Saturday Night Live

Season 35 Episode 5

Taylor Swift

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Nov 07, 2009 on NBC

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  • This is my SNL monologue.

    Saturday Night Live,
    Taylor Swift, - The 35 season of SNL is in its 5th episode. After a two week break we are given Taylor Swfit performing double duty. The 19 year old country music star, who was on last season in the NPH episode. In recent times all Timberlake has been good at double duty but since none one since season 32 has done it we will welcome it and see what Swift has to offer.

    Cold Opening: The night starts with the cast taking a hit against FOX news. Wiig as Susteren goes around asking question to her fellow right winged friends. The best part of this was Jason as Glenn Beck. This was funny even though FOX news probably take this the wrong way.

    Monologue: Many people were looking forward to alot of Kayne jokes but it was quickly past over like it should be. Swift sings about her fears of hosting while taking quick jabs at West, Jonas and a quick notion over another Taylor.

    Cartner N' Sons BBQ: Bobby leads the pack with this commercial that is trying to win back customers after, for some reason, mentioning swine with their food products. This was actually worth watching. Alot of good jokes, sars at the end was the best part.

    The View: The neverending talk show returns for another outing. The only thing it did was make me miss Watkins. Nothing is changed as Behar makes fun of her back fat, Whoopi makes her eye move and Hasselbeck being a hassel again. Nasim's impression of walters was alright. But Swift as Gosslin and Andy as Cage did not help make this sketch any better.

    SNL Digital Short- Firelight: It makes fun of twilight with monsters. Pass

    Hollywood Dish: To people interview Swift and makes weird faces to freak out Swift and make her look crazy for their own show airing tonight. Pass

    T.R.A.A.A.P.D: Swift as an angry child who tired of people saying teen drivers are horrible. She takes money from her dad and makes a commerical showing how bad her parents are. This was actually very funny worth a watch. Jason and Wiig as the parents, seems like they are always playing parents in all sketchs

    Musical Performance 1: Swift performs You Belong With Me. I heard this song many times, nothing special. Not a big fan her music so i left the room.

    Weekend Update: Seth is still doing great at solo ancor. Alot of great jokes at the yankees and the women with alot holes in her story :P Fred brings back Nick Fehn, for the 6th time :? While Abby comes out of no where to deliver a solid outing as Sarah McLachlan, who goes onto a funny rant about dogs. Seth then goes into a really about Goldman and Amy Poehler comes out no where to help. It surprised me, it's not that we are missing Amy, i am just waiting for episode when she hosts. Because you know it's coming.

    Penelope - One of Wiig's most beloved characters comes back. (Weird the last time this character was seen was in the NPH episode hmm?) This time Penelope is at a wedding. Swift gets angry and Penelope turns herself into a person from the 30s. This sketch felt like it was written last minute to fill a quick 3 minute spot. Overall not the best from Penelope.

    Scared Straight - Hard to believe this is only the fourth time this sketch has been done. This time the scarred straight program brings two people. Kenan as mcintosh and Swift as skeet. The regular forumla for this sketch happens makes references to movies and then attack the kid with prison rape comments. This works for some reason with them breaking character.

    Date Room?: Nasim and Andy are together on the couch about to watch movies. Swift enters and together the two girls go into an akward dance and secret language. This was probably the worst sketch of the night but still watchable. The best was probably Swift dragging Nasim who was dragging the couch.

    Musical Performance 2: Swift performs Untouchable. A rather slow song, i left the room.

    Bunny Business: The best sketch of the night finds a a commerical promoting a soundtrack for an unfinish rabbit movie about rabbits in the business world. The cast seemed to have alot of fun with this one. Swift as Shakira was great but the climax of this was Kenan as Jennifer Hudson. Overall this episode was great. I am not a big fan of Swift's music but she proved she can some what act. Their was some akward moments, like with the view that would say maybe she should stick with music and not comedy. Wiig and Kenan was great, with the show heavy in Andy and Bill. Abby, Bobby and Nasim all had alot of stuff to work with in this episode. But no Slate, where was she other than the digitial short. Next week have January Jones, from Madmen and the Black Eyes Peas.
  • Taylor Swift was pretty bad, but I thought the cast themselves really came together.

    I knew Taylor Swift was going to be God-awful at hosting, mostly because she has ZERO acting experience besides CSI (and that's not saying much). However, I found myself laughing at cast members I don't usually laugh at and laughing at skits that appeared to be stupid but actually ended up surprising me.

    The cold open was pretty good but not the best.. I always love it when they ignore Fred Armisan's character, such as in the Ryan Reynolds episode where they just skip over his guy in Family Feud. And Taylor Swift's monologue was probably where she was the most comfortable, which isn't great, because the song got old fast.

    After this, there was a series of sketches that were all somewhat solid, some more than others. I really liked anything Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig did. Hollywood Dish and the Penelope skits were great, and the T.R.A.A.A.A.P.D (might be one too many there) skit was pretty good as well (they were all pretty true and everybody's experienced at least a few of those). I wasn't a huge fan of the Scared Straight, mostly because Taylor Swift seemed extremely awkward and it completely ruined the scene for me. Jason Sudekis jumping on the table was hilarious though.

    For the most part, I liked this episode. Taylor Swift was a strike-out, but the cast was pretty strong. And January Jones from Mad Men is here next week, which should be pretty interesting.
  • From the left... to the right.

    It's been two weeks... so hopefully the SNL cast has gotten rejuvenated after that lot of episodes they just performed. There was definitely signs of fatigue in certain parts of each episode due to the Weekend Update Thursday.

    Our host and musical guest is Taylor Swift. The last time we had a multiple host/musical guest was Justin Timberlake in 2006, so I'm excited to see how this works out. Taylor said in many articles how she was excited to do this and how she'd try to get SNL as out of the box as possible. So, maybe they'll be a lot of good writing... who knows?

    Fox News: The impressions in this cold opening were awesome and so was the writing. Kristen's Greta was probably the funniest impression out of the lot, even though Bill's Smith was great too. And then Jason's Glenn Beck was just as funny as the last time he was on.

    Monologue: Taylor performs the "SNL Monologue Song", which was actually really funny. I was surprised they didn't do more with Kanye, but I'm glad they didn't. I just expected SNL to over-milk it, but, good for SNL, they didn't.

    Carter & Son's BBQ: This was pretty funny for a commercial parody. I loved the SARs thing at the end.

    The View: This sketch was pretty funny, but there has to be more of a newer formula. Taylor's Kate Gosselin was okay, but the real attention-getter was Nasim's Barbara Walters. It was very good... and it has it's pros and cons like Michaela's. Nasim has more of the voice that Barbara has (maybe an octave down), while Michaela had that old women studder Barbara sometimes has.

    SNL Digital Short: Firelight: This was a spot-on Twilight parody, but the writing wasn't all that good. It wasn't bad, but it just wasn't all too funny, outside of the actual parody itself. Taylor looked so much like the real character, by the way.

    Hollywood Dish: This started out like a lame Kristen sketch, but it was actually pretty funny... I'm not sure about seeing this recurring though.

    T.R.A.A.A.P.D: This was a really funny sketch, and the ideas were really creative. I loved some of the lines that Jason had.

    Musical Performance: Taylor Swift performs "You Belong With Me", which was nice to hear live.

    Weekend Update: The jokes were okay, but, boy NICHOLAS FEHN!? No! I thought SNL was over that character. This really proves that no characters ever retire on SNL. Abby's Sarah McLachlan was really funny, just because of Seth's reactions. And, seeing Amy again for Really?! was kind of expected but pleasant.

    Wedding Toast: This was a regular Penelope sketch, and the Penelope sketches have changed alot since the first version. There is a lot of dependency on props now, and it isn't as enjoyable.

    Scared Straight: There are always good lines in this sketch, and I laughed a lot once the sketch got started. Also, the breaking character is not really that old since it happens once in a great while.

    Room Mates: This was a pretty funny sketch, and I have a feeling that this was a sketch Nasim did back before SNL.

    Musical Performance: Taylor rolled through a rather boring performance of "Untouchable".

    Bunny Business: This was actually a really, really funny sketch. Abby's Christina Aguilera was almost uncanny, and Taylor's Shakira was probably the most memorable thing Taylor did in the whole episode. Kenan as Jeniffer Hudson also made me laugh.

    Tonight's show came back pretty strong, and rounded to a pretty good episode. Taylor was a decent performer. The cast and writers were rejuvenated, and hopefully this can last through November sweeps.

    Next week: January Jones hosts with musical guest Black Eyed Peas. Boom Boom Pow.
  • Probably the best episode of the season. I laughed more so this weekend than any other. She did a great job. Right from the start of the monologue to the final goodbye, she was awesome.

    Probably the best episode of the season. I laughed more so this weekend than any other. She did a great job. Right from the start of the monologue to the final goodbye, she was awesome. The best skit was Scared Straight. She did a great job staying in her character as the rest of the guys all lost it. Least favourite skit was the roommate one. Still laughed at it, but it was kind of awkward. Both of her performances were good, and I enjoyed the first one more than the second probably because I knew that song. Surprisingly, there was only one Kayne joke. I fully expected a full skit with some kind of interruptions in it. But, the way they did it was probably for the best. I wonder if Taylor requested that it was generally left along.
  • I'm enthralled by your mediocrity.

    Country pop starlet Taylor Swift is host and musical guest.

    Cold Open- Over on FOX News, Shepherd Smith (Bill), Greta Van Sustren (Kristin), Karl Rove (Bobby), Juan Williams (Kenan), Brit Hume (Will), Glenn Beck (Jason) and a lone Democrat who can't get a word in (Fred) discuss the elections in Virginia and New Jersey and there negative effects on President Obama. Kristin's Van Sustren was great as was Jason's Glenn Beck. But the rip on FOX News opened no new ground of which to poke at the network. Monologue- Taylor performs "Monologue Song" which includes digs at Kanye West. I guess this would be funny, if anyone even remembers what happened between Kanye and Taylor.

    Carter 'n Sons- In 2002, a restaurateur (Bobby) hawks his BBQ restaurant with food so good; it gives customers "Swine Fever". Nice ad spoof.

    The View- Over on the morning chat fest, Whoopi (Kenan), Joy Behar (Fred), Elizabeth (Kristin), Barbara (Nasim) along with guest host Kate Gosselin (Taylor) and guest Nicholas Cage (Andy) chat and discuss. I usually enjoy these, however I think this sketch has run its course.

    Firelight (Digital Short) - In a spoof of Twilight, a family of Frankensteins, titled the Franks, brood and strangle all people they come in contact with. This was delightful especially the detail, but it felt like it ended too soon before going anywhere with the story.

    Hollywood Dish- Overzealous celebrity gossip hosts (Kristin, Bill) contort facial expressions for each answer given by Taylor Swift (yes she plays herself), and coach her answers only to doctor film to make her look crazy. Now that I told you the entire sketch, hopefully it will never become recurring, although it is almost certain.

    Teens Raising Awareness Against Parent Drivers- an annoyed teen (Taylor) showcases her organization that speaks against bad parent drivers (Kristin, Jason); funny for the most part, especially the demonstrations of bad driving.

    Taylor performs "You Belong with Me." When did the host of Sha-na-na and a My Chemical Romance guitarist reject become country? Weekend Update- Political comedian Nicholas Fehn (Fred) continues to say nothing, Sarah McLachlan (Abby) talks and sings about dogs and their plight to the disgust of Seth, Amy Poehler stops to do another rendition of "Really….", this time they take a well deserved jab at the Centers for Diease Control for providing Goldman Sachs with Swine Flu vaccine before schools, hospitals, and those most in need. Update was slightly uneven this week as only "Really…." and Sarah McLachlan worked. Penelope at the Wedding Reception- The rapid speak over talker (Kristin) continues her annoying antics, this time at a Wedding Reception. Taylor mentioned in an article that this was her favorite recurring character. I originally enjoyed this character however, with time and lazy writing, it has run its course. Scared Straight- Lorenzo MacIntosh (Kenan) and his current prison mate (Taylor) impart more knowledge on juvenile delinquents (Bill, Andy, Bobby) with obvious references to cinema past and more euphemisms for a certain prison past time. First, Taylor wasn't believable as prison inmate, at all. Second, Bill's breaking character and Jason's yelling for MacIntosh to stop with the euphemisms is becoming the only thing worth laughing at in these sketches. Roommate Cuddlers – A woman (Nasim) is overly excited and playful with her roommate much to the chagrin of her boyfriend (Andy). I was hoping this sketch would turn into some type of dramatic piece with the couple discussing their relationship, but the direction it went was fine. I just wished it had a better ending. Overall, best sketch of the night.

    Taylor Swift performs "Untouchable" Bunny Business – a spoof of Disney film soundtracks, story of anthromorphic hares features song selections from Randy Newman (Fred), Shakira (Taylor), Natalie Merchant (Kristin), Adam Duritz (Andy), Christina Aguilera (Abby), Eddie Vedder (Bill), and Jennifer Hudson (Kenan); enjoyed all the impressions, even the effort in some of them. Second best sketch of the night.

    An uneven show with a reliance on too many recurring sketches and new sketches that were just half finished ideas. I don't expect to see Ms. Swift return as host.

  • This has been an unbelievably bad season and this episode did nothing to help break to losing streak.

    Cold Open - A rather pale jab at FOX news. Wiig's van Susteren is very good and she manages to recreate the Botox induced face paralysis. Suds as Glenn Beck was also pretty good but the rest of the sketch was pretty unmemorable. Grade: C

    Monologue - I guess we shouldn't be all that surprised when a singer (cough, cough) engages in a singing monologue. It was predictably lame with Hader and Suds providing the only real laughs as secret security type agents assigned to protect the stage from a Kanye crash. Grade: C

    Carter N' Sons BBQ - The old Swine Fever commercials now lead people to think that their BBQ induces Swine Flu. If only they could induce a few laughs. Grade: C

    The View - Really?!! The first post-monologue sketch of the night is The View? Last year they used to torture us with the Today Show but now that Michaela is gone, Lorne decided to fall back on this old warhorse of tired cliches. What to say? You've seen it all before, except Nasim's impression of Barbara Walters which was nowhere near as great as Gilda. Bury this sucker. Grade: D

    SNL Digital Short: Firelight - My knowledge of Twilight is limited to a few trailers. Still, this seemed to do a good job of replicating the feel and characters but with Frankensteins instead of vampires. The best digital short I've seen in quite some time. Grade: B

    Hollywood Dish - Very, very childish. Is this Nickelodeon or SNL? Grade: F

    T.R.A.A.A.P.D - Now I'm fairly convinced my cable box is stuck on Nickelodeon. The parents are somewhat funny and very recognizable in their actions. Still, aimed at a very young audience. Grade: C

    Weekend Update - Easily the highlight of a very weak episode. Even with the horrible Nicolas Fehn, the energy and jokes survive intact. Abby does a good job impersonating Sarah McLachlan from those sad animal abuse commercials. And then Amy returns for nice rant about the loathsome Goldman Sachs. Grade: B+

    Penelope - More of the same from Penelope. It's always the same. Why not turn this sketch into a running serial? Episode 1: Penelope first gets into trouble at airport screening. Episode 2: Penelope is interrogated at the police station. Episode 3: Penelope is now before a judge. Episode 4: Penelope is in prison boasting of all the crimes she committed. This would be different each time, and would reward repeat viewers. And it would probably be hilarious. Grade: C

    Scared Straight - Kenan returns with Taylor as a lipstick-wearing man. Again, you've seen it all before. Grade: C

    Roommates - Frickin' cable box is still stuck on Nickelodeon. Awful sketch about two roommates who are a little too close. This goes nowhere, is horribly unfunny and highlights Taylor's inability to act. Grade: D

    Bunny Business - There always needs to be at least one sketch per night that has no other reason to exist than to provide an opportunity to do impressions (remember that Celebrity Ghost Stories sketch?). Fortunately, there are some pretty good ones, particularly Armisen as Randy Newman and Hader as Eddie Vedder. Who heard or even cares what any of the lyrics are? It's all about the impression. Grade: B

    Overall - This episode was geared to a very young audience and may seem funny to them. To those old enough to drink, this sucked. The writers are WAY too dependent on recurring sketches and, frankly, this is just showing how starved for talent SNL currently is. Grade: C-
  • Taylor Swift doesn't belong with SNL. Watching this made me cry tears on my laptop. Me and this episode did not have a love story.

    Taylor Swift is your host tonight. The cute, young country singer who is one of the few current artists your dad is aware of. How did she do on SNL?

    Cold Opening: A shot at FOX News. I've never seen that from this show (that was sarcasm). Bill Hader continued his awesomeness this season, but not a very great opening overall.

    Monologue: I can't tell if this is supposed to be funny. I hope not, because it is not. This is not a la la...monologue.

    Swine Fever: A commercial about swine fever, that now could be interrupted as the swine flu. Kind of clever, but these commercials have gone downhill in quality over the years. The View: Usually funny because of Kenan's Whoopi and Fred's Joy, but Nasim cannot do Barbara Walters as well as Michaela Watkins did. Nasim sounds exactly like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's wife she did for the Ryan Reynolds episode. Taylor Swift ruined it though. I have to applaud her for going out and trying to do a character in her first sketch, but she's just not funny.

    Was Andy Samberg supposed to be Nicolas Cage or Keanu Reeves? He should have just done Keanu, because he actually sounded like him.

    Digital Short: Another reused character as Bill Hader was the same as the alien from the sports show he did with Kenan. I'm not a fan of Twilight, but that doesn't mean I'll like a spoof of it. Hollywood Dish: A parody of interviewer's reactions while the interviewees are talking. Forgettable. TRAAAPD: Pretty dumb segment, but Jason Sudeikis and Kristen Wiig are great in parental roles so they were able to salvage some laughs from this.

    "You Belong With Me": Another Taylor Swift song about being a weird girl who is obsessed with a guy and stalks him. I find it funny that she always sings about being this girl next door, yet we always see her in these dresses that she complains about other girls wearing.

    Weekend Update: Good shot at the Yankees and Bloomberg to start this off! Yes, the return of Nicholas Fehn! Unfortunately, people do not get the genius behind this and the segment bombed as a whole, up until his long rant part. Another funny Abby Elliot impression, and hopefully she gets promoted to the main cast soon. Strong Update overall, best thing so far tonight as Taylor Swift is dying out there.

    Penelope: The post office is closed, but I still get my mail. Better than usual, but this sketch is still a little bit played out. Scared Straight: I'll stay in my line, I just can't afford the tolls. Kenan was funny. Taylor? Not so much.

    Annoying Roommate: Clever sketch, and I can relate knowing girls who actually act like this. Andy and Nasim have good chemistry, hopefully we see more of them together in the future.

    Taylor Swift performed another song that I do not know the name of nor do I care to find out. Won't be downloading this one, will not dial up the internet to get this song.

    Bunny Business: A sketch designed to do impressions of undiscernable singers. Look, I'm sure Taylor is a sweet person, despite being a bit pretentious, and I'm sure she tried hard, but this was just not a very good SNL. Don't expect her to break any hosting records in her lifetime.
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