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  • I loved this tv series

    My only wish is that they would put it on dvd. I missed the final

    Episode and have been wondering for many years what happened.

    I'm always looking out for it online and in stores. Best series ever...
  • LOVE

    I loved to watch this show. I miss it so much. I keep looking for DVD's but as of yet I have found none. I dont know what it was about this shoe it just drew me to it. I find it funny until like a year ago i never realize that George Eads was in it. He was in like eighteen epi. its funny how you just dont catch some stuff right away. But now im just rambling. So to just cut it down to the real point I love this show and want to get some dvds on the shelf soon
  • Great show with a great cast...this show was one of the best nightime soaps that I actullally enjoyed watching....

    I watched this show from the very beginning, and was disappointed when after the second season, found out it would no longer be on the air. This show should never been cancelled. Thumbs up to Aaron Spelling for giving us Savannah....even though we only got to enjoy the show for 2 seasons. Hopefully, I will be able to see this show again, once it becomes available on dvd...
  • Great soap

    Savannah was a teriffic primetime soap opera. Robyn Lively, Jamie Luner and Shannon Sturges were three childhood friends and this show followed them into young adulthood. Jamie Luner was the breakout star on this show as the nastiest of the three friends. In the second season a fourth childhood friend, played by Alexia Robinson, was added but her character seemd to be very underdeveloped. Ray Wise, Beth Toussaint Coleman, Paul Satterfield, David Gail and George Eads rounded out the cast. Each of them brought something to this show. It seemed to be doing pretty well in the ratings considering the fact that it was on the WB, but surprisingly the WB cancelled it after the second season. That was really a shame because this show had a lot of life left in it.
  • I LIKE TO BUY IT ON DVD IF IT\\\'s ON THE DVD. I like that a lot it was GOOD.Actress and Acts was good in it the show I REALY LIKE Paige the best of all the cast .she was BAD just didn\\\'t care about her friends. That was bad

    It was very diffent for some of the shows. PLEASE let me know when is it come out on DvD I will buy it.I like the last episode when Resse found out about Paige. Paige Confess to prist. It\\\'s been so long sent I seen it .But I realy enjoy watch it. I was in the 10th grade went I Started watch it on WB.