Saturday Night's Main Event

Season 2 Episode 5

August 2nd, 2008

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Aug 02, 2008 on NBC

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  • Pretty boring to be a SNME.

    Like I said, boring. The WORST SNME I have EVER seen. The matches were predictable and dull, and the whole promo that they couldn't shut up about ever since announcing this event where Jenny McCarthy (or however you spell her last name) steps into the ring to fight autism was POINTLESS. But before I get carried away, let me start from the top and work my way to the bottom, starting with John Cena and Cryme Tyme VS JBL and Team Priceless. First off that was about the 3rd time they've had this same exact match on RAW, and it was boring on there too. Cryme Tyme is winning, then all of a sudden they gettin punished, then they tag in... OOOOOH, what a surprise, John Cena, for the 100000th time in a row. And then, Cena starts layin the smackdown on JBL when he unintentionally tags in JTG for touching him and then he gets clotheslined by JBL who picks up the win for the team. The only, and I mean the ONLY good thing about this match is that the good guys lost for once, even though I dislike JBL with a PASSION, I'm glad he won, because its always John Cena who saves the day, well not today! And while I'm at it, what happened to Cena, he used to be good, but ever since he returned from his injury he's been a joke, and even though it ain't his gimmick as a marine thats holding him back, he need to go back to his old gimmick as a rapper instead, cuz he was a beast back then. But now, back on track, onto the next match which is Jimmy Wang Yang going head to head with the overrated powerful giant, The Great Khali. This is all I got is one thing to say, make that 2: HORRIBLY PREDICTABLE. Moving on, now, coming up next, the main event of SNME 2008 show (judging by all the yappin they did about this specific event) Jenny McCarthy steps in the ring to fight autism. Well, if you ask me, it was just a bunch of bull. All she did was walk out and give a little speech about donating to end autism or whatever she was talking about relating to said thing, then left. She didn't even step into the ring! What I thought would happen would be she beats up a man in a costume thats representing autism, even though that probably would've been corny, it still would be better than what had actually happened, (sigh) oh well, what can I say? Now, moving on to the final match of the night, its the high flying risktaker, Jeff Hardy VS the talented, but Rated G Superstar, Edge. Let me just state, that as much as a Jeff Hardy fan I am, this wasn't one of his best matches. He overdid it with the acting alot, and was pretty slow in this fight, even though he still held his own. He most likely would've won if it wasn't for MVP comin out of nowhere with the Player's Boot. I like MVP, but that was a pretty cowardly move, and coming from a person as talented as him, it just made me kinda disappointed, but being a heel, thats his job so I can't really blame him. But anyways, Edge gets up and hits Jeff Hardy with that wimpy little spear and picks up the win. And thats it for the SNME of 2008, good night folks. So, just to wrap up this review, I'm just gonna say that I'm real disappointed with the WWE for making up such a pathetic show, they know they could've made this better than what it was, not to mention made it 2 hours instead of 1, and could've had less predictable and better fights. So basically, from all that I've said so far, you can pretty much tell that I would never EVER recommend this to watch, some people may think different, but this is MY review, and once again, I think that they could've done better with this year's SNME.
  • Jeff Hardy vs. Edge

    Saturday Night's Main Event returned after nearly a one year absence. The once pinnacle of WWE television has deteriorated into a bottom of the barrel edition of RAW. The opening eight man tag had plenty of potential and a plethora of talented wrestlers yet the bout just didn't click and it turned into a bedlam. I like Kane starting to utilize more submissions, but Cryme Tyme got too much in-ring time. The hot tag to John Cena wasn't great and got a mixed reaction from the crowd. It's also good to see JBL getting pushed as he's one of the best heels in the business.

    The squash between The Great Khali and Jimmy Wang Yang was pretty pointless. It didn't make Khali any bigger a threat than he already is as we know he has no chance of beating Triple H for the belt. The main event was an okay TV main event, but both men are capable of better. I didn't like the run-in by MVP. This made Edge look very weak just days before his huge match with The Undertaker at Summerslam. All in all not a very strong return to NBC for WWE. It's understandable having John Cena and Batista on the card, but shoving them into a pointless tag did nothing to hype their match or draw in ratings. They should've introduced some exciting and fresh younger competitors like Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne or John Morrison to a wider, national audience, but I guess WWE doesn't want that.
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