Saturday Night Live

Season 35 Episode 5

Taylor Swift

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Nov 07, 2009 on NBC

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  • From the left... to the right.

    It's been two weeks... so hopefully the SNL cast has gotten rejuvenated after that lot of episodes they just performed. There was definitely signs of fatigue in certain parts of each episode due to the Weekend Update Thursday.

    Our host and musical guest is Taylor Swift. The last time we had a multiple host/musical guest was Justin Timberlake in 2006, so I'm excited to see how this works out. Taylor said in many articles how she was excited to do this and how she'd try to get SNL as out of the box as possible. So, maybe they'll be a lot of good writing... who knows?

    Fox News: The impressions in this cold opening were awesome and so was the writing. Kristen's Greta was probably the funniest impression out of the lot, even though Bill's Smith was great too. And then Jason's Glenn Beck was just as funny as the last time he was on.

    Monologue: Taylor performs the "SNL Monologue Song", which was actually really funny. I was surprised they didn't do more with Kanye, but I'm glad they didn't. I just expected SNL to over-milk it, but, good for SNL, they didn't.

    Carter & Son's BBQ: This was pretty funny for a commercial parody. I loved the SARs thing at the end.

    The View: This sketch was pretty funny, but there has to be more of a newer formula. Taylor's Kate Gosselin was okay, but the real attention-getter was Nasim's Barbara Walters. It was very good... and it has it's pros and cons like Michaela's. Nasim has more of the voice that Barbara has (maybe an octave down), while Michaela had that old women studder Barbara sometimes has.

    SNL Digital Short: Firelight: This was a spot-on Twilight parody, but the writing wasn't all that good. It wasn't bad, but it just wasn't all too funny, outside of the actual parody itself. Taylor looked so much like the real character, by the way.

    Hollywood Dish: This started out like a lame Kristen sketch, but it was actually pretty funny... I'm not sure about seeing this recurring though.

    T.R.A.A.A.P.D: This was a really funny sketch, and the ideas were really creative. I loved some of the lines that Jason had.

    Musical Performance: Taylor Swift performs "You Belong With Me", which was nice to hear live.

    Weekend Update: The jokes were okay, but, boy NICHOLAS FEHN!? No! I thought SNL was over that character. This really proves that no characters ever retire on SNL. Abby's Sarah McLachlan was really funny, just because of Seth's reactions. And, seeing Amy again for Really?! was kind of expected but pleasant.

    Wedding Toast: This was a regular Penelope sketch, and the Penelope sketches have changed alot since the first version. There is a lot of dependency on props now, and it isn't as enjoyable.

    Scared Straight: There are always good lines in this sketch, and I laughed a lot once the sketch got started. Also, the breaking character is not really that old since it happens once in a great while.

    Room Mates: This was a pretty funny sketch, and I have a feeling that this was a sketch Nasim did back before SNL.

    Musical Performance: Taylor rolled through a rather boring performance of "Untouchable".

    Bunny Business: This was actually a really, really funny sketch. Abby's Christina Aguilera was almost uncanny, and Taylor's Shakira was probably the most memorable thing Taylor did in the whole episode. Kenan as Jeniffer Hudson also made me laugh.

    Tonight's show came back pretty strong, and rounded to a pretty good episode. Taylor was a decent performer. The cast and writers were rejuvenated, and hopefully this can last through November sweeps.

    Next week: January Jones hosts with musical guest Black Eyed Peas. Boom Boom Pow.