Saturday Night Live

Season 35 Episode 19

Tina Fey/Justin Bieber

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Apr 10, 2010 on NBC

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  • You can't seriously be considering euthanizing her!

    It's been a while. Almost a month since our last original broadcast, tonight brings Tina Fey and Justin Bieber. I'm excited for Fey... Justin? Not so much.

    Census 2010: As much as I'm getting sick of Fred's Obama, this was a pretty funny sketch. The questions got creepier and creepier as the sketch went on, and I think it was pretty well written.

    Monologue: This monologue was pretty energizing. The two nannies were funny, and Will's creepy character were hilarious. It was on a roll, then Justin Bieber showed up.... but, yeah. Anyways, Kenan as Chaka Kahn was good too.

    Brownie Husband: This was a hilarious commercial. I love when Tina plays the desperate single housewife. She's really convincing at it.

    Masters Tournament: Tina played a good character with the trashy girl. I liked the irony with Tina saying she actually did sleep with Tiger. Also, I loved the political incorrectness from Fey. I also loved the Tiger commercial.

    Sarah Palin Network: It was great seeing Fey back as Palin. The sketch was hilarious. All the different show ideas, even the ones that weren't acted out, sounded/were hilarious.

    Lonely Teacher: This sketch was okay. I'm going to be as unbiased as possible, so I'll ignore the fact that Bieber was featured. It was pretty funny with all the musical interludes.

    Musical Performance: J-B performs "Baby". Remember? The one on the radio?

    Weekend Update: The jokes tonight were really good. Jason's Devil character was really good, and it was definitely original. Kristen's Aunt Linda was nice to see back. And, then, Tina Fey's "Women News" was really good. From the Oscar curse to the Boehner joke, Fey had it tonight.

    Ruff, Rugged Roker: This was actually a really funny sketch. Kenan's real Roker was so over the top, that it was funny. The contrast between the "ghetto" Roker and the Today Show Roker we all know was great. Kim's Kardashian was great too, along with Fey's Dina Lohan.

    School Dance: I really liked this character by Nasim. The quirkiness of this character was great. I really like Nasim, obviously, and this character helps out her progress on SNL. The weird punchlines she said were hilarious, because they were more of what a 40 year old mother would say than a 12 year old girl.

    Musical Performance: Justin Bieber performs "U Smile". I smiled when I finally saw the commercial bumper come up.

    Tiny Hooker: This was a pretty funny 10-to-one sketch. Just around average.

    That was tonight's episode. It was really good, I thought. Justin Bieber did not help this episode at all. In fact, he might have hurt the episode, but the episode was still a good, strong, broadcast. That's pretty good. I didn't mind Bieber too much in the actual sketches, I guess. He didn't really hamm it up, or ruin anything. Tina Fey was obviously a delight to have back on the show, of course. I am looking forward to her next hosting gig, which I'm sure will be in another year or two.

    Next week: Ryan Phillippe, co-star from Will Forte's "MacGruber", hosts with musical guest Ke$ha....
  • Tina Fey hosts.

    Tina Fey, star of 30 Rock, the sitcom of the decade, and great movies such, okay, so she's more of a television star was your host tonight. She may have been the best host so far this season, but the material was only there for the first half hour or so. You would think given a great writer like Fey the writing would be there. You would think.

    Cold Opening: Barack Obama explains why it is important to fill out the Census, and reads all 10 questions, with 8 of them being goofy questions. Not exactly my cup of tea.

    Monologue: As expected, a very enjoyable monologue with Tina Fey explaining how she juggles all of her duties. Cameos by Mark Sanchez and Steve Martin.

    Brownie Husband: A commercial about a bakeable husband dummy. As stupid as this sounds. The Masters: Jason Sudeikis, doing another sportscaster impression, this time as Jim Nantz. He actually sounded like him as opposed to his Kevin Harlan. Tina Fey played a slutty woman who made a bunch of sexual innuendos. Kind of funny for Fey's jokes, but not exactly a great opening sketch. The Sarah Palin Network: A parody of the soon to be launched Oprah Winfrey Network. Fey did her magnificent Sarah Palin impression along with a parody of a bunch of TV shows. Nice little segment.

    Jason: Tina Fey is a teacher who ponders a relationship with the one student who appreciates her, Jason (Justin Bieber.) Kind of funny, but it's clear Bieber will not be making the leap into acting anytime soon.

    Song #1: No comment.

    Weekend Update: Some good guests here with Aunt Linda returning after a lengthy absence (I was actually expecting Michaela Watkins to show up after Seth mentioned movies,) Jason Sudeikis as the devil, and Tina Fey with Women's News. Fey hasn't lost a step at the desk, and was great in yet another scene tonight. Al Roker's Ruff Rugged and Roker: Al Roker is a weatherman by day and a party animal during other parts of the day. Fey appeared as Deena Lohan and Nasim Pedrad as Kim Kardashian. I think the concept was good, but the writing just made this sketch bomb.

    A Girl Obsessed With Her Mother: Another concept that seemed good on paper, but failed to really deliver. The writing and acting just did not work here. And ugh, another Bieber appearance. A Midget Prostitute: There's a reason they end a show with these kinds of sketches.
  • Please don't use my voice in a commercial

    Former Update anchor and rising sitcom star Tina Fey returns to host, the newest teen bubblegum "star" Justin Bieber "sings"

    Cold Open- A Message from the President- President Obama (Fred) goes through the census questions ranging from the actual (how many reside in this home?) to the bizarre (bank/ATM information, zionist influence on the media). The questions were obvious, but it was decent enough.

    Monologue- Tina talks about her new movie, finishing up season 4 of 30 Rock, and thanks her "village"- her "husband" (Mark Sanchez), Tax Lawyer (Steve Martin), Chaka Khan (Kenan) and Justin. Nice to see Steve Martin drop by again.

    Brownie Husband- Duncan Hines presents the brownie treat in the shape of a significant other. Tina having sex with the baked treat husband was almost too much. The oozing caramel was strangely funny.

    CBS Sports- Jim Nantz (Jason) and Nick Faldo (Bill) along with Tiger Expert Ashley St. Cloud (Tina) discuss Tiger Woods. This was mostly blah for me.

    Nike ad- This spoof of the Tiger Woods Nike ad aired in the middle of CBS sports. Great touch even down to the father's voice saying not to use his voice in a commercial.

    Sarah Palin Network- Palin (Tina) showcases the programming on her cable network. Sketch of the night, favorites have to be- Todd, Painting for Patriots, Alaskanence, and Tonight Show with Jay Leno appearing on the network.

    My Favorite Student- Teacher (Tina)is impressed by a nice student (Justin) who sings his inspiration. A showcase for the musical guests weak acting skills and pre-pubscent voice. Justin Bieber performs "Baby" while America's Best Dance Crew rejects surrounds him.

    Weekend Update- The Devil (Jason) speaks about how the latest Catholic Sex Abuse scandal is even too much for his usual dirty work; Aunt Linda (Kristin) reviews more movies; Women's News- Tina reports on respectable women vs. skanks; Seth's top jokes KFC Sandwich and Alan Greenspan. A little too long, but good for the most part.

    Al Roker's Ruff, Rugged, and Roker- Al Roker (Kenan) hosts club talk show, but abruptly gives the weather reports at various point throughout. Like many have already mentioned, this reminded me of the sketch from 15 years ago with David Alan Grier as Bryant Gumbel switching between a really "street" demeanor off air and his really prim & proper on air demeanor. Because I like that sketch, this gets a pass. School Dance- Nerdy girl (Nasim) chats with her mom (Tina) and other students at school dance. A nice showcase for Nasim. Justin Bieber performs "U Smile"

    Miniature Hooker- A 9-inch tall hooker (Tina) dreams of France, but gives her savings to an orphange. When's the last time show did sweet almost serio comic sketch such as this? Good enough for me.

    Not bad, although Justin appeared in one two many sketches. 7.5/10
  • Tina Fey did a good job hosting, doesn't mean that the show was great.

    I loved seeing Tina Fey return to SNL, the fact that she is so funny improved the poor writing of some of the sketches, even Justin Beiber did ok on his sketches, some were just not funny though, especially the teacher sketch and the school dance sketch, those two were definitely overlong and annoying. Weekend Update was funny as per usual and that Master's sketch was pretty cool too, but only because of Tina Fey. To me, the best sketch was the one were Keenan portrayed Al Roker, every time he would randomly stop his partying to do the weather and change his voice so suddenly it was hilarious, just the right length too. Sarah Palin Network was hilarious too, as Tina Fey always does a spot on impression of Palin. I didn't see any of Justin Beiber's musical performances so I can't comment on that but overall the episode was one of the better of the season but it still wasn't great
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