Saturday Night Live

Season 34 Episode 20

Zac Efron/The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Apr 11, 2009 on NBC

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  • Yikes. I just realized during this episode that I could have had a V8!

    I know are expectations were ever so high for zac Efron. But could the comedic iconic and teen hero live up to the hype?

    Cold Opening: Jason Sudeikis continues his awful impression of Joe Biden. It looks like the SNL writers will only be mocking the Vice President of this administration.

    Monologue: Truly, truly awful. Even worse than I expected and my expectations were lower than that night I went to a Jewish singles gathering.

    The Today Show: The female cast of SNL is terrible and they cannot have a standalone sketch. Not a good way to open the show.

    Gilly: Worst sketch of the season makes its return. It still holds that title after tonight.

    Junk Mail: Jason Sudeikis is funny in these commercials, but the parody is never strong enough to truly be memorable.

    No-Carding Bar: Kind of funny in premise, but Zac Efron is still absolutely terrible. It's not just his continuous cue carding, he just isn't fit for comedy.

    Weekend Update: Bill Hader giving us a Andrew Dice Clay impression. Apparently it was supposed to be a gay guy. They decided to bring back the ***** Please segment. Questionable decision. It's funny because of how bad it is. Seth Meyers actually did a decent job tonight. Overall, not a horrible Weekend Update. High School Musical 4: Not even going to address this. Pretty awful sketch realy. Off To War: Another forgettable sketch outside of Jason Sudeikis' lines.

    Gino's Pizza Rolls: Another thumbs down sketch. My thumbs are actually getting tired from being in that position all night.

    Closing Sketch: Stupid sexual innuendos that make Two and a Half Men look like brilliant comedy.
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