Saturday Supercade

CBS (ended 1985)


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  • When was the last time this show aired?

    Well I have an episode of this show (I downloaded it from a video file that has 2 hours of 1984 shows that aired on CBS with original commercials) and yet it was a pretty good show, reminded me of the Pacman cartoon. How come Cartoon Network didn't air this? It was sorta like a spinoff of the Pacman cartoon. First came the Frogger segment which I thought was pretty boring. Then there is the Donkey Kong segment and that is why I watched this show, because it has some of my favorate Nintendo characters. There is also Q-bert which is OK but why does he have to be a high-school student. Last but not least there is Donkey Kong Junor and I like this segment. They should air this show on Cartoon Network, I mean why shouldn't they it was made by Hanna-Barbara's sister company Ruby-Spears and Cartoon Network has the rights of that company after showing Alvin and the Chipmunks and Heathcliff and Dingbat, this would be a good show that Cartoon Network would air.
  • You should see it.

    I watched an hour of Saturday Supercade and it had sevral episodes. The Frooger show was so boring. And Q-bert was boring as well but it was better than Frooger. Now I'd like to skil to my favorate shows an Saturday Supercade and that is Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong JR. Donkey Kong JR was ok but Donkey Kong was the best! It was very funny. This show should be brought back.
  • "The kids LOVE them videogames.. Give the publishers $20, the studio $20, and we will have a fantastic series...."

    The cash-in spirit of the early 80s videogame craze reached its low point, when this hodge podge of second string (at the time) arcade characters not fit for their own shows. Q*Bert wears a letterman jacket and goes around with his girlfriend and pals for wacky adventures. Urgh. Mario and Pauline (hmm, does Princess Peach know what's going on?) chase after a strangely-articulate-for-a-great-ape Donkey Kong and try to drag him back to the circus. And in another serial segment Donkey Kong Jr sports a unitard and rides around with a scrawny cycle rebel protege searching for DK Sr.

    There's Frogger and Pitfall Harry and others but my brain is bleeding enough from all this slop, thanks.

    I recall watching this when it first aired but I think I have a valid excuse, having been 4 or 5 at the time.

    Thankfully no longer on the air, but with the mindnumbing revival of everything videogame AND 80s, watch out folks. The tv might no longer be safe soon...
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