Saturday Night Live

Season 34 Episode 20

Zac Efron/The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Apr 11, 2009 on NBC

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  • Young children drinking adult drinks, an angry Walt Disney, and whats up with all these season 32 characters coming back?

    Saturday Night Live,
    Zac Efron/Yeah Yeah Yeahs,
    - Ello i am back writing reviews for the show. I know how much u didnt miss these. Well lets get things rolling - My Thoughts: (just to say i rate by stars highest out of 5 and lowest is 0)

    Zac Efron, of HSM fame, hosts. The third person(i count the jonas brothers as one annoyence) with a disney connection to host. The makes me nervous, but hay Walt would like me(get the joke?). The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are the musical guest. Since i havent heard their music before, i'll make sure to watch their performence.

    Cold Open: Obama (FA) returns from his Europe Tour, and goes back to work at the white house. Were he meets Biden (JS). Who goes on a rant of what happened while Obama was gone. I was really let down by this sketch, more on the lines of how the vice and the pres was done. The sketch went nowere and Obama just agreeing with Biden hoping he goes away wasnt that funny. As it still seems SNL is afraid to attack Obama, while they make Biden look like a fool. And Jason stop screaming when you do an impression. I give this a *

    Monologue: Zac takes a moment to thank his fans of mostly female tweens and there parents who will pay all of their money to Zac to keep their child away from bothering them. Overall i liked this, i thought for a moment Zac was going to sing. Fred saved the sketch as he played the creep which usually is done by Forte. I give this a ***

    The Today Show: Hmm? This sketch again. This time around we find out it's been one long year since Kathie Lee joined the fourth hour of the Today Show. Like we needed a fourth hour. As usual Hoda gets angry as Kathie goes on her drugged yet sturred rant. Penny Marshall (FA) sends Kathie an disemotional congrats making me think of how good that Looker sketch was from so long ago. Zac stops by as the son of Kathie (that's right the creature bred) to give her a congrats. In which we find out that the Gifford family is allover drugged, and really needs to stop singing. Nothings changed to make this worthy to be done again. ** - due too Penny Marshall.

    Gilly : Really they thought the first time went well the second time would be better. The dreadful character from all over, and i mean it, returns to wreck havoc on her classmates. sorry You had to see this one again. 0

    Underage Drinking: Andy and Zac happen to be at a bar. Which is weird since he is actually a college student pertending to be a highschool students again? WHAT?!? The weirdest part is that the bar is filled with kids and i mean under 10 year olds. Who were probably tricked into appearing in the sketch. Nice way to show kids what to do with shots. Disgraced NY governor Eliot Spitzer (BH) comes on at the end after the bar is raided by the junior police. Coming back one issue at a time. Making me wonder if the Today Show is an issue enough. Funny Sketch overall though. *** 1/2

    Weekend Update : Seth doesnt disappoint when he does update, as i once again tell you people Amy made the show bad! Some short but funny jokes are put in. The gay couple from New Jersey come by the desk. Making me wonder why is the show bringing back alot of characters, and i mean unncessary characters, from season 32. The make their usual gay jokes before making an off-color joke about Amy Poehler, which i found funny but the audience found rude. Not poehler, oh boo who. **** blogger Angie Tempora comes by the dest too. Good to see the features getting into the show with a new cropp of characters. This time however it was funny the first time, it still did well, but thte surprise of Zac stopping by SHOCKED nobody. If you catch the vid of that make sure to wait for the Connecticut joke. The last guest(s) the stop by the dest are Bon Jovi. Which make me wonder season 32 couldnt be far away. They stopped by a short time ago. And why they did have to stop by again. I give this a **. Drag down by the bad characters from season 32

    High School Musical 4 New Senior Class: When i saw this coming i thought of another bad sketch with bad jokes. But instead of using Andy having Zac play the main part. The funniest sketch of the night as Zac bashes the thing that has brought the star to him. You wont find a school were everybody sings. Darrell was great as walt disney. I found it funny as he bashed the jews, although i wonder why they didnt bring up his hatred for the commies. ****

    Off to War: Could it be, could it be, yes yes yes, finally Casey plays the main role in a sketch. Finally it happened. And unlike the stripper and Ms Perry it was great. Casey runs along side a train and eats fish. Never thought it would be funny. But yet it was. The best part was Bobby playing the mother. Oh casey why havent u done another Rachel Ray sketch? ****1/2

    Gino's Pizza Rolls Commercials : Fred in drag usually brings laugh. Like the end of season 32. What ever happened to that character? Fred get angry at her fake son. Although a little over done it was worth watching **1/2

    Foot Rubbing : JS plays the older brother to Zac, who wants to know how to impress a girl. The outcome Jason rubbing Zac's foot and then trying to put it in his mouth. A weird idea of a sketch. It was funny, even the masterb{-} jokes. Which i think Jason likes to make. **

    Overview: Zac really surprised me. I hated him for the whole HSM thing, but he was a good host. I should keep an opened mind about who's hosting. Such as i dont like anything Timberlake does but he is a good host. The Jonas Brothers, no i still hate them. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs however were a horrible bunch that reminded me of a bad Maya Rudoplh skecth. As cast ways goes, the show is getting heavy with Samberg, which is alright. Wiig isnt taking over the show. And we got a break from Kenan on Update and there wasnt a DS. Overall it was a great show. I give it a *** overall