Saturday Night Live

Season 33 Episode 6

Tina Fey/Carrie Underwood

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Feb 23, 2008 on NBC

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  • And we're back! After a few weeks hiatus...

    The WGA Strike of America went on strike forcing late night shows to go off air immediately. While most late night talk shows came back in January, SNL did not. Saturday Night Live has been off air since Brian Williams/Feist in November. So, here is the first review back.

    Tina Fey came to host incase of some grogginess from the cast. And, even though we've barely seen her act in sketch comedy, I'm sure she'll do great.. Musical guest is Carrie Underwood with her two new singles that made a lesser extent from last year's two "Before He Cheats" and "Wasted".

    CNN Clinton/Obama: The actor playing Obama was right bellow our noses the whole time. I was going through the current cast and seeing who could possibly play him. When I heard Maya was leaving, I was relieved. Now I knew they weren't going to have a half-black women to play a black senator, man. I never thought of Fred. But now that I think of it, Fred is capable of playing African Americans. He did Corbin Bleu in the season premiere! Favoring Obama was pretty funny. This was more of a silly sketch. It was a pretty good cold opening, but it should be, since we are approaching the elections.

    Tina Fey's monologue: Steve Martin! I would have been surprised, but the spoiler at 11 ruined it. I thought this was a pretty good monologue. I knew there would be a big name on tonight's show.

    Annuale: This commercial was great! Obviously Fey had something, if not everything, to do with this. All the women were funny in this.

    Rock of Love: I know this really annoying kid who always talks about this show. And now that I've seen the spoof on SNL, it looks like a pretty stupid show. But anyways, this was a pretty good sketch.

    The Disk my wife made (Digital short): More like a commercial, but yeah, it's unique. Andy and Bill were great as the grand kids.

    Whtas That B**** Talking about?: Always gotta have a gameshow. Once again, it was a SNL gameshow. How good can it get? For the record, the title was more entertaining than the sketch.

    Musical Performance: Carrie performs "All-American Girl". It was an easy yawner, which is a bumber since last year's two performances from her were so good.

    Weekend Update: Good jokes. I really wished they brought Roger A. Trevanti to wrap up the Strike. At least she wasn't a full on anchor. Huckabee was a great sport, and actually really made me laugh a lot.

    Celbrity Apprentice: We ressurected many impressions. This was probably the best sketch of the night. Donald Trump, Gene Simmons, Charles Barkley, and also we got Casey as Rachael.

    Wedding Reception: This was a pretty funny one. Tina was pretty funny as the bride. Mahoney was never my favorite character, though, and I thought it was extremely random to bring him back.

    Air Balloon Commercial: Kristen as a bad actress. "weeee." Hahaha, that stands up for all cheap, local commercials in America.

    Food Channel special: First of all, the best part of this sketch was the slogan. Food Channel, Porn for fat people. It took a second to sink in but then I was laughing for a while. But yeah, unique.

    Musical Performance: Carrie performs "Flat on The Floor". It's more exciting than All-American Girl, but not by much.

    Lady Business: A short ending sketch. But, yeah, the word of the night, unique. Casey's scene was cut out last second.

    Overall: Well, we're back, and this was a good return episode. You could tell Tina touched this episode with her awesome writing techniques. Casey was around alot for her first episode, and she did exceptional. Her Ray impression, and her making out with Sudeikis was great. Carrie was more of a bland musical guest, and I know she's a good live singer, hence winning American Idol, but, ya know. Her last album was a lot better..

    Next week is Juno, or Ellen Page, nominated for an Oscar, hosting. Wilco is musiscal guest. They're a great band and I can't wait for their debut. (It is there debut, right?)

    Posted February 24, 2008. 10:37