Saturday Night Live

Season 35 Episode 25

Weekend Update Thursday (2)

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Sep 24, 2009 on NBC

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  • Thursday's Child has far to go...

    A Review by "HelloStuart," Amateur Critic and Reluctant Celibate

    There's no real point in explaining the groundwork for the second SNL prime-time appetizer, so let's get to the meat of the matter:

    Just like last week, the cold opening focused squarely on the intense health care debate; this time we see the perspective of the mastermind himself, President Obama (FA). After appearing on every network show from Late Show with David Letterman to The Price is Right, the president shifts his focus to the cable news outlets… with the exception of Fox News. Obama's choice of channels is not selective in the faintest: on ESPN, Stuart Scott (KT) compares single-payer health care to Shaq vs. Kobe; over on Bravo, Kathy Griffin (NP, in her first sketch) asks if his plan will exclude Perez Hilton; MTV focuses on Kristen Cavelleri's (AE) babbling; The Food Network offers up Guy Fieri (BM); The CW is represented by an angsty teenage vampire (AS), and NBC wraps things up with Keith Morrison (BH) and his peculiar fascination with death panels. The zaniness takes a pause so we can see what's on Fox News, where we cut to Glenn Beck (JS) making a bad pun about Obama and somehow associating Communist Russia with goose-stepping. This opening sketch was as delightful as it was rapid-fire; you get the sense that four months of partisan bickering on this topic has lit a certain flame in the writers' bellies, yet this barrage of celebrity impressions never felt rushed or bloated. I can't wait to see more of Jason's Beck impression, though.

    Over at the Update desk, it's like 2007 all over again. Amy Poehler left the show almost a year ago, and this will likely be the last time we'll ever see her behind the Update desk, yet the chemistry between her and Seth is as palpable as ever. (For those keeping count, Solo Update resumes in two days.) Dubbing Kaddafi and Ahmadinejad "swarthy lunatics" is all fine and dandy, though its squeeze plays like the Walmart/syphilis joke that earn the belly laugh. A simulated 911 call between a Latina operator and a Seattle resident being attacked by a monkey was little more than an excuse for Seth to prod at Amy's cartoonish Rosie Perez impression.

    As usual, the commentaries were a mixed bag. With the president pressuring him to not run for a full term in 2010, Gov. David Paterson (FA) compares his stint in office to a cursed monkey paw before telling the usual New Jersey jokes. While Fred's Paterson impression still comes off as obvious and chintzy, most non-New Yorkers should be reminded that the Empire State's top dog has a deservedly low approval rating and has every right to be subjected to ridicule. I'm sorry that he's blind and there are no intended race jokes to be found, but this man was never meant to be governor and it shows. From there we're treated to a visit by Former President Clinton (DH), who promotes an upcoming book about his legacy and presents two incriminating audio clips. A homage to the cancellation of Guiding Light is a wacky excuse for Megan Fox to make a cameo and prove that she isn't a deadly serious person and/or a really sexy robot. Finally, a discussion of collegiate Swine Flu concerns is lead by UConn undergrad Shep (AS), a one-dimensional nerd with panic attacks.

    Though these 30-minute specials will leave –and have left- the purists skeptical about how NBC promotes SNL, this one-third size sampling nevertheless retains the essence of the show. A couple of good jokes, some light topical humor, and a sense that as hit and miss and it might be, you still find yourself entertained. With four more prime time specials ahead (one next week and three more in January) and a full 22-episode order yet to begin, perhaps The Peacock is risking desperation and slowly manipulating one of its most beloved shows into a time-slot stopgap. Then again, with Jay Leno gobbling up five hours of primetime each week, maybe SNL should be the least of our concerns.

    This Saturday: Aforementioned "Transformers" hottie Megan Fox hosts with musical guest U2. Also, my last review of a live 90-minute broadcast.

    Questions or comments for Stu? Drop him a PM or e-mail him at
  • Disappointing.

    This episode was good for a few laughs, but was not nearly as good as last week's season premiere, but that should be expected seeing as how they have a show on Saturday and probably want to save the best jokes for that broadcast.

    Bill Hader's Dateline Guy impression is still great, as is Bill Clinton's despite the fact that he has been doing it for so long. Kenan's Stuart Scott was good for a cheap laugh, but more because of the idea of mocking Scott, and not because of any similarity between the two that he had captured.

    It was surprising to see Megan Fox appear, but then again she was in town for SNL anyway.
  • Obama Interviews 4/5 Weekend Update 3/5 David Patterson 0/5 Bill Clinton 2/5 Shep .5/5 Megan Fox 3/5

    The Opening Sketch with Fred Playing Obama was Pretty Funny. Jason Sudeikis's Glen Beck was pretty good. Nasim's Griffin was funny and hilarious. They Brought back Keith Morrison for some Reason. Andy Played a Vampire from Vampire Diaries.

    Thursday Update was Pretty Good with some good 1 liners from Seth and Amy But then we had to Endure David Patterson with Blind Gags and NJ Hate Jokes. As a Midwestern, I don't get it at all. Its also not PC to make fun of Disabled People. They Might as well punch a kid in a wheelchair. Bill Clinton Sex Jokes Yay!! Andy Samberg did another spit monologue and Megan Fox's Segment/ Parody of Guiding Light was Funny, Especially Hammond's Clinton.
  • Halfway decent episode.. some parts fall flat.

    As most Saturday Night Live episodes to this day, there were some pretty funny parts and a whole lot of disappointing half skits that could have potential if the writing wasn't so juvenile and.. well, I guess there's no other word for it then stupid.

    First off, I liked the cold open, with Obama interviewing all the tv channels. I especially like Bill Hader's section, with Obama interviewing Dateline. Very funny stuff. I also liked Darrell Hammond bringing back Bill Clinton and Andy Samburg as Shep. The belly button comment was entertaining, mostly because I wasn't expecting it. And I suppose the Megan Fox cameo wasn't too bad either.

    However, I still think Kenan Thompson is horrific in the show and that some of the interviews fell flat. The David Paterson one didn't feel as funny as they wanted it to unfortunately, so it simply dragged on.

    Hopefully the regular Saturday Night Live episodes are better then the Weekend Updates have been
  • ... Flipping off the senators from NEW JERSEY!...

    Here is our second Weekend Update Thursday out of possibly 9 WUTs this season! Last week's unofficial opener was an above average broadcast, with still more consistency to take care of. The Weekend Update Thursdays have usually been more hit than miss since it's debut last October, and I'm wondering if this week will be more the same.

    Obama to Cable: This opener was a lot of fun, and it looked like the cast and writers probably had a lot of fun producing this. This was also Nasim's first sketch, and she did a hilarious Kathy Griffin impression. Other kudos go to Bobby's Guy Fieri, and Jason's Glenn Beck.

    WUT Part 1: We started off Weekend Update with a few jokes and then Fred's hilarious David Patterson impression once again. The zingers were just as good as they've ever been, and after 4 Weekend Update appearances, this impression still has no sign of writing fatigue yet.

    WUT Part 2: I'm not sure if the Rosie Perez/monkey guy phone call was in this part or not, but I give kudos to bringing back Amy's hilarious Perez impression while they still have her. Other kudos to the Bill Clinton commentary, and then the same for the Guiding Light spoof. The facial expressions were hilarious, and Bill Clinton appearing again was just the icing on the cake.

    WUT Part 3: A few more jokes here, and then the Shep commentary, while, very funny, was a little drawn out, and made you think "Okay. I get it." but nonetheless, a good commentary.

    This WUT special was the best out of all 5 so far (Yes, I'm comparing these to last year's set also). It felt like the writers finally got the feel on how to write these episodes. This half hour was fresh and fun, and it was nice seeing Nasim for the first time on the show.

    A positive thing I've seen about Update since Seth took over solo is that when there is a slow week and jokes are harder to produce, more commentaries are put in, and they're usually funny. So, instead of going for jokes that really won't have a punch, they will try to write funny commentaries. I feel that it's working for SNL.

    Tomorrow: The season officially starts with host Megan Fox and musical guest U2! I'm excited!
  • SNL Thursday is short and tight and leaves you wanting more.

    Obama Interviews - Nothing clever here, just a chance to roll out the impressions. They were pretty good for the most part although I have no idea who the Bravo lady was nor the MTV girl. The highlight was easily the Keith Morrison segment as he gets increasingly turned on by the prospect of hearing about the "death panels". A good opening sketch. Grade: B

    Weekend Update - Jokes: about the same as always. The Rosie Perez bit was a little flat. Although in the past the guests often detracted from the flow of WU, they have now become the highlights of the WU spot. This time Armisen returns after a quick makeup change for his amusing, if non-pc, portrayal of Gov. David Patterson. They retread a lot of the same ground covered in previous visits, especially all of the jabs at NJ. Next up is Hammond's Bill Clinton, probably his most beloved impression. The excuses to revive Bubba are often slim, but who cares? Clinton is back with some tapes to prove that he was the coolest president in U.S. history. Clinton is also very disappointed over not being able to meet Megan Fox since she is not slated to appear until Saturday. Funny stuff, but the best is yet to come. The next segment features Megan Fox, Amy, and Seth in a soap opera-style tribute to the departing Guiding Light. When Megan reveals a gun, the camera pans to a very pleased Clinton flashing two thumbs up. The guest spot by Samberg's college student virgin is completely forgettable. A couple of really good segments combined with a so-so Patterson appearance and the usual panopoly of zingers nets an overall grade of A-
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