Saturday Night Live

Season 33 Episode 6

Tina Fey/Carrie Underwood

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Feb 23, 2008 on NBC

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  • It would be easy to carp and say that this show was a complete letdown after 3 months off. On a brighter note, Maya's replacement Casey Wilson appeared in the show a great deal tonight and did an admirable job.

    After such long wait, expectations for this show are abnormally high. Some folks might think that the writers should have stockpiled ideas during this time and come back with a very strong show. My own thoughts are that the writers went into the same kind of mode that kids do during summer break where they forget everything about school and just chill out. That and the writers don't want to think for free, ya know? Only on the clock! Enough rhapsodizing, let's get down to it!

    Democratic Debate - Yes, the media is in love with Obama and the coverage has been totally one-sided. Not to mention that they have seemed to have forgotten McCain altogether (other than his alleged indiscretions). Everybody finds humor in different ways during the political season. Armisen's portrayal of Obama was very accurate physically, but lacked significantly on the vocal side. Obama has a wonderful low resonance to his voice that gives authority to his otherwise trite speeches. Armisen needs to work on the low register of his voice if he wants to be truly convincing as Obama. I have frequently bashed political openings, but that is because they are often irrelevant. This is THE time when they are relevant. Just need to find the crumbs of humor in the in the campaign. Believe me, they're there. Grade: C

    Monologue - Seeing Fey up there, it was like "Hey, where's the host? Oh, yeah she IS the host!" The jab at the disappointing outcome of the writer's strike was funny and necessary. Probably more poignant than funny for the writers though. A cameo by Steve Martin always portends great things. He has always used the line "I was just sitting at home watching the show" whenever he does a walk on. It's too bad that Martin wasn't the host because he was full of energy and elevated the monologue just by being there. The shot of the "writers" was funny (are they really writers?). Sad to see Steve leave and not return. Grade: B+

    Annuale commercial - Every man's nightmare. We sometimes joke about PMS or "that time of the month" but this pill raises the terror to a whole new level. I liked this commercial and wouldn't have changed anything (other than add a swash of pink to the Amy/Fred segment for consistency). Kristen tongue kissing the dog was a nice and bizarre touch. Now she joins Andy in the French kiss dog club. And we get the chance to see Tina as her normal self. Grade: A

    Rock of Love 2 - Yes, we have this several times before with Amber appearing on The Swan, America's Next Top Model, and The Bachelor. The formula was the same this time, but was a bit funnier because of the source material. $kankie groupies are always good for a laugh and the ladies did a great job of showing how scary groupies can be. Casey's first big moment of her SNL career. Nice set with the candles and drapes. The usual ending with Amber farting her way off the set. Probably don't need any more Amber sketches unless they find a new format for her. Undoubtedly, this was a quick one for the writers. Grade: C+

    Digital Short - The Lonely Island guys provide one of the highlights of the night (for me at least). A scared old man with geeky grandkids provides a nice setup for the clips. Well done all around. Love the Member's Only jackets! Grade: A

    What's That B1tch Talking About? - OK, so we all overhear people's cell phone conversations and try to figure out what they're talking about. Nice concept, but not one of the better SNL game shows. Having Fey get every one of the questions exactly right go old quickly and lost whatever humor it may have had initially. A real quickie sketch. Grade: C-

    Weekend Update - The jokes were OK tonight, but the Huckabee appearance was probably the highlight with his missed cue to leave the set. A lot of people seem to be fired up over the Fey segment, but it really wasn't much different than when she was the anchor for WU. She has always been highly opinionated and thinks that we should somehow share, let alone care about, her opinions. Grade: B- (for everything but Tina)

    Celebrity Apprentice - TV was a vast wasteland during the writer's strike (only during the writer's strike?) and this is the kind of crap that got served up (and still is). Not one of the better Apprentice parodies, but seeing the Six Flags guy up there was a nice surprise. And I always love to see Arimsen's Gene Simmons impression, even when he is just mumbling gibberish. ESPECIALLY when he is just mumbling gibberish. Grade: C

    Wedding Toast - The idea about the drunk best man giving an embarrassing speech is nothing new and was done very well in Four Weddings and a Funeral and a series of Budweiser commercials. Sudeikis did a fine job as a complete a$$, but that's to be expected as he excels at these characters. I'm not sure why they went with this one other than it was not a concept piece so all the writers had to do was put together a string of jokes. A hurried sketch that probably wouldn't have made it on under normal circumstances. Grade: C

    Hot Air Balloon - A nice low-budget local commercial feel to it. Kristen came across like one of those desperate Realtors begging for business. (Apologies to any Realtors reading this). Quick and fun. Grade: A

    I Drink Your Milkshake - A strange show highlighted by one of Armisen's creepy characters. He always does a great job playing these. Not sure what to say about this one. The idea wasn't great and the conflicts between the drinker and the milkshake owners could have been more pronounced. Perhaps a duel with the oversized straws? Grade: C

    Lady Business - A complete throwaway. With 2 minutes to kill, they gave us something from Tina's playbook: the Nazi feminist business lady. They could have just shown clips of Tina during her normal workday for the same effect. Grade: D