Saturday Night Live

Season 34 Episode 20

Zac Efron/The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Apr 11, 2009 on NBC

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  • I am your mother! I gave birth to you!

    3 episodes left in the season! Wowey Wow Wow! To think the Ashton Kutcher episode aired only a year ago is crazy. Also crazy is to think how different the cast is now. Our very own Amy Poehler has started her show "Parks & Recreation" which premiered pretty well by my means. Yes, awkward pilot moments were in the episode, but it was the pilot. Don't tell me you never thought the Office pilot was awkward just a little. But, I wish Amy the best with her show. I really pray it does better than Kath & Kim.

    Our host tonight is Zac Efron. I've never seen any work of Zac outside of when I watched High School Musical, and when I was forced to watch High School Musical 2. We found out he was hosting back in early February, so we've had enough time to take in everything and grow an open mind. Musical guests are guests I've been wanting for a while, Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

    Obama's Back: A pretty funny opening. I always like Jason's Biden, and even though the premise was predictable, I still laughed.

    Monologue: Zac has two tweens and one 40Tween50 guy take a picture with him. I thought Fred made this pretty funny. You don't know how long I thought Abby was Casey.

    Today Show: I'm happy to see this sketch back. The Neil Patrick Harris one was awkward, while the Bradley Cooper one was better. This one shaped up to be the best sketch of the night, in my opinion. Very well written, and Fred's Penny Marshall was a pleasant surprise back. I actually watched the real Kathie Lee Gifford one year anniversary. I was sick that day, and I was barely alert, but I still watched.

    Gilly: Oh boy. This sketch. Sorry. It was a little bit of an improvement over last time. Kenan and Bobby's lines were able to be laughed at, but other than that, same old thing.

    Junk Mail Message: I laughed. Kinda. The excuses were good. It reminded me of something they would do with Will Ferrell.

    Drinking Underage: This sketch was almost on the brig of being totally pointless, but Bill Hader's Elliott Spitzer was so random, and so silly, that this was actually a pretty decent sketch.

    Musical Performance: Yeah Yeah Yeahs put a great performance on for "Zero". Karen sure loves that music.

    Weekend Update: While the jokes were mostly good, the gay guys from New Jersey were so random to bring back. When were they last used? The Justin Timberlake episode from 2006? I will say though, I am glad SNL is bringing back some of the characters from season 32 that got the shaft last season. Anyways, **** Pleeze Blogger was funny, but she needs to have Aunt Linda come in one of these days and chew her apart. The Jon Bovi Members again? Really? Granted, they're a lot better written then they were back in the Jaime Pressley episode oh so long ago, but still.

    High School Musical 4: Troy Bolton comes back to tell everyone that the outside world is nothing like where they live. I thought it was pretty funny, and kudos to Casey playing that wicked annoying drama teacher. The random Walt Disney appearance made the sketch more entertaining, also.

    Off to War: A sketch starring Casey!!! Whoa! Pretty funny. Bobby as the mom really made me laugh.

    Gino's Pizza Roles: Am I the only one who found this sketch hilarious?? It was great. Fred is just hilarious when he cross dresses. Well, most of the time at least.

    Musical Performance: Yeah Yeah Yeahs perform "Maps" which is an older song, if I'm right.

    Foot Rub: Jason playing the normal, yet creepy guy was pretty funny. It was a funny 5-to-one sketch. Actually, lately SNL has been doing a bunch of good 5-to-one sketches (The Rock episode, Tracy Morgan episode, etc.)

    A good show! The show in comedy aspects was decent, but the Yeah Yeah Yeahs made the show above average and enjoyable. Almost all sketches were fun and enjoyable. Zac was a middling host. He was better than expected, and he did good in some of his roles, while others were merely straightmen roles. After barely appearing last week, Fred Armisen would probably be this week's MVP just for the big roles he had.

    In a month, May 9th, Justin Timberlake comes to host with musical guest Ciara.

    Next week is The Best of one of our most versatile women, Amy Poehler. I'll be in Boston, but I'll DVR it because I really want to see what sketches make it.
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