Saturday Night Live

Season 35 Episode 17

Zach Galifianakis/Vampire Weekend

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Mar 06, 2010 on NBC

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  • I'm going to go sit in the car truck

    Alternative comedy favorite, Zach Galifianakis hosts, while quirky Paul Simon influence rock quartet Vampire Weekend make their second appearance.

    Cold Open- Health Care Reform- Pres. Obama (Fred), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Kristin), and Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (Will) speak about how unpopular healthcare reform is and the likeihood of reelection is 2010 for Reid and Pelosi. The topical political sketch is out of the way. Too bad is wasn't that funny.

    Monologue- Zach explains what he look likes (there were many of these, my favorite, marijuana santa claus), living in Brooklyn, and explains more about himself while playing piano. Probably the best monologue in quite some time.

    Volgolcheks at Grandpa's Funeral- The kissing family (Fred, Kristin, Bill, Bobby) continue their overly affectionate antics, this time while at their patriarch's funeral. Next...

    Beidet- A couple (Zach, Kristin) querie a bellboy (Andy) about the beidet in their hotel bathroom and all its features. Thin premise, but for some reason the delivery of Zach's line made me smile.

    Galifianakis Drops By the Set (film)- Zach finds himself in various scenes of tv shows, from 30 Rock to Saturday Night Live circa 1984. Something about Zach as a child with a beard sitting in the audience of the Robin Williams/Adam Ant episode of SNL makes me giggle.

    Today Show- Hoda and Kathie Lee (Jenny, Kristin) chat, check Facebook messages with correspondent (Abby), while Zach appears from outside the chagrin of Hoda. This was saved only by the oddness of Galifianikis.

    Vampire Weekend perform the rapid melodicism (is that a word?) of "Cousins"

    Weekend Update- Mo'Nique (Kenan) about not being able to fit acceptance speech at the Academy Awards into the allotted 45-seconds; a goat chase set to the "Benny Hill" theme; Will sings "Women's Herstory: Do You See What I did". Fairly bland Update

    What's Up With That? - Lindsay Buckingham (Bill), is joined by Paul Rudd and New York Times columnist Frank Rich but all are ignored as Deondre Cole (Kenan) continues to sing his show's theme song. You know what is up with the writers for allowing this weak sketch to appear four times in five months.

    The Situation Room- Wolf Blitzer (Jason), Jack Cafferty (Bill), Gloria Borger (Kristin), Christine Amanpour (Nasim) report on issues facing campuses but only find homoerotic college pictures and a dancing party guy (Zach). Eh

    Vampire Weekend return with more melodic nerd rock on "Giving Up the Gun"

    Pagaent Talk- A southern pagaent father (Zach) and his Miss Teen USA winning daughter (Jenny) endures banter with cigarette smoking wife (Kristin) and effeminate male paegant contestant (Bill). Apparently, the character Zach played is apart of his stand up act. Decent 5-to-1 sketch however.

    While most of this show was reheated material, Zach gave it his all in a few sparks and flashes. 6/10
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