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  • Great show that no one got.

    I just don't get it sometimes, once in a while there comes a show with that great balance of varying humors (gross-out, witty, slapstick, absurdist) that you wonder how they even got it done. Saul of the mole men is definately one of those shows and sadly it's also one of those shows that died a painful, painful death of people not getting it.

    the show it a deft parody of those wonderful shows of the sixties and seventies which, great they were, can easily be parodied to ungodly ends. the acting is bad, the special effects are bad, the plot is insane, convoluted and stupid and all shoved together, yet it's intended as such and deftly parodies all of the nice Sci-Fi shows of that bygone era. It's sad really that people watch things, not because they are truly entertained by such shows, but because it is popular and edgy. It's sad that this show wasn't given a second season (though I believed the creators knew that from the get-go.) yet Robot Chicken continues it's dick-n-fart joke domination. Well, EVERYONE can get fart jokes though right?
  • It's a pretty good show, but poor effects.

    It's a pretty interesting show. It is disgusting at times, but heck, it is a pretty good show. The effects are poor(they walk in place on a scrolling backround for the walking effect) and the crawling, climbing, and falling poses Saul does are kinda odd. I do crack up at parts, though. I tried to watch it every Sunday night, but missed some episodes due to a movie on some other channel and vacation. Thank goodness they are airing old episodes every day, or I would've been confused later on. Well, overall, it's a pretty interesting and good show. Hope to see more.
  • A slight change of pace from the usual Adult Swim offering.

    This is an OK show so far. The entire premise is supposed to be a homage to Krofftesque Saturday morning adventures, right down to the dated effects and hoky costuming(intentionally so here), and in that aspect it's fairly effective. The titular protagonist, Saul Malone, is very likable and wholesome, and I'm interested to see how his character will progress throughout the series' run. Johnny Tambourine steals the show so far with his singing and freakishly idiotic appearance. Overall, it's not the best thing airing on Adult Swim, but I'd say it's in the middle of the current line-up's quality spectrum. It's definitely better than Craig Lewis' last episode for Foster's.
  • Kinda grows on you...

    This is one of those shows that when I first saw it I thought it was the dumdbest thing ever. However on watching it again on I think it deserves a second look. It has a certain 'made in your basement by 10 year olds' charm about it. I would rank it in the top 50% on adultswim, and the top10% of the crap thats on the regular networks. I mean come on, they are gonna make a reality show about horse jocky's on discovery!!! I would rather watch Saul on a continuous loop than watch that crap. Wouldn't mind seeing a second season.
  • Another show I would have given a ZERO rating, but the scale won't let me be that mean.

    This is another example of what the minds behind Adult Swim thinks is funny. These people need to stay off the crack pipe. I mean this guy is suppose to be on the only human on this planet alone...then this woman shows up..Where does she come from wtf? Is he on crack? Is this why he sees this woman? Do I have to be cracked out to get this show? Somebody pass the pipe...and don't act like you ain't got one Adult Swim. If it wasn't for all of the sexual references this show could be showed to little kids...but then I think they'd have to be stoned too. Anybody know what drug goes good in chocolate milk? It suggest the writers watch this show without the purple haze around their heads. They all need to be taken out and shot.
  • In a level lower than 12 Oz Mouse ... is this show ...

    Why ... why ... why ... I know Cartoon Network had to go to it but why did you guys too Adult Swim. That Saved by the Bell thing was just a joke, but this is not ... Saul of the Molemen and Time and Eric are some of my least favorite shows on Adult Swim ... and just not because they're live action. They have low quality animation, bad stuff, and more. And even worse, one of the people who helped made one of my favorite shows, Foster's, made this trash. I've seen a few episodes too, and they weren't good either.
  • horendous

    This show is about well i really dont know. It is about Saul and his mole men. I have to be truthful. This is the worst show ever on adult siwm and just in general. The show is a parody of such shows as land of the giants and fantasy island. The show is complete stoner humor and truthfully i cant even see stoners lauthing at this show. I mean the acting is bad, the animation is horrible and the show is just a mess in general. The only thing good about it is the pretty blonde girl in it that took off her top in Reno 911 the movie.
    Besides that this show is a "wot"~ Brendan Smalls line in home movies the cartoon.
  • Only True Adult Swim fans will get this show.

    Thats the bottom line my friend. This show is pretty good and it tries its best to go back to the old days of adult swim. The days when the quality of a show was outmatched by the comedy. Think about it for a second. I can drop down three names of shows right now with iffy effects for animation, ATHF Home Movies and Sealab 2021. All three of these shows relied more on the comedy and fun antics than actually having Grade A animation scheme, even though Sealab had good animation the characters themselves had a stiff like feeling. The show also goes back the the old days when people thought that mole men were under the earth, and tries its best to make a decent story that revolves around Saul. I do gotta admit that the story itself is bland and some scenes could have been done a lot better but really the show deserves at the least a second season, and really people, adult swim isn't picky with its shows. Every show that hasn't been piloted has gotten a second season.
  • WTF was that????????????????????????????????????????????????

    This has to be the worst non-anime show on Adult Swim (I'm saying that because I hate all anime)! There is nothing funny about that show. I just sat there and it was slowly blinding my eyes. It was just a 15-minute program, so I built the strength to watch it the whole way through. What's with the guy in the wig? The British one, you know? I just can't stand this god awful show! The acting is too cheesy (even if it is done on purpose), the characters are annoying as hell, and it should be cancelled immediately. But it's Adult Swim and most of their shows are crap on a stick.
  • Okay, so maybe it's not a 10 compared to Newhart or Rocky & Bullwinkle, but this time I'm grading on a curve compared to other current shows...

    First of all, Josh Gardner is hilarious. To see him in a better setting, try to find an airing of "Gerhard Reinke's Wanderlust", a spoof of travel shows (Josh *is* Gerhard, and there were unfortunately only 6 episodes). Compared to Wanderlust, yes, this show is disappointing, but then it's not the same kind of show. While "Wanderlust" was a spoof of travel shows in general, "Saul" is a spoof of _BAD_ sci-fi (as well as of the Krofft shows mentioned by others) -- maybe they can get Shatner to do a guest appearance next season? The special effects are supposed to be bad, as is the acting (the cheesy grin at the very end of the credits should be a dead giveaway for the thicker skulls out there), just as South Park animation is intentionally bad (btw, one of the South Park guys performs the theme song for this show). Even if the "badness" were not intentional, this would still be way better than some of the garbage that has surrounded it on the schedule (Robot Chicken/Moral Orel), which are just mean and nasty. Hopefully, "Saul" will rebound from its low point of "rock sex" -- stick to goofy, leave the trashy for the rest of the AS schedule.

    I don't have the interest to check this out, but if any of those who gave this show bad reviews actually liked "12 Oz. Mouse" (its theme song was the only decent thing about that show), I'd have to say, "Huh???"
  • What in the hell did I watch??

    When I tuned in to [adult swim] and there was nothing good on, I thought, "Eh, why not give this show a shot." How could I think of doing that? Anyway, this show was just, it was like a 10-minute version of hell. It was the worst show I have ever seen in my whole, entire, 12-year-old life, EVER!! The graphics were just horrible, I mean, anyone, even a chimp, can tell that the monsters are just people in costumes, and the backgrounds and props are just cardboard cut-outs. And the guy is just plain retarded. Horrible acting too, but there was also some blood and some comedy in it, but I will rate it, no higher than a 2. I just hope that this show, will always be on hiatus and season 2 will never air! 1.8/10, never again [adult swim]! NEVER AGAIN!!!
  • Do not watch this show. Actually, don't even waste your time reading this.

    This show is garbage. A total waste of television air time. I can't even make it through a whole episode without changing the channel or walking away. The whole concept of the show is stupid, the acting is completely terrible and the set / backgrounds of the show are dumb and irritating to the eye. Did I mention how unfunny and stupid the characters are? This is one of those shows Adult Swim puts out every so often that turns out to be a complete failure. After watching this show, you would not expect anything more. The only good part I have seen, is the attractive lady in the skimpy outfit. Maybe if everyone tunes out, they will take this off fast.

    By the way - I give this show a "0". They wouldn't let me rate it less than a "1" for some reason.
  • Just awful

    Just awful. The show has some of the worst special effects since king kong came out in 1933. Heck power rangers is like Spider man 3 in terms of special effect quality. The retarded story does not help either. Mole man under earth. Seriously that is just plain retarded. You know the only thing this show has is the girls with the big Knockers. They are freakin HUGE. But they make her look like a S*ut who falls for the mole men,. THis show needs to be taken off the air NOw. Watch some other interesting show like Naruto. Ja
  • One of the Greatest Shows Ever!!!

    All you have to do is take it Easy and you can love this show! Be silly, because they most certainly are. It's literally the easiest thing to love, the tumbling quality of the story, the excellent characters, the effing weird social graces of the protagonist ... C'mon people, these folks are making the dreamiest, most gigantic epic in the history of television ( tongue firmly in cheek, as they say ) within the confines of a green screened conference room! That Saul cannot wrap his brain around ANY situation he finds himself in, but manages to "innocent" his way through this twisted maze of narcissism and politic is perfection. Awkward pauses act as the backbeat to a song we've all heard but no one can name (yikes). Hell, if Iron John Henry himself was willing to give his heart to Rock Jock Saul Malone, anybody can! I'm just riffing here, I can't stand to see so many disrespect this nice, and necessary Television Masterwork.

    Godspeed, Saul Malone, Godspeed.
  • This has to be the worse show ever on Adult Swim ever!!!!!

    This has to be the worst TV show that I have ever seen in my life! Why would Adult Swim have this show in their lineup? The show is completely worthless. I have seen better shows on PBS. I don't get why Adult Swim would have such a bad show after good shows like Family Guy, Futurama, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, etc. This show also has the worst actors I have ever seen. There main character looks like a freak! Then there's that one dude in that tube. What a weirdo that guy looks. But it does have that playmate. That's the only bright spot in this show. I suggest never ever watching this show!!!!!!!!
  • Not for everyone, but some people will love it.

    Saul of the Mole Men is one of those parodies that's so tightly targeted it almost works against itself. If you grew up watching the live-action Saturday morning shows of Sid and Marty Krofft, AND were young enough at the time to think they were really cool, AND loved them, BUT now realize that they were pretty schlocky and awful, AND are amused by the fact that you loved them so much despite their low quality...If all of the above applies to you, you'll probably take to SotMM immediately. I fit into that group (and obviously so do the show's creators). Seeing Saul run in place in front of a green-screened moving background always cracks me up, as do the intentional continuity gaffes, incongruous musical numbers, and Saul's bizarre accent (Chicago, plus...something else?) It's also obvious that the people making this show have a genuine affection for these characters, adding that teeny, tiny bit of reality tho them that makes us want to keep watching them deal with the continually absurd situations they find themselves in.

    And if you don't fit the description above? You still very well might like Saul, if you enjoy the absurd sensibilities of other Adult Swim shows. I encourage you to give it a try. (The episodes are only 15 minutes long, after all, and that's more like 10 if you skip the commercials.)

    The first couple of episodes struggled to find their way, depending too heavily on splashing blood around for comic effect and trying to be too self-aware. A few episodes in, the show found its groove, and seems very much like a show that's really earnestly trying to be good and failing -- like a lost kid's show from the 70s. (Except for the sex and violence, of course. Did I mention that?)
  • Hilarious to watch, Saul is the best sight gag comedy ever. It's nostalgic fun for people who like real comedy and not new -school existential snorefests.

    The people who are reviewing this obviously don't understand the show's concept. It is meant to be an homage to early 80's, saturday afternoon live action series like Land of the Lost. Thus it's meant to look low budget. And it is hands down the best offering on Cartoon Network as far as I'm concerned--only rivaled by Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The brilliance of the show is in it's design work. I've never seen visual gag comedy taken to such fun levels. Every scene makes you laugh just due to how ridiculous everything looks. I hope it lasts a while!
  • if it wasnt for a few funy line by MR. malone i would havenever kept watching this

    Yes it's true a show that looked pretty funny on adult swim and i had high hopes for fail something firece and is boring and hard to stay focused on saul malone is the geoligists and he live among the mole men it sounds crappy already and guess what it is i mean this is hands down the worse show on adult swim i hate it i think adult swim needs to bring back some new episode of there old shows cause most of the new stuff dosent work at all if you read this and want to really see how bad saul of the mole men really is then can't say i didnt warn you
  • Good God this is awful,I cant even stand to watch it in fast forward mode.

    What a terrible mess. It is just so ugly and painful to watch and listen too. It reminds me of those godawful childrens shows from the 70s with the most tacky costumes imaginable. Blehhhhh! Craptacular suckfest. A homeless man living in a dumpster could prepare a more entertaining show than this. Simply Horrible, need I say repulsive?
  • Saul and 2 friends are trapped in the center of the earth, with molemen.

    Well this was awful. When I first saw the commercial for it I was like "okay, dosent look that bad, maybe i'll watch it." Well I finally did last night because I saw it was the first episode, so I thought it would be a good time to start. Alright, first of all the jokes are badley timed and just bad. Next, what's with putting the opening credits in the middle of the episode, what did the show make to much sense so the theme song went in the middle of everything? Third when they get to the story they show what, 2 minute of it? The only thing that comes close to interesting is Johnny Tambourine but even he is not that funny. Overall this is a terrible show and stay away from it.
  • Bad Bad Bad.... Picture Corky from "Life Goes On" making a show... Now you know what this show would be like!

    I have a few quick questions... 1. What was the person who came up with the idea for this show smoking?
    2. What were the Executives that Green Light this show smoking?
    3. What the hell was I smoking, to even watch more then the first 2 minutes of this turd of a show?
  • Doctor Who on acid....

    Wow, how do you even describe this show?

    This is sort of an unholy mishmash of Dr. Who, Sigmund and the Seamonsters and H.R. Pufnstuf. When I record the Sunday Night block, I speed through this one as fast as possible, though at times, I do stop to see if its still as horrid as it was the week before.... its always worse. The only way I could see watching this again is if I was stoned.

    At least Adult Swim has brought back reruns of Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Sealab 2021. One good thing about abominations like Saul, Assy McGee, Tom Goes to the Mayor (and that new offshoot) and Morel Orel, is that its given me a new appreciation for the Brak Show, which I used to think was mediocre.