Saturday Night Live

Season 34 Episode 20

Zac Efron/The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Apr 11, 2009 on NBC

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  • Overall - Heavy on irritation and light on laughs. The pacing of this show was very bad.

    Biden & Obama - Mildly amusing sketch depicting the awkward relationship between Joe and Barack. Joe is certainly a blowhard and Barack does seem to be somewhat irritated with him. I saw a news conference where a reporter asked Obama a question by stating that "Biden said that...(whatever it was about some policy issue)". Obama replied "Joe says a lot of things." I think that about sums it up and also highlights the strained relationship the writers were satirizing. Fine performances from Sudeikis and Armisen. Grade: B-

    Zac Monologue - An enjoyable monologue pointing out the obvious fact that Zac's fans are mostly still pre-pubescent. Kristen and Casey were funny as the tweeners and Fred was just creepy as the middle-aged male fan. I loved the kiss on the neck. I can only imagine what Parnell would have done with Fred's role. Still, a good monologue which avoided the obvious singing and dancing jokes (given Zac's resume). Grade: B-

    The Today Show - It might just be me, but this sketch brings out the most annoying aspects of Kristen's humor without any redeeming factors. Michaela just smiles and looks mildly annoyed. The cameo by Penny Marshall was unnecessary and unfunny. Zac did fine as the annoying son, but there wasn't much to work with. Kristen did her usual chicken wing dance (the same moves she does in every sketch). Lots of talk without many laughs. Grade: D-

    Gilly - What is going on here? Kristen's two worst characters back to back?! Gilly is easily one of the worst characters ever created for the show. Did somebody think this was going to go over well with the increased number of youngsters watching this episode? Maybe it did. But for me, this sketch is an unmitigated disaster. Predictable, repetitive, and annoying. Not exactly the best ingredients for a successful sketch. Did you see the chicken wing dance during the Gilly theme song? Grade: F

    Direct Mail Marketers - A stab at dry humor. It came across a little too matter-of-factly to really have much impact. Not bad per se, but severely lacking in comedic execution. Grade: C

    Underage Bar - This sketch was cute and the use of the kids was kind of fun. The kids doing the shooters was good, but the little detective was the funniest. Not your typical SNL sketch as it relied more on cuteness rather than crudeness, but it won me over nonetheless. The Eliot Spitzer ending seemed tacked on and completely unnecessary. Grade: C+

    Weekend Update - Several good jokes. Seth keeps playing with his delivery. Although he has improved over his earlier style of smiling the entire way through, he still has trouble with a total deadpan face. He manages to do this usually during the punchline which is good, but smiles during the entire setup. It's like you're friends who can't stop laughing at their own jokes. The NJ gay couple did their usual shtick with Hader cranking up his somewhat overused Jersey accent. Angie Tempura also did her usual shtick with the whole joke resting on the delivery of "bithchpleeze!!!" Like so many other WU guest commentators (Aunt Linda and Nicholas Fehn come to mind), Tempura is completely one-dimensional leaving the prospect for a fresh approach or surprising twist dead at the door. Easy to write I suppose. Speaking of easy to write, what's with bringing Jon Bovi back already? I mean bithchpleeze! Take any popular song and flip the lyrics around and deliver it with gusto and you have a segment that can take up time without expending much effort. Grade: C+

    High School Musical 4 - This concept has already been done on SNL, but I guess they had to bring it back with Zac. Troy's description of life after high school and the uniqueness of East High were very good. Walt Disney's cameo was a little out of place, but I guess they need to give Hammond something to do these days before forced retirement is thrust upon him. A good parody sketch. Grade: B

    Off to War - A clever spin on the usual heartbreak scenes from the movies where the young soldier gets separated from his sweetheart as the train leaves the station. In this version, the girlfriend runs alongside the train and refuses to separate from her man. What starts as dear affection from the soldier quickly turns to abhorrence as it seems that his lady appears to be some freak of nature with an incredibly strong set of legs. Both Zac and Casey were very good in their roles, but I particularly liked Bobby as the mother when she went zipping by Casey on her way to town. The fish from the creek was a nice touch. Solid, original sketch. Grade: A-

    Jeno's Pizza Rolls - The commercial shoot is a very common theme on SNL. What makes this one different from so many is the escalation in insanity from Fred's mother character. What is supposed to be a playful jab at her son turns into a series of increasingly outrageous outbursts from the mother. Fred plays this role to the max and manages to squeeze a lot out of a slim premise. Nice job Fred! Grade: B+

    Brotherly Advice - Zac goes to his older brother about girl issues. Sudeikis does a good job as the creepy older brother with a fetish for giving foot rubs and flipping through Lane Bryant catalogs. He turns it up a notch as he gets increasingly erotic with his younger brother's foot rub. The recurring theme of the cursty shirt and baby oil implies that this was written by those guys on the show who specialize in masturbation humor. There must be some real pros considering the frequency of this theme throughout this season. As a five-to-one sketch, it was OK. Grade: C
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