Saturday Night Live

Episode 12

The Best of Chris Kattan

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Sep 27, 2003 on NBC

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  • Did Anybody Really Sit Though This?

    I am going to make this loud and clear: Chris Kattan was an overrated cast member. No matter what he did, he was always spastic and sometimes stuggled for laughs. It's not like I hate the guy, it's just that he's not a natural comedic actor, as evidenced by films like "Monkeybone" and "Corky Romano." He was however, a cast member since April 1996, and just left the show last spring, and apparently has a small yet devoted following that will probably start sending me hate mail very, very soon.

    I am presuming that this special was produced simply because he had been on the show for so long, and that he was very popular with the cast and crew. So, under this logic, shouldn't Kevin Nealon have received his own "Best of" special? Or, for that matter, David Spade? Or Bill Murray, who happens to be a bigger star than the three combined?

    Since it would be redundant to review a clip show, I will make my analysis of "The Best of Chris Kattan" short and sweet. They could've chosen a better "Mango" sketch, but they chose the catfight with J.Lo instead. They could've featured an entire "Roxbury Boys" sketch, instead of two minutes from their first of too many appearances on SNL. Heck, they could've done without a "Zimmermans" sketch. There was nothing remotely funny about the @#$%^&* Zimmermans! There was some strange sketch selection in this special.

    One bright note: the first Kattan-free show is this coming Saturday, with Kenan Thompson of "All That" fame now a featured player. I've only seen two episodes of "All That" over the course of its ten-year run, but hopefully he'll carry SNL back to its plateau after an uneven Year 28.

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