Saturday Night Live

Season 17 Episode 22

Woody Harrelson/Vanessa Williams

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 16, 1992 on NBC



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  • Quotes

    • Kevin Nealon: Many people are confused by the ethnic civil war in Yugoslavia, putting the Serbs against the Croats, and also involving the people of Bosnia Herze-gav-ona... gov-ona.. gah-vina... well, it doesn't matter. Basically, there's no oil, so don't worry about it.

    • Kevin Nealon: A study has revealed that secondhand smoke is unhealthy, but usually cheaper.

    • Kevin Nealon: If you'd like a written transcript of this news broadcast, learn to write really fast.

    • Kevin Nealon: Besides Lethal Weapon 3 this summer, several other sequels will hit the theaters: "Alien 3," "Batman Returns," "JFK 2," "The Really, Really Last Temptation of Christ," and "Honey, I Slept with the Kids."

    • Woody Harrelson: Ban styrofoam!

  • Notes

    • The Superfans appear on "Weekend Update" sans George Wendt. Also, the child in the "Sensitive Naked Man" sketch is uncredited.

    • This is Beth Cahill, Siobhan Fallon, and Victoria Jackson's last episode on SNL.

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