Saturday Night Live

Season 35 Episode 5

Taylor Swift

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Nov 07, 2009 on NBC

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  • This is my SNL monologue.

    Saturday Night Live,
    Taylor Swift, - The 35 season of SNL is in its 5th episode. After a two week break we are given Taylor Swfit performing double duty. The 19 year old country music star, who was on last season in the NPH episode. In recent times all Timberlake has been good at double duty but since none one since season 32 has done it we will welcome it and see what Swift has to offer.

    Cold Opening: The night starts with the cast taking a hit against FOX news. Wiig as Susteren goes around asking question to her fellow right winged friends. The best part of this was Jason as Glenn Beck. This was funny even though FOX news probably take this the wrong way.

    Monologue: Many people were looking forward to alot of Kayne jokes but it was quickly past over like it should be. Swift sings about her fears of hosting while taking quick jabs at West, Jonas and a quick notion over another Taylor.

    Cartner N' Sons BBQ: Bobby leads the pack with this commercial that is trying to win back customers after, for some reason, mentioning swine with their food products. This was actually worth watching. Alot of good jokes, sars at the end was the best part.

    The View: The neverending talk show returns for another outing. The only thing it did was make me miss Watkins. Nothing is changed as Behar makes fun of her back fat, Whoopi makes her eye move and Hasselbeck being a hassel again. Nasim's impression of walters was alright. But Swift as Gosslin and Andy as Cage did not help make this sketch any better.

    SNL Digital Short- Firelight: It makes fun of twilight with monsters. Pass

    Hollywood Dish: To people interview Swift and makes weird faces to freak out Swift and make her look crazy for their own show airing tonight. Pass

    T.R.A.A.A.P.D: Swift as an angry child who tired of people saying teen drivers are horrible. She takes money from her dad and makes a commerical showing how bad her parents are. This was actually very funny worth a watch. Jason and Wiig as the parents, seems like they are always playing parents in all sketchs

    Musical Performance 1: Swift performs You Belong With Me. I heard this song many times, nothing special. Not a big fan her music so i left the room.

    Weekend Update: Seth is still doing great at solo ancor. Alot of great jokes at the yankees and the women with alot holes in her story :P Fred brings back Nick Fehn, for the 6th time :? While Abby comes out of no where to deliver a solid outing as Sarah McLachlan, who goes onto a funny rant about dogs. Seth then goes into a really about Goldman and Amy Poehler comes out no where to help. It surprised me, it's not that we are missing Amy, i am just waiting for episode when she hosts. Because you know it's coming.

    Penelope - One of Wiig's most beloved characters comes back. (Weird the last time this character was seen was in the NPH episode hmm?) This time Penelope is at a wedding. Swift gets angry and Penelope turns herself into a person from the 30s. This sketch felt like it was written last minute to fill a quick 3 minute spot. Overall not the best from Penelope.

    Scared Straight - Hard to believe this is only the fourth time this sketch has been done. This time the scarred straight program brings two people. Kenan as mcintosh and Swift as skeet. The regular forumla for this sketch happens makes references to movies and then attack the kid with prison rape comments. This works for some reason with them breaking character.

    Date Room?: Nasim and Andy are together on the couch about to watch movies. Swift enters and together the two girls go into an akward dance and secret language. This was probably the worst sketch of the night but still watchable. The best was probably Swift dragging Nasim who was dragging the couch.

    Musical Performance 2: Swift performs Untouchable. A rather slow song, i left the room.

    Bunny Business: The best sketch of the night finds a a commerical promoting a soundtrack for an unfinish rabbit movie about rabbits in the business world. The cast seemed to have alot of fun with this one. Swift as Shakira was great but the climax of this was Kenan as Jennifer Hudson. Overall this episode was great. I am not a big fan of Swift's music but she proved she can some what act. Their was some akward moments, like with the view that would say maybe she should stick with music and not comedy. Wiig and Kenan was great, with the show heavy in Andy and Bill. Abby, Bobby and Nasim all had alot of stuff to work with in this episode. But no Slate, where was she other than the digitial short. Next week have January Jones, from Madmen and the Black Eyes Peas.