Saturday Night Live

Episode 24

The Best of TV Funhouse

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Apr 29, 2006 on NBC

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  • A mix of stupidity, disgust, and comedy.

    I dont have a recap to work with so I will sum this one up quickly. Robert Smigel who is also "Triumph The Insult Comic Dog" is a comedic genius, but the cartoons were more gross than funny at times. Anatonamals was a good example since it was just animals with giant dongs or knockers. But this special was funny.
  • What happens when I am looking forward to seeing my fav cartoon, and they don't come all the way through?

    I am not happy. I was looking forward so much to Bambi: 2002 and thd Charlie Brown one where the kids move their arms and everything goes from bad to good. They showed a minute of each. I was so excited, and nothing! I am happy that what I haven't seen in 4 years will finally be on, and all they do is tease me. I don't want to be teased! And then they show 2 crappy things. And those in their entirity! Were these people stoned? No use for a rewview when this is my opinion.

    They held back.

    They kept the goods. No, they let you sample the goods, but made you eat the crap.

    Are You Hot? - A-
    Ace & Gary's Monologue - C
    Ambiguously Gay Duo - B+
    Fun W/ Real Audio - B+
    Bambi 2002 - A+ (Needed more though than 1 min)
    Sadam & Osama - A-
    Sexual Harrassment In the Workplace - D-
    Clinton Testifies - B
    Michael Jackson - B-
    Journey To the Disney Vault - A- (So soon?)
    The Smurfette Show - B+
    The Narrator That Ruined Xmas - B-
    Fun W/ Real Audio - A-
    Charlie Brown Christmas - A+ (Stop cutting the goods!)
    Divertor - B-
    Find Black People At the Knicks Game - C (Okay?)
    Token Cartoons: Holk and Daisy & Ladysmith Black Mambazo In Outer Space - A-
    Christmas Time For The Jews - A-
    Mr. T Needs Work - B- (Love the mixed up words at the end!)
    X-Presidents - A
    Safety Tips From The Ambiguously Gay Duo - B (Dirty & Funny!)
    Fun With Real Audio - B
    Fun With Real Audio - C
    Shazang - D- (Disgusting!)
    Anatominals - C+

    There ya have it. Four FWRA, and not the one I liked with Colin Powell. But there were skits that made me laugh. I would have given it a 7 had they put the complete Bambi 2002 on. The Jimmy Fallon thing got old, but I did like when The Ambiguously Gay Duo asked if anyone from the cast of Troy was on the cast. And they put Andy in so many dirty positions. Dude hadn't even been on a year and he's already stripping in front of the camera. But everyone was teasing me cause I couldn't see it, and I had no idea he was nude, even if they did cover him. (Didn't get the time to, if was a quick shot of him, but it appears he may kinda work out. I don't know. I was tired and annoyed at the end. Annoyed more.

    Rating - 6/10 Sparkling Diamonds

    No average for the cartoons cause they don't deserve it.

    If they do this again, have Bambi 2002 on in its entirity! Please!!!
  • Funny Retread

    Well I have seen it all before, but it remains funny. Saturday Night Live is great to watch and even a bad cast can have a funny show. This was one of the best of shows and it was the cartoons. I am not a big fan of the cartoons but they do remain funny. Especially the best of. Keep it up Saturday Night Live, may you have another 31 years of fun.
  • With the final month to go in the season, SNL devotes an hour and a half to writer Robert Smigel and his cartoons.

    Most of the cartoons aired were ones that I was glad to see them again. The sad thing was it seemed that at least five of the cartoons, give or take a few, were from this season. Now I don't seem to remember when Smigel was brought on board without checking, but I would have done at least so many cartoons per season.

    Cartoons I was glad to see again:
    Ex-Presidents - though I wish it had been one after Reagan had been buried.
    Divertor - I laughed out of my seat the first time that this one aired.
    Xmas Time for the Jews - I loved this the first time it aired and I was glad to see it again. I actually stopped what I was doing when this came on.

    I almost missed thie episode but glad that I didn't. It's obvious that Jimmy has nothing to do since he's made two cameo appearances this season.