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  • Season 39 Episode 14: Jim Parsons/Beck

  • At the beginning of Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley's commentary on Weekend Update, the camera briefly cuts back to Cecily giggling at the other end of the desk. Colin Jost and Kenan Thompson joke briefly before going ahead with the written piece.

  • Season 39 Episode 13: Melissa McCarthy/Imagine ...

  • Toward the end of the "Summer of Diane" sketch, Melissa McCarthy declares "watch my shit, gotta pee." The S-bomb was muted in the west coast broadcast.

  • Season 39 Episode 2: Miley Cyrus

  • The "Cheerleader Abduction"  sketch  is marred by multiple glitches. The camera on Miley malfunctions at one point, forcing the director's booth to switch to a medium shot. However, a stagehand is still assisting Vanessa with attaching her wire, and Taran is doing the same for Noel. Also, when Kenan first appears as the alien, Cecily accidentally  stands  in the green screen.

  • Season 39 Episode 1: Tina Fey/Arcade Fire

  • The stock footage for the airport sketch which is supposed to be playing in Chicago O'Hare airport is actually an outside shot of Zurich International Airport in Switzerland. Along with the parts of Terminal A and control tower the shot shows two medium-lange planes from Swiss and one medium-range plane from Lufthansa (Terminal A handles domestic Swiss flights and a number of routes to other European countries).

  • Season 38 Episode 20: Kristen Wiig/Vampire Weekend

  • In the Benghazi cold open, Taran Killam plays Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) but the caption reads Rep. Peter Welch (D-NH). Also, in a more glaring mistake, kidnapper Ariel Castro (played by Bobby Moynihan) is introduced as rescuer Charles Ramsey.

  • In the Benghazi cold open, Taran Killam plays Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) but the caption reads Rep. Peter Welch (D-NH). Also, in a more glaring mistake, kidnapper Ariel Castro (played by Bobby Moynihan) is introduced as rescuer Charles Ramsey.

  • Season 38 Episode 18: Vince Vaughn/Miguel

  • A  boom  mic is visible on multiple occasions during the "Short Term Memory Loss Theater" sketch.

  • Season 38 Episode 14: Christoph Waltz/Alabama S...

  • In the original live broadcast, the graphic logo and audio cue for the "What Have You Become?" sketch both malfunctioned.

  • Season 38 Episode 12: Adam Levine/Kendrick Lamar

  • "The Sopranos Diaries" apparently takes place in three different years. In two shots, there is a banner in the high school hallway dated 1981. Paulie Walnuts discusses "Return of the Jedi," which was released in May 1983. Silvio wears a "Frankie Says Relax" T-shirt, referencing a popular song from early 1985.

  • Season 38 Episode 11: Jennifer Lawrence/The Lum...

  • In the original live broadcast, the "Hobbit Sequels" ad parody is marred by a digital glitch. It was corrected in the West Coast tape delay.

  • Season 38 Episode 8: Jeremy Renner/Maroon 5

  • An audio gaffe occurs in the monologue of the original live broadcast. As Jeremy sits down at the piano, we cannot hear him play the instrument (if he really is playing the piano to begin with). Renner is forced to ad-lib some banter with the audience before the piano mic is finally turned on.

  • The lower part of Bobby Moynihan's body is  noticeably  unpainted in the "Avengers" sketch.

  • Season 37 Episode 22: Mick Jagger/Arcade Fire, ...

  • During Mick Jagger and Jeff Beck's performance of "Tea Party (Presidential Blues)," Mick Jagger utters the line "down in the s***" without being censored. It was bleeped out in the West Coast tape delay.

  • Season 37 Episode 17: Jonah Hill/The Shins

  • At one point in the last half-hour of the show, the live feed cut to the SNL crew setting up an ESPN-style talk show set, presumably for the next sketch. However, said sketch did not appear in the live show.

  • Season 37 Episode 16: Lindsay Lohan/Jack White

  • Towards the end of the "Scared Straight" sketch, Jason Sudeikis' character accidentally sits on --and knocks over--a cup of pen and pencils, causing Jason and the other actors to break character.

  • Season 37 Episode 9: Katy Perry/Robyn

  • The director of the "Kalle" talk show sketch is "Don Roy Kemppainen," which is the real name of SNL director Don Roy King.

  • A boom mic appears repeatedly in the "On The Record" sketch.

  • Season 37 Episode 7: Jason Segel/Florence + Th...

  • When we first see Kristen Wiig in the "Seducing Women Through Chess" digital short, she sits behind one checker board on a small pedestal. For the purpose of a gag five seconds later, she sits in front of two boards.

  • During the "Blue Jean Committee" sketch, you can see Paul Rudd sneak behind Fred Armisen to take his place in the crowd.

  • Season 37 Episode 3: Ben Stiller/Foster the Pe...

  • The list of errors found by the Fact Checkers that scrolled by at the end of the "Fox & Friends" segment were:

    The second president of the United States was John Quincy Adams, not Sam Adams Summer Ale.

    A movie and a motion picture are the same thing.

    Juice is a drinkable substance.

    There are seven continents, not one thousand.

    The "West Memphis Three" is not a jazz quartet.

    America is not currently under a "Level 9 Liberty Alert." There is no such thing as a "Level 9 Liberty Alert."

    Presidential dog "Bo" Obama does not collect Social Security checks, nor is he an undocumented Peruvian housekeeper in disguise.

    Julie Andrews is an award winning British actress. She has never been on trial for kidnapping.

    Windows are typically made of glass.

    President Obama did not pardon Carmen San Diego.

    Flu shots prevent influenza and have nothing to do with getting into heaven.

    Nancy Pelosi did not appear on an episode of River Monsters.

    There is not now, nor has there ever been a plan to air-condition the Grand Canyon.

    Herman Cain did not invent pizza.

    Christopher Columbus sailed to what is now the modern day United States in an efford to find a trade route to the West Indies. Not to flee the dragons.

    No Transformers have ever been found on the moon.

    Flo from the Progressive Insurance ads is a living human being, not the ghost of a Civil War widow.

    Africa is widely regarded to be the origin of the human species. It was not "discovered only a handful of years ago."

    The Jewish Holiday just celebrated was Rosh Hashanah not Rush Hot Bananas.

    Nicolas Cage did not sign the Declaration of Independence.

    There is no known connection between The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Bay City Rollers.

    Electric cars are not powered by electric eagles.

    Carrying a child in a Baby Bjorn does not cause homosexuality, in the child or the adult.

    The Washington Monument was not named after Denzel Washington. Nor was it named after the Washington Redskins.

    The Pope does not hold a world record in speed skating.

    Abraham Lincoln is not alive and living in Amish, Pennsylvania. There is no such place as Amish, Pennsylvania.

    Mount Rushmore does not include the face of Spiderman.

    There are indeed several laws that prohibit pointing a gun at a mail carrier.

    Pocahontas was not named after a stripper.

    Vermont still exists.

    There is currently no bill before the house that would mandate the eating of flan on Thanksgiving.

    Mary Magdalene was not eaten by a dinosaur.

    General Tso did not win the Civil War for the Confederacy.

    Rick Perry was not a contestant on The Amazing Race nor was he the winner of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge.

    "Time In A Bottle" was never the national anthem.

    Whole Foods does not provide free abortions.

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