Saturday Night Live

Episode 28

The Best of Amy Poehler

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Apr 18, 2009 on NBC

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  • Clip show - many of Poehler's best characters were highlighted, including a nice montage of her best Weekend Update Moments

    Amy Poehler will always be one of my favorite SNL players, due in large part to her commitment to her characters and the sense of joy she exudes while playing them. You can just tell she's having a good time. This episode opened with Poehler playing Hillary Clinton in the first of the infamous Fey/Palin sketches from the fall of 2008. Seeing Poehler and Fey back together was high point in both the original episode and this "Best of" episode. The show then took us back through the years and highlighted a number of Poehler's great sketches and characters, including Caitlin the hyper child, her crazy Appalachian lady in Applachian Emergency Room, The Dakota Fanning Talk Show, Barbie, and many more. One of the best parts of the show was the clips from Weekend Update. Instead of showing her best weekend update, the producers grabbed the best clips and put them together as if they were one long segment of Update. It was fun to see her various cohosts and hairstyles. They even included her watery-eyed signoff that was interrupted by Fred Armisen's blind Governor Patterson wandering into the frame. I only wish we could have seen the song that Maya Rudolph and Keenan Thompson sang the night she had her baby, although since she wasn't in the bit, I guess it didn't fit. But it would have been nice to see that was incredibly sweet and really showed that her co-workers cared about her.

    Still, the real highlight came at the end of the show, making a nice bookend, when super-pregnant Amy got up to do the Sarah Palin rap. A fine cap on a great episode and even greater player.
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