Saturday Night Live

Season 32 Episode 20

Zach Braff/Maroon 5

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 19, 2007 on NBC

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  • I give this broadcast an "Oh no you didn’t!" and a "Di jong!"

    A Review by "HelloStuart," Amateur Critic and Pariah of the Religious Right

    Scroll down for a bonus year-end recap!

    What is there to say about the 32nd season of SNL? To state the obvious, this was a transitional year for the show, a time to let young and unproven talent get their moment in the sun. In spite of the usual uneven writing, we’ve seen enough of Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Jason Sudeikis, and Kristen Wiig to know that the near-term future of SNL is in good hands. The beginning of the season was awkward but far from unwatchable, and the broadcasts that aired in the second half of the year were mostly adequate but still disproportionately funny and inane. Year 32 is compatible with Year 12 as a transition year for the show; not unlike twenty years ago, the cast consisted of a ragtag group of scrappy unknowns with the unfortunate burden of “saving” the show. I highly doubt the likes of Hader and Samberg will ever replace Dana Carvey and Phil Hartman in our hearts, but they made the most of a Herculean task. If Lorne keeps this ensemble intact for Year 33, SNL could be on the verge of another upswing period.

    Our host tonight is Zach Braff, the NBC sitcom star/independent film auteur appearing in the upcoming romantic comedy “The Ex.” This marks the first time the NBC cult hit “Scrubs” has been represented on SNL, and even though I would’ve picked the constantly underrated John C. McGinley first, I have no qualms with Dr. Dorian as the master of ceremonies. The musical guest is Maroon 5, who first appeared in arguably the worst broadcast of Year 29, yet has come back to plug their new CD and prove that they’re not some superficial flash in the pan that make 14-year-old girls go berzerk.

    And now, the sketch-by-sketch analysis:

    COLD OPENING: Set on getting away from all the problems he’s created for himself, President Bush (JS) gives a farewell address for the summer. Vice President Cheney (DH) eggs him on, while Secretary Rice (MR) takes the reins. You would think such an obtuse end to a sketch would suggest that Maya might be leaving the show soon, but for now I’d rather focus on the show as a whole.

    MONOLOGUE: Zach sings the praises of his home state New Jersey by mangling the songbooks of Billy Joel and Leiber & Stoller, then pointing out the obscure landmarks of the Garden State. The charm is in the off-key crooning.

    DIGITAL SHORT: An apartment-hunter (AS) is seduced by his potential roommate’s dog (voice of BH), but things get complicated when a desire for ham is thrown into the mix. Everything leads up to a climax we all sort of expected, that being Andy and the dog making out. Moments like this are made for YouTube.

    “Prom Committee”: Two girls named BJ (don’t ask) go over potential prom themes, but nothing quite lives up to the James Bond motif they originally had their eyes on. The rejected ideas some from a diehard Mets fan (FA), the socially awkward class valedictorian (WF), a “Garden State” geek (Zach, of course), two stoners (JS, KT) that really love their Pink Floyd, two abstinent Christians (BH, KW), and an RPG player (AS) who suggests a “virtual” prom. The left-field ending, in which Darrell reprises one of his best-loved impressions, was the cherry on top of this funny, odds-and-sods vignette.

    “Deep House Dish”: T’Shane finally says something witty… then kills all his momentum. Did we expect anything less of him/her/it? As for the rest of the sketch, it was pretty much the same old business; vapid electronica chanteuses and the DJs that love them talk like blithering idiots as Handbag (KT) fawns over them. Personally, I can’t believe they’ve already done seven or eight of these sketches.

    SMIGELTOON: In “Decision 08: Spring Cleaning 07,” a wide group of presidential candidates, including some that are speculated but have yet to throw their hat in the ring, reveal less-than-shocking secrets to Oprah Winfrey (voice of MR). Everyone bares their soul except Senator Clinton, who looks like one of Jack Nicholson’s victims in the first “Batman” movie. My favorite confession? Al Gore has herpes and a yen for game hunting.

    “The Weight”: In an unexpected encore of one of my favorite sketches of the season, four guys sit in a bar and reminisce strange memories to a jukebox tune; this time, it’s the aforementioned song by The Band. Having Zach mail his own feces via FedEx nearly killed the credibility of this recurring bit, and even though it wasn’t as funny as the first time around, it still put a smile on my face.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: Sounding like a rehash of an obscure Red Hot Chili Peppers song, “Makes Me Wonder” is either an enervated pop attempt at jamming or a really lazy disco number.

    WEEKEND UPDATE: Summer’s not here yet, but it seems like Seth and Amy are already on hiatus; after all the progress they made this season, they spend their last WU segment of the year regressing to the same tired joke formulas that dogged them earlier in the year. You know what was also same and tired? Batty old Aunt Linda (KW) drops by to review some upcoming summer blockbusters, her near-constant lambasting feeling more dreary than ever. Worse yet, the segment ends with another visit from Whitney Houston (MR), who does her usual exhausted “I’ll get you Bobby Brown” schtick, then offers cocaine brownies. If there was anything I did find funny, at least Amy acknowledged that ABC’s new cavemen sitcom looks pretty bad (watch the clips they have available on this site, they’re really lame).

    “Le Revista Della Televisione”: This is pretty much the same old pistolotto we saw two months ago with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, except now we have vomit-spewing puppets and karate gorillas. As for Vinny (BH), he’s just as manic and exuberant as ever, but he’s still two-dimensional and for a recurring character largely forgettable.

    “Bronx Beat”: Jodi and Betty (AP, MR) grill a production intern (Zach), but never acknowledge if he’s cute or if he’s compatible with anyone they indirectly know. Luckily for me and anyone else that do not get this sketch, this was about half as long as it normally is.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: “Won’t Go Home Without You” steals the bass riff from The Police’s “Every Breath You Take,” but at least makes it more danceable.

    “Brian Grazer’s Office”: An “Ugly Betty”-esque secretary named Melissa (FA) discovers that her creepy fawning over Zach is mutual. As half-baked and implausible as that may seem, whatever attempt at satirizing the film industry and the sticky world of public relations was hampered by static performances from Maya (as Zach’s agent) and Bill (as Grazer). After a string of so-so shows, the 32nd season of SNL ends on a somewhat positive note. The host and musical guest were neither delightful nor disappointing; Braff brought some energy but in certain sketches he had his eyes glued on the cue-cards, while Maroon 5 performed two flavorless pop songs that will almost certainly get obscene amounts of radio play this summer. Tonight, however belonged to the cast and what they’ve built upon in the last year. The cast reduction that made heads swirl eight months ago is slowly but surely paying off.

    Sketches/Segments That Will Probably Be Removed In Repeats: “Decision ’08,” “Bronx Beat,” “Won’t Go Home Without You,” and “Brian Grazer’s Office.”

    Next week: A repeat of the Jaime Pressly/Corinne Bailey Rae broadcast. Oh dear.

    ----+---------------+ ----

    And now, a retrospective of Season 32:

    Best Musical Guests:
    3. Tenacious D
    2. The Shins
    1. Arcade Fire

    Worst Musical Guests:
    3. Avril Lavigne
    2. My Chemical Romance
    1. Gwen Stefani

    Best Hosts:
    3. Drew Barrymore
    2. Alec Baldwin (did you expect anything less?)
    1. Hugh Laurie

    Worst Hosts:
    3. Jaime Pressly
    2. Jake Gyllenhaal
    1. Annette Bening

    The 10 Most Indelible Moments of The Season:
    10. Borat addresses the nation (Laurie/Beck)
    9. The Down Syndrome flap (Rainn/Fire)
    8. The cast comes into their own (like I don’t emphasize that enough)
    7. Tony Bennett meets his imposter (Baldwin/Aguilera)
    6. Jake Gyllenhaal pays homage to “Dreamgirls” (Gyllenhaal/Shins)
    5. “Bobby McPherin raped my grandmother” (Baldwin/Aguilera)
    4. Peyton Manning shreds his public image to bits (Manning/Underwood)
    3. Dan Aykroyd cries for Sanjaya (Manning/Underwood)
    2. Hey, is that Paul McCartney? (Baldwin/Aguilera)
    1. “D*** in a Box” (Timberlake)

    Worst Overall Episodes:
    3. Matthew Fox/Tenacious D
    2. Jaime Pressly/Corinne Bailey Rae
    1. Jake Gyllenhaal/The Shins

    Best Overall Episodes:
    3. Rainn Wilson/Arcade Fire
    2. Hugh Laurie/Beck
    1. Alec Baldwin/Christina Aguilera

    This year’s individual achievement awards:

    Overrated comedian, underrated host: Dane Cook
    Most diligent athlete-host in recent memory: Peyton Manning
    The Robert DeNiro Achievement Award for blatant cue-card reading: Annette Bening
    Most delightfully random cameo of the season: Chris Rock, in the cold opening of the JLD/Snow Patrol broadcast
    Most unnecessary random cameo of the season: Horatio Sanz, in the “Versace Super Bowl Party” sketch from the Barrymore/Allen broadcast
    Strangest host/musical guest pairing: Forest Whitaker/Keith Urban
    Most promising trend: SNL serving a launching pad for up-and-coming indie-rock acts (The Shins, Arcade Fire, etc.)
    Least promising trend: Outside of “Maraka,” I don’t think there was a halfway decent Smigeltoon all season.
    At worst he’s a bland Joe Piscopo imitation, but he knows how to fill a sketch: Jason Sudeikis
    2006-07 Most Valuable Player: Kristen Wiig

    Contact “HelloStuart” at Have a great summer, everybody!
  • Maya's swan song...

    The season finale of the season arises. The host of this episode is a person who has been on the "People who should host SNL" list for a while now, Zach Braff. Maroon 5 is the musical guest. We can only hope that their performance this time is better than it was 3 years earlier.

    Puppet Bush: George W. Bush tells us that he is going on vacation, and gives us the things that he's proved Americans wrong on, while Cheney supports him. Maya's Condoleezza Rice still manages to get out laughs. The fact that we've beat the dead horse on the gapped teeth thing was a little ridiculous.

    Monologue: Zach sings about his home state, New Jersey. What more can I say? It's hard to make a musical monologue funny.

    Puppy Love: This early in the show, we have our final digital short of season 32? I found this a little funny, and even though zoophilia is gross, the make-out made me laugh.

    Prom Committee: Now, this sketch was gold. It was nice to fit the whole cast in the sketch, sans Seth. Everybody in this was talented. I enjoyed the bring-back of Sean Connery.

    Deep House Dish: Oh my god, by the time this airing of the sketch made it on, I was ready to shoot the television screen. Yes, some musical performances were good on this, but what is the joke? This sketch had some of the most sorry writing in it.

    Oprah Clean-up 2007: At the time, I didn't know who most of the presidential hopefuls were, but after November came and went, I had a picture. I had to say most of it was pretty funny.

    Song Memories: The Rainn sketch of this was funny, and so was this version. All of their little one liner puns were getting funny. The "surprise" ending was stupid, though.

    Weekend Update: I thought most of the jokes were good, while Aunt Linda's commentary was just like any other. The only liner I can give Aunty is "I give this movie an "Oh No you didn't!" and a "Di Jong!". Whitney Houston's appearance was almost a full confirmation that Maya Rudolph was leaving.

    La Revista Della Televisione: Oye. I hurt when this sketch came on. But, I will say Vinnie's sketch was actually a tad better than Julia Louis-Dreyfus's version.

    Bronx Beat: I'm going to admit it. I like Bronx Beat. I liked all the sketches. All 4. I'm truthful. Once again, this was like a huge-ass "We'll miss ya, Maya!".

    Melissa: I thought this sketch was a little weak. Fred is a good cast member, but the flirting was just too strong. Like, the writers went way to obvious that Zach knew Melissa was flirting with him. It's hard to explain.

    Tonight's episode evened out to a nice one. The annoyance of bringing back some of the most dead recurring segments (DHD, Vinnie) brought the show down, but Update, the Prom, the digital short, and Bronx Beat brought the show to a fair, decent broadcast.

    Zach Braff really never brought his energy out, but was versatile for SNL. Maroon 5 was slightly better this time around. Their first song was pretty good, while their second one was nothing special. You can obviously tell Maya isn't returning for season 33.

    And now, the season 32 low-down.

    Best Update: Julia Louis-Dreyfus/Snow Patrol

    Best Musical Guest:
    5. Lily Allen
    4. Snow Patrol
    3. Beck
    2. The Shins
    1. Arcade Fire

    Worst Musical Guest:
    5. Bjork
    4. Keith Urban 3. Avril Lavigne
    2. My Chemical Romance 1. Gwen Stefani

    Best Hosts:
    5. Justin Timberlake
    4. Shia LaBeouf
    3. Hugh Laurie
    2. Molly Shannon
    1. Alec Baldwin

    Worst Hosts:
    5. Ludacris
    4. Matthew Fox
    3. Jaime Pressley
    2. Jake Gyllenhaal
    1. Annette Benning

    Best Cast members:
    Male: Jason Sudeikis
    Female: Kristen Wiig

    Worst Cast member: Kenan Thompson

    Worst Episodes:
    5. Jeremy Piven/AFI
    4. Matthew Fox/Tenacious D
    3. John C. Reilly/My Chemical Romance
    2. Jaime Pressley/Corrinne Bailey Rae
    1. Jake Gyllenhaal/The Shins

    Best Episodes:
    5. Justin Timberlake
    4. Peyton Manning/Carrie Underwood
    3. Drew Barrymore/Lily Allen
    2. Molly Shannon/Linkin Park
    1. Alec Baldwin/Christina Aguilera

    Thats it!

    My Thoughts on Season 32: This was definitely a transitional season. The beginning of the season was somewhat groggy, and just awkward. But, as this season got going, this cast actually became a really tight cast. The smaller size, and the more professional attitude made this cast a favorite already. No Horatio laughing in every other sketch was relaxing. Sure, the season saw some pretty weak episodes, but for all those weak episodes, we saw great episodes. I definitely think that if this cast stays intact for next season (give or take Maya), we will see a good, more consistent season.

    That's the season. Next week is a repeat of the Jaime Pressley/Corinne Bailey Rae episode...... well, Corinne Bailey Rae was good.
  • This show was a real letdown after last week's. The inclusion of Deep House Dish and Bronx Beat was really disappointing. It seems like most of the sketches were either canned or written really quickly.

    Bush cold open - Sigh...another Bush opening. I think the "It's been a difficult year" line was an inside joke about the current state of SNL. The confused Bush jokes were better than usual this time and would have played very well had Will Ferrell delivered them. Grade: C

    Monologue - Another singing monologue? Deja vu all over again. At least there were a few jokes in the song this time. Still didn't dig it all that much though. The NJ jokes are a little too 'inside' for most people, but they are a recurring theme on the show so what the heck (remember Scott Wolf getting heckled/cheered by Hammond and Breuer?). Grade: C-

    Digital short - Not much to say about this one. A simple concept of a talking dog seducing Andy. The payoff: a long French kiss between Benji and Andy. Not one of the better Shorts, but not horrible either. Grade: B

    Prom Planning - We have seen gazillions of classroom sketches. This wasn't one of the better ones. When I saw Jason and Kenan as stoners, it was the first time this season that I actually missed Horatio. Fortunately there was one great moment: Hader creaming his pants after being touched by his prudish girlfriend. Nice expression! Bringing out Sean Connery was a terrible ending to a weak sketch. Hader's moment makes my top 10 funniest little SNL bits for the season though and raises this sketch one full letter grade. Grade: C+

    Deep House Dish - What the #%$& Is this a deliberate FU or were the writers just too lazy to write something new so they pulled something out of the drawer? As much as I despise DHD, this was probably the least sucky one yet. The white-bread rapper was pretty cliched, but the song about "the brown eye winking" was pretty out there. Some weird anal fetish perhaps? Grade: D (notice the passing grade)

    TV Funhouse - One of the better Funhouses this season. The revelations were pretty outrageous with my two favorites being Gore's admittance of gentital herpes complete with visual aids and McCain's admission that he "rubbed (his) nuts on Nancy Pelosi's gavel." That joke alone guarantees a decent rating. Grade: A

    Beer Drinkers - Nowhere as good as the first one. Here's why: 1. 'The Weight' is not nearly as good as 'Danny's Song' for this kind of joke-storytelling (American Pie would work well). 2. The stories weren't nearly as outrageous as the first ones 3. Rainn Wilson is truly hilarious. Zach Braff, less so.

    There weren't any moments in this one where I spit out my beer from laughing so hard. Hader had the best punchline about condoms in his mouth. It's good that they changed the ending from the armed robbery of last time. It wasn't great this time, but this could be a recurring sketch that might work for a long time to come. We need good stories, good deliveries, and a great song. So get to it over the summer. No need to be topical with these. Grade: B+

    Weekend Update - On the whole, the jokes were better than usual tonight, particularly the one about Otto Von Dild0. I thought Aunt Linda's appearance was also pretty good and enjoyed her comment about wearing 2 eyepatches to see the new Pirates movie. There was only one thing that truly stunk it up: Whitney. More on this later. Grade: C

    Vinny Vedecci - Pretty much the same as the sketch from the JLD show. I love Hader and think he is very talented and quite funny, but he needs to find a different character. There is never a good payoff to these sketches and they always seem to drag. It's pretty sad when the highlight of the sketch is a puppet vomiting. Grade: C-

    Bronx Beat - Why, oh why? This sketch has been terrible every time it has appeared and it continued it's losing streak on this episode. Terrible accents, big hair, and timid guests pretty much sum up this loser. Pretend this never happened over the summer. I know I will. Grade: F

    Receptionist - Armisen was pretty funny as the Ugly Betty lookalike receptionist. It wasn't gut-busting, but there was a subtle low burn to this I liked, that is, until the man-on-man kiss at the end. So cliched! What a cheap way to get applause. It was great when Ian McKellen kissed Jimmy Fallon on WU because Ian actually is gay and because of the age difference and all that. But this was just lame. Grade: B-
  • Better than i thought but still

    Saturday Night Live,
    Well the Season Finale has come again for SNL and the 32 season has come to a rap.Hope the 3 season is better. I have doubts.Tonight the one we hope for years to come and host has finallt done it. Zack Brath has come to host.While Maroon 5 performs.They did an ok job.Lets begin.The show opens up with Geroge Bush talking about summer vacation.With Cheney making sure he didnt go wrong. I felt this type of puppet Bush had been done before but cant remember.Then with a surprise twist when Rice opened up the show.Thats when i got suspiecois.The monologe was about Brath's love for New Jersey which u would see again later on in the show.U got to love those Digital shorts as i laughed when i saw the dog thing.Follwed by Sad and hopeless bunch of sketchs with a strange Prom theme.With Connery come back.I began to think Connery one of Hammonds best work on the finale.One of the worst sketchs of the night DHD came u know what happened if u seen the ones before. Maya own Tvfun house with her own head and everything.Anothre Mexian thing followed by the second worst sketch BB nothing at all good about that sketch.To end the night Fred shocked us all with an almost funny sketch.Thats all i have to say.
  • Zach Braff hosts SNL.

    This episode was okay. I could have done without all of the Maya Rudolph sketches. It is rumored that she's leaving the show. I actually think that wouldn't be a bad thing. I think Andy Samberg's digital short was hilarious. I think Andy will be a big star. His movie "Hot Rod" looks really good. I like many sketches in this episode, especially the prom committee sketch. Zach's character loving "Garden State" was the best part of the sketch, besides Will Forte's "Lyle" character. Maroon 5 was really good, too. All in all, this was an okay episode that I thought could have been better.
  • Zack Blah...

    Ah, the old days... when SNL's season finale was something to stay awake for. First off, I'm a big Scrubs fan. Love the show, the characters, the writing. That being said, I really did expect alot more from Zack Braff. The show seemed very disjointed. Almost like they had a lot of leftover skits and decided to throw them together to make a SNL Stew.
    Hits: The prom theme sketch.
    Misses: Bronx Beat (I love the characters but it's getting repetitive)
    Like the fans of the old Brooklyn Dodgers used to say, "there's always next year!"
  • Two words to describe this episode, would be Average and Dull.

    This episode which was the season finale was hosted by Zach Braff. Zach Braff's hosting was sub-par and the sketches which he were in, were nothing to shout about.

    Maroon 5 was the musical guest for this episode. Their performance were good as usual. Although I did not enjoy the performance as much as I should because I do not know the 2 songs they played. Probably new songs?

    3 days after watching this episode of SNL, there is not one sketch which I can recall. Drumming in the fact how extraordinarily plain this episode was. The animation sketch for this episode was abysmal at best.

    All in all, this episode is a disappointment for a season finale.
  • not interesting!

    Being a fan of Scrubs and Zach Braff, I though this season finale of SNL would be funny, but I was wrong. The monologue wasn't interesting; just Zach singing a song about his love of NJ and then some cast members wearing NJ landmark costumes in the background. As for most of the other skits, they were just repeats of skits from past episodes, like the four guys sitting in a bar, drinking beers, telling random stories, and singing in between. I don't get what's so funny about that. The other skit I was disappointed with was the one with "Vinny Vedici". I really enjoyed the first one with "him" (aka Bill Hader) in the last episode that Julia Louis-Dreyfuss hosted, but the skit in this episode felt like an exact repeat of the one Dreyfuss was in except for a few MINOR changes. I think the only up sides to this episode was Maroon 5 singing, since they are one of my favorite groups, and also the last skit on the episode where Fred Armisen looks oddly like Ugly Betty and makes out with Zach Braff. Hope next season will be better!
  • Hott episode

    OOHHH yeah, just what I need after a long week of school and work, a good healthy dose of SNL!!! yeah!!! I liked the host, I can never remeber his name, but I know he's from scrubs. I really like 'bronx beat' That skitt is awsome!! I love how the hosts are all gosspy and stuff, It would drive me crazy in real life, but it's awsome. I like that deep dish, groove?? I'm not sure what it's really called, but it's with dj jong, and yeah. It's f-ing awsome!! That revista della television, in italian is strange, haha that's creepy, but funny. And what was with that dog love story in the begining??? Now that is f-ed up!!