants. I would have liked it more if they could have shown some old grainy film of the incidents they described. Still, not bad. Grade: B+

    MacGrubers - Pretty strange that Mac went corporate. I think Mac should not be allowed back on SNL at this point. He is nothing more than a corporate shill now. As commercials, they are pretty good. Given their relationship to SNL and the fact that they are being passed off as part of the show is nothing less than disappointing.