Saturday Night Live

Season 32 Episode 20

Zach Braff/Maroon 5

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 19, 2007 on NBC

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  • This show was a real letdown after last week's. The inclusion of Deep House Dish and Bronx Beat was really disappointing. It seems like most of the sketches were either canned or written really quickly.

    Bush cold open - Sigh...another Bush opening. I think the "It's been a difficult year" line was an inside joke about the current state of SNL. The confused Bush jokes were better than usual this time and would have played very well had Will Ferrell delivered them. Grade: C

    Monologue - Another singing monologue? Deja vu all over again. At least there were a few jokes in the song this time. Still didn't dig it all that much though. The NJ jokes are a little too 'inside' for most people, but they are a recurring theme on the show so what the heck (remember Scott Wolf getting heckled/cheered by Hammond and Breuer?). Grade: C-

    Digital short - Not much to say about this one. A simple concept of a talking dog seducing Andy. The payoff: a long French kiss between Benji and Andy. Not one of the better Shorts, but not horrible either. Grade: B

    Prom Planning - We have seen gazillions of classroom sketches. This wasn't one of the better ones. When I saw Jason and Kenan as stoners, it was the first time this season that I actually missed Horatio. Fortunately there was one great moment: Hader creaming his pants after being touched by his prudish girlfriend. Nice expression! Bringing out Sean Connery was a terrible ending to a weak sketch. Hader's moment makes my top 10 funniest little SNL bits for the season though and raises this sketch one full letter grade. Grade: C+

    Deep House Dish - What the #%$& Is this a deliberate FU or were the writers just too lazy to write something new so they pulled something out of the drawer? As much as I despise DHD, this was probably the least sucky one yet. The white-bread rapper was pretty cliched, but the song about "the brown eye winking" was pretty out there. Some weird anal fetish perhaps? Grade: D (notice the passing grade)

    TV Funhouse - One of the better Funhouses this season. The revelations were pretty outrageous with my two favorites being Gore's admittance of gentital herpes complete with visual aids and McCain's admission that he "rubbed (his) nuts on Nancy Pelosi's gavel." That joke alone guarantees a decent rating. Grade: A

    Beer Drinkers - Nowhere as good as the first one. Here's why: 1. 'The Weight' is not nearly as good as 'Danny's Song' for this kind of joke-storytelling (American Pie would work well). 2. The stories weren't nearly as outrageous as the first ones 3. Rainn Wilson is truly hilarious. Zach Braff, less so.

    There weren't any moments in this one where I spit out my beer from laughing so hard. Hader had the best punchline about condoms in his mouth. It's good that they changed the ending from the armed robbery of last time. It wasn't great this time, but this could be a recurring sketch that might work for a long time to come. We need good stories, good deliveries, and a great song. So get to it over the summer. No need to be topical with these. Grade: B+

    Weekend Update - On the whole, the jokes were better than usual tonight, particularly the one about Otto Von Dild0. I thought Aunt Linda's appearance was also pretty good and enjoyed her comment about wearing 2 eyepatches to see the new Pirates movie. There was only one thing that truly stunk it up: Whitney. More on this later. Grade: C

    Vinny Vedecci - Pretty much the same as the sketch from the JLD show. I love Hader and think he is very talented and quite funny, but he needs to find a different character. There is never a good payoff to these sketches and they always seem to drag. It's pretty sad when the highlight of the sketch is a puppet vomiting. Grade: C-

    Bronx Beat - Why, oh why? This sketch has been terrible every time it has appeared and it continued it's losing streak on this episode. Terrible accents, big hair, and timid guests pretty much sum up this loser. Pretend this never happened over the summer. I know I will. Grade: F

    Receptionist - Armisen was pretty funny as the Ugly Betty lookalike receptionist. It wasn't gut-busting, but there was a subtle low burn to this I liked, that is, until the man-on-man kiss at the end. So cliched! What a cheap way to get applause. It was great when Ian McKellen kissed Jimmy Fallon on WU because Ian actually is gay and because of the age difference and all that. But this was just lame. Grade: B-