Saturday Night Live

Season 34 Episode 22

Will Ferrell/Green Day

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 16, 2009 on NBC

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  • How much better can this get?

    Saturday Night Live,
    Will Ferrell/Green Day, - Ex castmember comes back to host the season finale of SNL. While the band Greenday performs. This season has been an upswing for the show, with message of dont count us out yet. Having high hopes for this show and lets go

    The night opened with a sketch that feature W. and Cheney. The last 8 years have seen enough of these guys. But it is always great to see Ferrell do his W. impression it has been missed since he left back in 2002. The monoglue was usual balance of what Ferrell brings to the table. Trying atleast to be "serios actor" in some sorts.
    Then the show gave us a nice treat with a reshowing of the Wade Blasingame short from a long time ago.
    The next sketch was another dose of The Lawrence Welk Show. Hathways great episode early in the year showed the same sketch. With Wiig as the stange sister of the bunch, yet Ferrell once again made this funny. The next sketch was Celebrity Jeopardy!. Oh this is where all the stops were put down. This famous sketch is what everybody was looking for when they found out that he was hosting. Another shot with sean connery. And for a suprise Norm MacDonal as Burt. The only bad part of this was Wiig.
    The the next sketch was Inside The NBA, seeing Kenan wasnt a good showing since his impressions arent that good. But in this sketch it showed a TNT look around for Basketball, what else? Yet a ad of new show called Mark keeps interupting the show. Only to Barkley joy. A funny sketch. The next sketch was another one of those all come together to sound akward type of sketchs feature in the christmas episode from this season. This time around it's the same go around but this time it features Ferrell and a suprise visit from Maya. The night would end with a good showing of the cast and some suprise guest singing Goodnight Saigon. As Hader Hammond and Thompson sit confused on the point of why they are signing. With guest including, Artile Lange, Amy Poehler, Elisabeth Moss, Norm, Maya. A surpise term that of a sketch that nicely ended the show and the season. Weekend Update was nice until Amy showed up, Seth has come into his own with Amy to get out of the picture. Green Day were okay but could have done better, i mean a better album. Overall a great show that ended the season good job. And have a great summer
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