Saturday Night Live

Season 35 Episode 5

Taylor Swift

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Nov 07, 2009 on NBC

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  • I'm enthralled by your mediocrity.

    Country pop starlet Taylor Swift is host and musical guest.

    Cold Open- Over on FOX News, Shepherd Smith (Bill), Greta Van Sustren (Kristin), Karl Rove (Bobby), Juan Williams (Kenan), Brit Hume (Will), Glenn Beck (Jason) and a lone Democrat who can't get a word in (Fred) discuss the elections in Virginia and New Jersey and there negative effects on President Obama. Kristin's Van Sustren was great as was Jason's Glenn Beck. But the rip on FOX News opened no new ground of which to poke at the network. Monologue- Taylor performs "Monologue Song" which includes digs at Kanye West. I guess this would be funny, if anyone even remembers what happened between Kanye and Taylor.

    Carter 'n Sons- In 2002, a restaurateur (Bobby) hawks his BBQ restaurant with food so good; it gives customers "Swine Fever". Nice ad spoof.

    The View- Over on the morning chat fest, Whoopi (Kenan), Joy Behar (Fred), Elizabeth (Kristin), Barbara (Nasim) along with guest host Kate Gosselin (Taylor) and guest Nicholas Cage (Andy) chat and discuss. I usually enjoy these, however I think this sketch has run its course.

    Firelight (Digital Short) - In a spoof of Twilight, a family of Frankensteins, titled the Franks, brood and strangle all people they come in contact with. This was delightful especially the detail, but it felt like it ended too soon before going anywhere with the story.

    Hollywood Dish- Overzealous celebrity gossip hosts (Kristin, Bill) contort facial expressions for each answer given by Taylor Swift (yes she plays herself), and coach her answers only to doctor film to make her look crazy. Now that I told you the entire sketch, hopefully it will never become recurring, although it is almost certain.

    Teens Raising Awareness Against Parent Drivers- an annoyed teen (Taylor) showcases her organization that speaks against bad parent drivers (Kristin, Jason); funny for the most part, especially the demonstrations of bad driving.

    Taylor performs "You Belong with Me." When did the host of Sha-na-na and a My Chemical Romance guitarist reject become country? Weekend Update- Political comedian Nicholas Fehn (Fred) continues to say nothing, Sarah McLachlan (Abby) talks and sings about dogs and their plight to the disgust of Seth, Amy Poehler stops to do another rendition of "Really….", this time they take a well deserved jab at the Centers for Diease Control for providing Goldman Sachs with Swine Flu vaccine before schools, hospitals, and those most in need. Update was slightly uneven this week as only "Really…." and Sarah McLachlan worked. Penelope at the Wedding Reception- The rapid speak over talker (Kristin) continues her annoying antics, this time at a Wedding Reception. Taylor mentioned in an article that this was her favorite recurring character. I originally enjoyed this character however, with time and lazy writing, it has run its course. Scared Straight- Lorenzo MacIntosh (Kenan) and his current prison mate (Taylor) impart more knowledge on juvenile delinquents (Bill, Andy, Bobby) with obvious references to cinema past and more euphemisms for a certain prison past time. First, Taylor wasn't believable as prison inmate, at all. Second, Bill's breaking character and Jason's yelling for MacIntosh to stop with the euphemisms is becoming the only thing worth laughing at in these sketches. Roommate Cuddlers – A woman (Nasim) is overly excited and playful with her roommate much to the chagrin of her boyfriend (Andy). I was hoping this sketch would turn into some type of dramatic piece with the couple discussing their relationship, but the direction it went was fine. I just wished it had a better ending. Overall, best sketch of the night.

    Taylor Swift performs "Untouchable" Bunny Business – a spoof of Disney film soundtracks, story of anthromorphic hares features song selections from Randy Newman (Fred), Shakira (Taylor), Natalie Merchant (Kristin), Adam Duritz (Andy), Christina Aguilera (Abby), Eddie Vedder (Bill), and Jennifer Hudson (Kenan); enjoyed all the impressions, even the effort in some of them. Second best sketch of the night.

    An uneven show with a reliance on too many recurring sketches and new sketches that were just half finished ideas. I don't expect to see Ms. Swift return as host.

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