Saturday Supercade

CBS (ended 1985)


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  • "The kids LOVE them videogames.. Give the publishers $20, the studio $20, and we will have a fantastic series...."

    The cash-in spirit of the early 80s videogame craze reached its low point, when this hodge podge of second string (at the time) arcade characters not fit for their own shows. Q*Bert wears a letterman jacket and goes around with his girlfriend and pals for wacky adventures. Urgh. Mario and Pauline (hmm, does Princess Peach know what's going on?) chase after a strangely-articulate-for-a-great-ape Donkey Kong and try to drag him back to the circus. And in another serial segment Donkey Kong Jr sports a unitard and rides around with a scrawny cycle rebel protege searching for DK Sr.

    There's Frogger and Pitfall Harry and others but my brain is bleeding enough from all this slop, thanks.

    I recall watching this when it first aired but I think I have a valid excuse, having been 4 or 5 at the time.

    Thankfully no longer on the air, but with the mindnumbing revival of everything videogame AND 80s, watch out folks. The tv might no longer be safe soon...
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