Saturday Night Live

Season 31 Episode 12

Steve Martin/Prince

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Feb 04, 2006 on NBC

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  • The Purple Panther and the Little Pink Corvette

    SNL has continued to show an improvement as the shows go on. Some shows slip, or are full of skits that appear to be the best they can come up with. Well, it is not that way with this episode. This episode had 2 flaws, and if you want to know that, read my pick for the worst moment. If it weren’t for that, this episode would definitely be a dime. But both the host and musical guest provided a great entertainment. With that said, as always, I start the review.

    This week’s host is Steve Martin, who is on record for most times hosting, 14! He is a great comedian, very funny, very talented. He did a great job hosting, being very good in all his sketches. His monologue was great, hilarious is the choice word to describe it. I loved him trying to name some of the cast on the show. He has definitely been the best host this season, if not in the past 5 years. I am very glad they had him back. A+

    This week’s musical guest is the Artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As, but now simply known as Prince. I watched both musical performances, “A Woman Scorned” and “Beautiful Love (3121),” which featured Tamar – very talented – and these songs were great. He puts on a great show. Prince has got to be the most talented artist out there, and I’m not really a fan. I do like some of his earlier stuff though. Prince has put on the most entertaining performances since the show started, though that might change for the next episode. A+


    Cold Opening: The Sabotage of Baldwin (Film) – So Kelly Ripa and Steve Martin are an item, huh? Didn’t see that coming. She has an attractive husband. Anyway, Steve has to get rid of Alec Baldwin beating his record, or tying it at least, so he gets rid of him. I loved after Martin through him out the window how Lorne said, “He’s not here. Call Tom Hanks.” And then Steve punched him. That was so great. I also loved when the cab stopped, and he wouldn’t take it. Best part was definitely Andy’s appearance. That will always make the best part for me. This skit was very funny, and I really loved it. Just never would have guessed they wouldn’t want Steve. A+

    Teddy Bear With A Heart – What a great idea. Forget the expensive diamond pendant, the expensive dinner, anything that is, well, expensive. Buy this cute stuffed bear holding a furry heart. She’ll know she mean the world to you. This was pretty funny, and a great take off of a commercial, but not as good as Taco Town or Morgan Stanley, cause both of those were hilarious, and Andy was in both. Still good though. A-

    Oprah – So Steve is an author, who lied about his book. Yo, you don’t lie to The Oprah, okay! Steve played the author, if you haven’t guessed. This was the first time that the women in the audience didn’t tear up the studio. I guess they had been sedated. It was a good skit I think. Entertaining and funny. Kept my attention. A-

    Don’t Buy Stuff You Cannot Afford – One word – Genius! (See, I believe that the title speaks for itself) A+

    Hamas – This was funny, but dumb. The Hamas got Steve to perform, and apparently, promoting his movies is the most important thing in his life. It was strange towards the end. And who knew these people had do much money to give to a famed comedian. B+

    Close Talkers (Film Short) – First reaction was, “Finally, Samberg is on!” Last reaction was, “A short with no Andy? How dare they?!” Chances are that if Forte’s character had been Andy, with all those up close shots, this would be an A- skit. But without him, I can judge that was dumb, and nothing really happened. I was hoping it’d end. This was pry the most annoying moment of the night. Not the worst though. C

    Quick Zoom Theatre – Now this was a great skit! They just zoomed in to people’s faces at the strangest moments. And then they messed up the zoom, and zoomed into the wall! Oh, I laughed so hard. And when Steve, the Doctor, told Fred character that his wife’s baby was Fred’s child, and the camera didn’t zoom, so he went close, and then back, man was that great. I loved the “screw-ups.” Those made it so great. A+

    Super Bowl XL Rehearsals – This had funny parts, but was kind of dumb. And I don’t think Ms. Franklin is that big. But anyhow, (I see what my friend means, I do say “anyway” a lot) three singers are rehearsing for the National Anthem at Super Bowl XL, and later run when they get their Popeye’s chicken. Good chicken too. I loved Horatio’s Neville character. He does sing like that, I’ve noticed. Good skit. B-

    Backstage: Steve and Lorne – Steve wants more money, and almost walked off. I was surprised to see Jimmy Fallon. He’s not even promoting anything. This was funny, and good. I liked that Alec was improving. I guess falling 8 floors onto an ice rink doesn’t hurt him, just makes him confused. No broken bones though. B+

    Prince Show – I wonder what Prince thought of this? This skit was very funny. I would say that this is one of my favorite recurring skits. Steve Martin played his French chef, and Kristen was so great as Drew Barrymore. She has great talent just like Hader has. A+

    State of the Galaxy 2145: Good Lord, bust more over 100 years! Thankfully, I’ll be dead. I liked when the old dude, Hader I presume, ran away when Bush said all over 50 would be shot into space. This was clever, and yes, like many of the other skits, funny. A

    The Tangent (Short Film) – Another one? Well, would Andy be in this? I’d settle for a walk on. And, nope. But I was glad to see Conan in it. My guess is that this was supposed to be on SJ/DC4C. Fred, the Tangent, wouldn’t shut up, and went through and lost this whole acting career, and when he stopped talking, he realized his friend was gone. Did he even know he was a 15-minute celeb? It had its funny parts. B

    Surfer Club – Finally!!!!! Andy is in a skit, and the main person!!!! Maybe Steve was, don’t know. I have been waiting over an hour so I really didn’t care if this skit sucked or not. It was funny. Mostly, the surfers had some old dude, Martin in their group, and the leader, Samberg, was trying to let him down easily. I loved the Clue reference. You know, “No you won’t respond, or no you don’t want me in it.” If you don’t know what I mean, rent the movie Clue, very funny. Now, I have said that when someone I like is in a skit, it will get a higher rating, and this is no different. A++ (It might be a A-/B+, but I saw Andy after a while)

    Naturally Crafting – Rachel could just come out and say she wants Steve to spend the night. This is a crafting show where Steve is an expert, and Rachel is turned on by him, and at the end, she gets what she wants. Now is it just me, or did Rach have Gilda Radner hair? B-

    BEST MOMENT – The whole show was good. Best moment was finding out that Fall Out Boy is on after a long wait for another f***ing new episode. It’s a long wait, but I get to see Andy Samberg and Patrick Stump on the same exact show! Now I am a fan of Ms. Natalie Portman, but if somehow the host was changed at the last minute to, oh, Orlando Bloom or Dominic Monaghan. I’d have the best Saturday night ever. I get enjoy eye candy in a month, and knowing that is the best moment.

    WOST MOMENT – I have complained about this before. Where the hell was Finnesse Mitchell? He was on the Good Nights, and that was it. And Andy was in one skit, well, he also had a part in the Cold Opening, but it was quick, and I didn’t see his face much. So, please, next show, have these two on. Bill too. He should do some impression on a skit, like a celeb.

    SURPRISING MOMENT – Uh, 2 shorts, I ain’t counting the cold opening, but I screamed when I saw next musical guest is FOB, so that was surprising. But it was a surprise that all these celebs made appearances. So that.

    SKIT AVERAGE – 3.6 A-. (I am very surprised that this show had such great skits.)

    RATING – 8.5/10 Sparkling Diamonds (It would have been 10/10 if Andy was used more, and Finnesse was in a skit or 2. Want that to be known.)
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