Saturday Night Live

Season 27 Episode 20

Winona Ryder/Moby

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 18, 2002 on NBC

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  • Oh Will Ferrell, we will miss you so.

    The end of the season also marks the end of an era in Saturday Night Live. With Will Ferrell leaving (and with Chris Kattan, Tracy Morgan, and Ana Gasteyer soon to follow), I'm sad to say that much of the quality of the show went with it. At least this episode was a fitting farewell to Mr. Ferrell.

    I'd have to say my favorite sketches of the night were Celebrity Jeopardy, the Lovers in the Hottub, the Botox commercial, and the Bear researcher. Except for the Botox commercial, which featured only females, these sketches showed Ferrell at his comedic best. You could give Will anything to say as Alex Trebek and it would always crack me up. (I found it especially heartwarming when the real Alex Trebek came out to give his farewell to Will).

    My favorite Will moment of the night, however, would have to be during the Bear Researcher sketch. When he realizes that the bear shot his wife instead of mauling her, and says something like "He shot her! I didn't teach him that! He's been watching too much TV!" and just the look on his face...classic.

    Farewell Will Ferrell. You have given us many, many laughs.